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Last conveyor in Paris

Company PSA of Peugeot of Citroen declared closing in 2014 of the factory in the city of Olne - a sou - Bua. Total number of reductions at factories in France will make 8 thousand persons. This sad story about bankruptcy not only the French car industry, but also all model of the social state, considers spetskorrespondent ID " " in Paris Alexey Tarhanov.
Never would think that it is necessary to begin the next French correspondence words of the Soviet journalists - foreign affairs specialists: " the Feast has come, but persons of simple Parisians " are gloomy;. But I thought of it, squeezed in crowd on sidewalk of the Champs Elysee between a roadway on which military parade on July, 14th, and show-windows of main shop PSA of Peugeot of Citroen marched. On the one hand from me floated power of France, with another its powerlessness rose. Akkurat to feasts the company management declared worker of factory in Olne - a sou - Bua where make car of Citroen C3 popular enough in Europe that by 2014 the factory will be closed. 3300 persons will be dismissed. Soon it became known that business will not be limited to it. In total in France will lose work of 8 thousand from 100 thousand employees PSA Citroen Peugeot: 1400 more will dismiss from factories in Rennes, other reductions will concern managers, design departments, the personnel of motor shows.

this statement of the company has called such terrible scandal as though there was something absolutely unexpected. All television channels have sent the operators to a factory checkpoint, the blessing to go from Paris nearby. There all the day long there were trade-union figures and gave expected interviews that " war is declared " also that owners think only of the profits, and on workers it to spit. Meanwhile workers said that for a long time waited for bad messages, truth, did not wait that they will appear so nasty. If to summarise all performances which I heard that day, the message was that: we do excellent cars, we very much try and are ready to make concessions, and how with us today have arrived, it is unfair. Anybody, however, did not say that justice here at everyone the.

it not the first dismissals on PSA Citroen Peugeot: in November 1900 persons have already been dismissed. So in any way it is impossible to tell that the government of socialists and personally president Francois Olland for the first time hear about this problem. On the contrary, I well remember a turning point of election campaign presidential debate on May, 2nd before the second tour of elections. Then the way of applicants to television studio should pass by group of workers PSA which has arrived to Paris behind truth. President Nikola Sarkozy has pretended that them at all has not noticed, and applicant Olland left the car, has approached, has exchanged several words and has encouraged representatives of working class.

its following meeting with PSA Citroen Peugeot has occurred during inauguration when just selected president chose the car on which it will go to accept powers and on a broader scale begins to move during the mandate. The French presidents do not go by not French cars, accordingly there was a choice of one of three variants: Peugeot, Citroen and Renault. More precisely, one of two because two French stamps from three are made PSA. Then adherence of the company " became argument against Renault - Nissan; delokalizatsii ". B pressing forward to reduce cost of manufacture it takes out the factories for national borders. It has appeared, for example, that the car of a representation class would be made for the president not in a historical ancestral lands of Renault Boulogne - Bijankur, and in South Korea. And factories to Boulogne - Bijankur are closed in 1992, and expensive habitation there is under construction. Then advisers have stopped a choice of the president on Citroen, primordially French car, the car of general De Gaulle and Fantomasa. Since then Olland goes on grey myshastom DS5, the car - " a hybrid " (prostration towards allies - green). A leah

twice expressed attention of the president of private company PSA of Peugeot of Citroen Has helped? As we see, at all. Because has put not so much in presidential attention (it seems, " the Harmony - the Guelder-rose " it too not especially helps), how much with market realities. Figures which were resulted in day of closing of factory by the experts, explain much: manufacture of each small machine in France manages on 700 more than manufacture of the same car in the Eastern Europe. Trade unions have well worked, and work in France costs more expensively, than at neighbours (even at Germany), and social programs are more extensive.

" Delokalizatsiju " blamed Renault - Nissan, but now PSA Citroen Peugeot on own sad example has proved that loyal orientation to Europe in the conditions of the European crisis is even more dangerous. To sell to Spaniards and Italians it has appeared to itself more expensively: from last year every month the company spent on 200 million more than earned.

