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You how many lost?

" Russian already here, lines them pobral

              The Observer
              London, Great Britain

Within the working day I some times check e-mail: whether the message on occurrence in the market of the next object of real estate has come. If I see such message, I throw all also to run. Presently it is necessary to hurry up to outstrip Russian.
if you have though any relation to real estate by all means catch the new form of xenophobia. You enrage not the Moslem in a veil and not the Pole - the sanitary technician. No, you are deduced from itself by riches of Russian. Our russophobia speaks not a position of principle in connection with Anna Politkovsky`s murder or Putin prosecution the Georgian. Our hostility for Russian is fed with conversations on bank accounts, doubtful dividends and goodness knows where from undertaken millions.
astronomical debts and huge monthly payments are those troubles for which we blame a new wave of rich Russian immigrants. The escalating quantity of Russian and their money raises the prices for houses for heights inaccessible to us. Realtors too it recognise: the Russian, dreaming to begin London " a portfolio " or it to fill up, operate without thinking about market laws.
the prices for houses - only the first component of their influence: Knightsbridge School has already opened the branch in one of areas where there live rich Russian. At school the various curriculum, up-to-date computers and plasma screens there are established, and safety is provided at level of military base in Guantanamo.
xenophobia is unacceptable and inadmissible. And russophobia? Whether it is possible to blame us if everything that we want, is own house? I will answer you: nyet. "

The New York Times

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