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Thursday, on October, 15th

That the Russian guild of realtors (RGR) waits the Russian real estate in 1997

Whether the advertising alphabet

Feodor Shelov - Kovedjaev: it has not departed. But promised to return

Aviadispatchers have complained of the Moscow City Court decision: but truth is not present and above...


If everything that weather forecasters on Thursday have predicted, will come true, conditions on

Intense life on reports of atmospheric fronts has accustomed us to live in constant alertness, not to lose vigilance and not to relax at all. That there has not fallen down us from above (and that the especial can fall down, clearly, what not a god-send), all of us are ready to meet fully armed. Last two frosty days have definitively convinced us of it and even have allowed to come to rather pleasant conclusion. Judging by that Muscovites and visitors of capital have met a cold snap armed cap-a-pie caps and fur coats, our forecasts fall on a fertile field and in general enjoy confidence. Citizens in thoughtless caps and kurtochkah for which the attack of Arctic air was a bolt from the blue, practically it was not observed. So provocation is not has gone right: a drawn game, one - one.

" Truth " publishes today article of the chairman of the Russian Christian democratic movement of Victor Aksjuchitsa " Test of Russian idea ".

Major Baklanov: the suffering for democracy

Officers have decided to bring an action against the Minister of Defence

Struggle on all front

Afghanistan the president of the Islamic State Afghanistan Burhanuddin Rabbani searches for allies in the north

Public catering: as he eats

At last - that there has come a season

Gentlemen of sports

As we already informed, on Tuesday " on the first ice " on capital roads the set small dorozhno - transport incidents has been registered. Drivers have got used to a short brake way and had not time to be accustomed yet to slippery roads, and therefore " caught up " on traffic lights standing ahead of a motor vehicle. Mainly fought " on trifles ". Only in the Kiev area instead of usual 2 — 3 failures this day on roads have occurred 18 road accidents.

Agency economic

As has reported REUTER referring to Japanese meteorological agency, on Wednesday in Japan has occurred at once two earthquakes. The first push has happened on island Iriomotema in 13. 15 local time force five points on the seven-ball scale accepted in Japan. Earthquake epicentre settled down in Southern - the Chinese sea. In an hour small pushes have been registered in Tokyo, Iokogame and areas adjoining to these cities. The Japanese meteorological agency has declared that force of pushes made 2 points on a seven-ball scale. Epicentre of this earthquake settled down in Tokyo bay. It is absolutely amazing that any of seismic stations of the former USSR has not fixed any traces of the specified two earthquakes. Possibility of their error is improbable.

" Swan lake " on - muzhski

Republicans — for the Semichinese variant


How to insure life on - European

Table of contents


It is possible to do an inoculation only healthy

The central clearing house: also you are fine not to stati, and you are clever inattentively

Sooner Pipa and Supply it is ready otovarit credits Mирового of bank

The United Nations will help Russian oboronke to leave on the world market

Aluminium can become " precious metal "

The Rostov murderer waits for the decision of the fate

Sattarov undertook to operate privatisation checks

Not very well, who will win. BANSO all the same will lose

Negotiations are transferred for October, 21st

Gonsalesa have involved the Russian technologies

Illness of Stempelja has caused falling of actions of corporation

Some privileges

Parfyonov has met the wife

To Madrid the hidalgo smart

Billion is collected, but actions still remained

Banks SEV: hearings about their death are not strongly exaggerated

Cells with a double bottom

The information with RTSB will go on two channels

" the Moscow member of the Komsomol " rejects the ultimatum

Yesterday auctions of credit resources have taken place at the Moscow international stock exchange (MMFB) and the Siberian stock exchange (MFB). Besides, the first open auction has spent the Interbank financial house (MFD). Any banks which financial reporting met requirements MFD could become participants of auction. At auction the record volume of credit resources &mdash is realised; 661 million roubles. The average rate under credits has made 108 % annual, under deposits — 80 %. Following auctions (on October, 21st) will be also opened. Besides, in November MFD plans to open currency section (the time licence of the Central bank for trade in currency credits in MFD is already received). On MMFB credits were on sale yesterday on the average on 114,74 %. 2 prizes for the sum of 50 million roubles are sold. On SFB it has not been realised any prize. The average price of the offer has made 121 %.

Results of the credit auctions which have taken place on October, 14th

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Robbers had a person in " the Quartet "

postovym have allowed to earn on a sensuality

The chaste suit of the singer has surprised Paris