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The prices of day at stock exchanges

The new Ukrainian prime minister — Leonid Kuchma

On October, 12th committees sat at the calmed down ambassador of departure of the speaker parliament and the commissions. Fraction " Change - the New policy " has spent in the Parliamentary Center a press - conference on which has stated tactics of the Civil Union " fraction eyes ". On a press - conferences " smenovtsy " have demanded refusal of the program of deepening of economic reforms and a conclusion from structure of the government of Anatoly Chubays, Andrey Nechaeva, Andrey Kozyreva and Peter Aven. In exchange the Civil Union intends to offer the program of anti-recessionary measures.

Antonio Gonsales has visited the Arsenal

Abdulatipov convicts Dudaev

Observers recognised elections democratic

The display instead of kulmana

Firm Bit Software delivers electronic translators

On October, 12th in Moscow fulfilling duties of the head of the government of Russia Egor Gaydar has met the head of administration of Sverdlovsk area Edward Rossel. At a meeting questions of reception of credits for purchase of grain, the organisation of manufacture of kinescopes on Uralsk electromechanical factory, and also assignment from the republican budget on reconstruction of the Verhotursky Kremlin were discussed.

Land users will begin new life

On October, 15th in expocentre pavilion #1 on Red Presne the international exhibition of the polygraphic industry and printing " opens; poligrafbummash - 92 ". During the current year it already the third exhibition on similar subjects that speaks a growing demand for polygraphic services in Russia. At an exhibition 70 firms from nine countries, among which Bruder Henn (Germany), Berthold and Stempel (Austria), Siglosh (Germany) and others are presented. One of the greatest stands — at the Russian firm " Intermikro " representing the equipment for a full cycle of works on creation of colour printed matter and the software for publishing (in particular, software packages for advertising manufacture in newspapers and magazines). According to the head redaktsionno - publishing group " Intermikro " Evgenie Butman, unlike the previous exhibitions which were passing in With. - Petersburg and Perm where representatives of the majority of firms were " are armed " only prospectuses, in Moscow will show

While at the yesterday`s auctions at the Moscow stock exchanges brokers

Morning Hasbulatova: you sleep — I a guitar will wake you

You when - nibud tried ljulja - kebab from fish? We too are not present. And consequently, having learnt,

Ross the Feather wants to break old traditions.

Investors have demanded indemnification

The young generation chooses Shnitke

The lion Schulman has thrown down a challenge to destiny


Much summer...

The count and Shtih has aimed on Hopman Cup

Militiamen have paid for weak voices

DELOR the Chairman of EuroParliament Jacque Delor CALLS For UNITY And ACTIONS

The Turkman - bashi — a sovereign the Turkman

CASH 1 US dollar 1 Deutsche Mark

In the SUPREME ARBITRATION COURT the claim of Industrial complex of manufacturing enterprises of Kaliningrad to the Ministry of the industry of Russia and the State Property Committee of the Russian Federation on October, 13th is considered. The order of the Ministry and the decision of the State Property Committee on creation on the basis of industrial complex of the state enterprise " were challenged; Thomas " and transfer to it of property of the claimant. The board under the chairmanship of Raisa Ljubimovoj has satisfied the claim, having nullified the order of Minproma and the decision of the State Property Committee regarding industrial complex assignation " to Thomas ".


" Komest " will make of a cat of Keshki of the superhero

Nonferrous metals hand over in breakage

Do not search for benefit at travel from Petersburg to Moscow

On whose Moscow walks

Rates of bookmaker office " Plus - the Minus and CASHMANS ".

Chekhov by sharing the cost

Stock quotes of the offer of a paper (thousand rbl./)

On October, 11th ANATOLY BEKAREVICH, the deputy director of Institute Latin

Today the newspaper " Truth " opens a new heading under the name " Money ". Its first-born — the first deputy of the chairman of the Central bank of Russia Arnold Vojlukov who has answered some question of the correspondent of the newspaper.

According to GKCHS Russia, past week across the Voronezh region the wave of a mass poisoning has again swept with mushrooms. For yesterday 88 cases of a poisoning are fixed. The number of victims grows every day. Irina Zajtseva has informed on it to the correspondent the assistant to the head physician Voronezh SES. Among hospitalised — 21 child, four children are in a grave condition. Among the poisoned inhabitants of Voronezh (60 persons), mushrooming in suburban woods, and also inhabitants of Ramonsky and Usmansky area of the Voronezh region prevail. The range of the mushrooms which have appeared by inedible kinds is widest: svinushki, honey agarics, russulas, masljata, field mushrooms. Besides, poisoning cases are noted by the marinaded mushrooms prepared still in the summer.

In the CASINO " MAXIM " in the night from Monday to Tuesday rare explosions of gambling passion were replaced " green " melancholy. That as - that to dispel boredom, the casino administration has prepared for visitors a surprise — unique representation. In a hall have established a huge two-metre aquarium on wheels with uzhami, frogs and the other slippery representatives of fauna teeming there in a large quantity. To one of aquarium walls have put a metal step-ladder. When visitors began to call on " presentation " one of the present has joked: " whether Instead of us misters will heat here? " a joke of halls has answered with the dissonant chorus reminding weak blejane. Fortunately, the aquarium has been laid up not for visitors, and for swarty indianki, already long time were in a hall and even pomalenku by the playing. It has dashing thrown off from herself modern clothes and, having addressed in the bayadere, has broken into a dance, a reminding ritual ceremony of a wild primitive tribe. Then, having scrambled on a ladder, but without having managed to keep balance


The American assembly of university business schools 5

Be protected the car!


The insurance society does not recognise own policy

The criminal board of the SUPREME COURT of Russia has considered and has left without satisfaction the cassation on the case of plunder of computers from settlement Chashnikovo school (Solnechnogorsky area Moscow areas). As has established a consequence, in theft took part the sergeant of police station " Vnukovo - 1 " Ismail Utimbaev, the loader of the airport Valery Grachev and principal Igor Djurjagin. The Total sum stolen — 31 500 rbl. (in the prices of 1990) .

Peter`s businessmen demand justice

School " the Beam " the private Moscow school " learns to English language and the Russian mathematics

In the morning on Wednesday it is necessary to get warm longer as promise a cold — from - 5

Wednesday, on October, 14th.

We have woken up in the early October morning, have wiped eyes. Have looked out in a window. Have once again wiped eyes. We understand nothing. On trees green leaves, on leaves — snow. No, we not against a combination white with green, though it, of course, a matter of taste. Simply strange as - that: October all - taki. On old style in general Indian summer.