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On October, 14th in VS Russia work of fractions became more active. At sessions

Conversion needs investments

The budgeted deficit is estimated in trillions

C on October, 15th the governmental order into Estonia will enter free prices for bread and bakeries. By estimation, price of bread will rise on the average in 3 times, on pasta — in 4 times. Liberalisation of the prices is spent in full conformity with the governmental economic program and caused by growth of procurement prices of grain.

Yesterday the Russian customs worked in the usual mode. However, cares at customs officers has a little increased.

Joint-stock company share issue " Our time " it is invited in listing of the Russian stock exchange

In the SUPREME ARBITRATION COURT on October, 14th any decision it has not been taken out — the court has been shipped in pleasant efforts on moving to a comfortable building in the street Griboedov, 12. Unique business was considered by cassation board under the chairmanship of Tatyana Bizjaevoj. Co-operative society " Balteks " has appealed against against the decision of the first instance of arbitration court on collecting from it 259 thousand roubles for ostensibly neopayment of party of the tangerines received from Helvachaursky pakovochnogo of factory.

Credit and depositary rates in regional commercial banks

Yesterday agency REUTER referring to the deputy minister of economy of Kyrgyzstan Sulunduka Kazakova has informed that company General Electric Co. (USA) and the government of Kyrgyzstan have reached the preliminary arrangement on joint building of hydroelectric power station on the river Naryn. At a rough guess, project cost will make 100 million dollars


Illegal land users are waited by a small surprise


CASH 1 US dollar 1 Deutsche Mark

In the market of cash sales on Wednesday currency quotations practically have not changed. So, in Moscow the buying up course has made 300 - 315 rbl./ dollars, a sale course — 320 - 325 rbl./ dollars In St.-Petersburg bought up dollar for 300 rbl., sold for 310 rbl. In Kiev on October, 14th a dollar exchange rate to rouble remained practically at the same level, as in previous days — 320 rbl./ dollars at buying up, 335 - 340 at sale. However the dollar exchange rate has risen in relation to the coupon on the average on 10 - 15 points. Speculators in foreign currency connect coupon weakening of positions in relation to dollar with recalculation of the non-cash rouble sums coming in the near future in banks of Ukraine in karbovantsy that will inevitably be reflected in decrease in a cash course of the coupon to rouble and, accordingly, to dollar. To Kemerovo the dollar exchange rate was at level 380 rbl./ dollars The currency which is on sale in the local black market, arrives there as a result of trade black and nonferrous metals with the Baltic States for cash currency means.

Hearings actively circulating lately about 100 - percentage increase of cost prices of domestic cars have caused to life already forgotten partially on RTSB the auction auctions. As a result the price on " Volga " GAS - 2410 has risen to 2,65 million rbl. (on Monday at such price has been sold " Volga " GAS - 31029). Cars was a little, but (gasoline, diztopliva and black oil) it is a lot of fuel: yesterday it is sold 67 thousand t, and 47 thousand t — with licences across the CIS. The price depended on destination, for example the ton of gasoline And - 76 with the licence to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan cost 26 thousand rbl., and with the licence for Ukraine — 35 thousand rbl.

vneshtorgbank Russia the first western branch

The government as a whole has approved Andrey Nechaeva`s forecast

Privatisation in Moscow is not legalised

The Petersburg dollar again leaves in leaders

Banks have found antidote to the currency tax

Yesterday the delegation has taken off for Stockholm led by the first deputy

The computer market: from an exhibition on an exhibition...

On October, 14th the chairman of the government of Sverdlovsk area Valery Trushnikov has signed the decision about creation of mortgaging fund of jewels and metals. According to the decision, regional Committee on economy together with joint-stock company " Uralpromstrojbank " and joint-stock company " Uralvneshtorgbank " it is entrusted to carry on negotiations with the largest Russian both foreign banks and the consulting companies for conditions of reception of currency credits on the security of precious metals and stones.

The rouble prices have jumped up, but currency — are stable

The prices for the computer technics in Moscow last week (thousand rbl., taking into account the VAT) according to the computer centre

To auditors have allowed to be called as Russian

The country house in States is not more expensive, than a small house in near Moscow suburbs

Brokers of stock exchanges of Europe and America on Tuesday have checked up on own

The bridge - bank has settled down to VISA

Yesterday in exchange stock market has ended with the conclusion of six transactions

On clients

Results of auctions RTSB, MTB and TFB " St.-Petersburg " on October, 12th

The innocence certificate, or Disputes above: who the fool, and who the rascal?

Boris Yeltsin opens past secrets

In a court hall communists will show cinema

Today in Moscow the Italian restaurant Stellez Pescatore (" opens; Stars of the fisherman ") . It is the restaurant of a network second in Moscow Italian Pescatore. The first — Pesatore - 90 — has already won sympathies of adherents of fish kitchen.

Exchange rates of currencies for private persons

To pensioners of a jazz promise discounts

NIGHT CLUB " At PETER " despite the frost which has struck this night, and can, thanks to it, has been hammered to the full. Strong drinks used the raised demand so occurrence of girls from erotic show was as it is impossible more by the way. Correspondents have noted at once innovations in the program. Today girls have refused the standard practice — an undressing of clients, and, having executed some acrobatic numbers, have dexterously climbed up tables where among glasses and plates and performance has been continued. A little shocked public at first watched not performance, and behind that, as though that has not broken, but, having convinced of groundlessness of the fears, with pleasure has indulged in contemplation of seminude bodies.


Book bazaar

Sunflower-seed oil has risen in price. On turn — rice and grechiha


Kazakhstan and China discuss joint projects

The prices of day at stock exchanges

Gusev Luzhkov any more a companion

The power will not interfere more with culture. Under the law

On October, 14th the sentence has been pronounced to Vasily Zybinu who has killed own wife Elena. In the 30 years she has given birth to five children. One of them — five-monthly — Elena has left houses for some days, and he has died of hunger. It has left another in maternity home, concerning two children has been deprived the parental rights. As a result Elena lived with last child and twice the offender and the drinking husband. However, under stories of relatives of the dead, the husband drank less wives and cared of the child, and Elena for a long time disappeared from the house and spent on drink money, as though it is not enough in their family was. Once the husband has found its houses drinking with unknown men — also has expelled all. In some days Elena has returned with the sister, mother and a bottle — to be reconciled. Drinking, relatives have again quarrelled. Vasily has knocked Elena a bottle on the head, and then killed (eight knife wounds). Probably, considering moral shape of the dead and weight of home life of Vasily Zybina, the judge of Moscow City Court Alexey Korzhikov has sentenced it only to

The market :, kosmetsalony

On October, 14th on Khovansky a cemetery has been buried 62 - summer NIKOLAY of PRIESTS. During the life it held posts spetsprokurora military Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow, the deputy chief of Office of Public Prosecutor of Soviet Union, the assistant to the General public prosecutor of Russia. Nikolay Efimovicha`s cause of death became sharp warmly - vascular insufficiency.