Certainly, have there and then started talking that the company could run business more reasonably. For example, PSA Citroen Peugeots have compared to Volkswagen which too are guided mainly on the cars small and middle class. Newspaper Figaro gives of a word of the anonymous expert which explains that artful Germans have managed so to organise manufacture that 80 % of details of any model are standard, hence, for working out of new model it is necessary to add only 20 %. At PSA number of standard details no more than 50 %. There was no rescue and declared in the beginning of year alliance PSA from General Motors. It was a question more likely of transaction on the stock exchange under the repayment of actions PSA of 7 %, than about strategic cooperation and real mutual aid. The first results are expected years through five. However, what help could render now to the French car industry of General Motors, having problems with the European Opel?

the history with PSA Citroen Peugeot is extremely unpleasant in itself. If the plan of rescue of the company is not accepted or if it does not work, it can have in loss, incompatible with life. Already now its actions fall at a stock exchange. But also it yet the end. After all were to France and other automobile companies: Voisin, Talbot or Simca which even last owners " now do not remember; Muscovites 2141 " copied with " Sim cards ". However with closing PSA will lose work not 8 thousand, and 100 thousand persons.

8 thousand too bolshee number for France, and at local level it is simple - taki catastrophically. Mayor Olne - a sou - Bua Zherar Segjura does not hide horror. The factory, and 3300 townsmen in which person is all 80 thousand will be closed, remain without earnings. As well as all who served them. Small town and so concerns one of the poorest and unsuccessful departments Sen - Deni, whence last decades all rebellions of suburbs began. The situation by 2014, undoubtedly, will worsen, and it is possible to hope only that it will not lead again to violence.

but also it yet the worst. One small town can be rescued there would be a desire. The main thing that the history with PSA Citroen Peugeot has shown that France with its standard of living and social guarantees of which she deservedly is proud, cannot sustain a competition in manufacture. Creation of open Europe has liberated such processes with which modern European economy not in a status to consult. In particular, one countries cannot live in uniform Europe better, than others, as though they wanted it.

president Francois Olland named the decision of the company on factory closing " unacceptable ". The prime minister - minister Jean - Mark Ero has promised that the government will interfere, and has demanded from company management of the exact plan of action. But at the government hands are connected. PSA the private company: that to it to do, she solves until business will not reach nationalisation. The left economists support state intervention, explaining that in France to pay more means to give the chance to people to spend more (this darling to the French ear the theory is defended also by the Nobel prize winner American Pol Krugman). Only here the private companies do not understand, why for the sake of acknowledgement of this macroeconomic theory they should incur losses.

the rescue plan (not only PSA Citroen Peugeot, but also to all motor industry) the president has demanded to develop and present by July, 25th. It is strange such plan should prepare for a long time, still when Olland was the shadow president, because it is not necessary to invent in a hurry something to calm trade unions and workers. As for correction of a situation it is a little measures, and all of them are painfull.

in the recent budgetary message the new French government announced some extreme steps for cover of holes in treasury, without hiding from the population who becomes the main victim of this " chrezvychajnosti ". It is a question of the contribution which the rich should pay: both private persons, and those enterprises which now make ends meet. The next months rates of the tax with which owners of great fortunes are assessed will be reconsidered. Rates of taxes to the inheritance and transfer of statuses to children will raise. In 3 % the government will impose with the tax dividends. It is blow on columns of the French economy, the main things joint-stock the companies from index SAS - 40 which have paid to shareholders last year dividends on 45 billion

Rich surtax in 75 % which will be entered, truth, only in 2013 expects also promised Francois Ollandom. Receiving in a year more than one million, they should give the most part over this sum to the state on its social programs, including on the fall of pension age promised by same Ollandom till 60 years, support of education, medicine and systems of unemployment benefits.

the government explains that emergency measures will concern the smallest part of the population, the figure in 300 thousand persons is resulted. But I am not assured absolutely not that these of three hundred thousand will sit in the salons and to wait, while to them will come behind the extreme contribution. Europe is opened, there are also countries out of economy of the European community. Switzerland, for example. Or Great Britain, the prime minister - which minister David Cameron with the British humour has urged the French rich men to change a residence permit place. Their capitals are necessary to island, and it is ready to give them privileges which are going to deprive of them in the homeland.

the French system is more and more reduced to punishment of those who earns much, and to support of those who earns a little or does not earn at all. But in reply to this care deprived and middle classes are not so ready to go on a victim. In effect, they also have voted for Ollanda in hope that all will be arranged in any magic image, and crisis will pass by their social privileges and payments, medical insurances and unemployment benefits. Their love is changeable, hopes are great, and the disappointment comes quickly. Last polls have shown that popularity of the president has fallen to 53 % at the best, and even to 44 % in the worst. Probably, on the Champs Elysee I have appeared in an environment of dissatisfied 47 %. And even all of 56 %. And from what it to have fun, when the socialism selected them has shown the human face.