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Irkutsk candidates were arranged to " to steam locomotives "

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The new bridge will leave on preservation

Seaside spravorossy will choose the leader


In the Amur region the passenger train was derailed

Nikolay Valueva`s duel with John Ruisom will take place on August, 30th in Berlin

Radovan Karadzhich will be transferred tribunal to the Hague

The president of Venezuela hopes for strategic partnership with Russia

Holiday in several volumes

FNS Inspection of federal tax service (FNS) the Russian Federation has made a complaint to MTS for the sum more than billion roubles

natsboly tried to grasp reception FSIN

Clay hallows

Newcomers in especially small sizes

Vanity round art

The love and death for all occasions

The love and swans

Execution of miracles

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Sergey Hodnev about " Ariodante " Handel

" Ariodant " was one of a tiny pinch of operas of Handel with which after war gradual thawing of interest to gendelevskomu to opera creativity has begun. This interest seems now close to peak value. However, thawing by thawing, and videorecordings gendelevskih operas for the present not that that flow a vernal stream - because each of them is curious, but each of them necessarily will steadfastly concern.

in general as many times it was absolutely fairly marked, it is such " Handel for beginners " in the sense that on usual pozdnebarochnuju an opera it is not too similar. Ardent klassitsistskih conflicts of a debt and passion in it are not present, difficult historical or mythological hints too, a fantasy especially (though the plot and is borrowed at Ariosto). The main subject collision is not deprived ostrosjuzhetnosti, but there is in it something obshchechelovecheski clear that you will not tell about hothouse chuvstvovanija characters of many operas of same time. Moreover, the same collision was used in due time by Shakespeare in " Much ado about nothing ". Prince Ariodant is enamoured in Ginevru, the daughter of the king of Scotland who returns it love and rejects advance payments of duke Polinessa. From blessing of the king wedding should take place. However on the eve of marriage the artful duke forces Dalindu enamoured of it approached by Ginevry, to change clothes in the dress of the madam and to let in it in " the " a bedroom - in the face of Ariodanta who in this mystification trusts. Accused in ljubodejanii Ginevra does not go mad nearly (magnificent music), run away Ariodant does not commit a suicide nearly (music not less magnificent), but as a result justice all - taki triumphs.

In late operas Handel in general has more difficult and richer musical language (and it is one more reason of special popularity of Ariodanta). That is more sad the work of American conductor Alan Curtis presented here and its ensemble Complesso Barocco - professional, but dry and Puritan as - that is reconciliatory submitting all extreme measures of a state of mind of heroes looks in the light of it. The Italian singers participate in this performance shown in last year at festival in Spoleto, basically (which - who from which worked together with Curtis in audio records of other operas of Handel) not quite homogeneous quality. Dalinda performed by Martha Vandoni Jorio is pale and ordinary, not on - gendelevski the King at a known bass of Karlo Lepore is roughly ground. But is and carefully and with a heat sung Ginevra Laury Kerichi, and picturesque villain Poliness performed by a contralto of Mari - Ellen Nezi - though, perhaps, miracles coloratura metstso Swede Ann Hallenberg in a title part all the same above other structure on a head.

from last work in performance looks especial heroism from - for simply harmful ideas of the costume designer to dress up the singer in a baggy uniform with epaulettes so it is talented its spoiling that to eyes is sick. In the rest bednovatyj a visual number of the performance put by British John Paskou, practically does not irritate, though there is almost nothing to irritate there. To transfer action to England 1950 - h years - quite good idea, and when Ginevra with a smile sings damnations to Polinessa, politely pouring it a tea cup, from performance you start to wait if not for visual expressiveness, then irony. Alas, in vain.

Handel: " Ariodante " (2 DVD)
Il Complesso Barocco, A. Curtis (Dynamic)

Haydn: " The Creation " (2 CDs)
Gabrieli Consort and Players, P. McCreesh
(DG - Archiv)

Pol Makkrish is more known, perhaps, to fans of absolutely old music and sophisticated is musical - liturgical reconstruction. To listen to a Lutheran mass in Leipzig Tomaskirhe at the time of Bach, to visit on crowning of the Venetian doge of XVI century or on a Christmas mass Rome the XVII-th century beginnings is to it: in its freakish records " it is reconstructed " in such cases everything, including features of a Latin pronunciation in the given place and at present (according to last data of a science), a full system of divine service, temple acoustics, even clanking of a censer and a hand bell ring. But in last years five conductor touching kastalijskih games has departed from these, being engaged basically in less exotic music up to early Viennese classics. However, and it approaches to them especially as this record of an oratorio of Haydn " shows; world Creation ".

Here the problem " too is put; reconstruction " one of initial executions " Creations ". In this connection, apparently, just right to wait for something it is transparent - chamber - on the contrary. Makkrish recognised that at the very end of a XVIII-th century, on the contrary, there was a fashion on an orchestral and choral gigantomania (that truth) and consequently its orchestra armed with ancient tools gets pantagrjuelevskie the sizes. The chorus - too so one of the first and main impressions of record still have shock power and spatial width of a sound, but also from details does not vanish anything. Though " it is recreated " Thus the Austrian premiere of an oratorio, uses the conductor its English version, and does not hesitate to declare that English translation of the German libretto hastily made for Haydn was not always successful, and the composer not always accurately followed logic of an English pronunciation. As consequence, " dry " recitatives in several places derznovenno are corrected, that the text and music were combined optimum. Besides, zanjatno that the conductor has preferred to homogeneous English-speaking structure more motley picture: together with British Nile Devisom, Mark Pedmorom and Peter Harvi in an oratorio Swede Mia Persson and Frenchwoman Sandrin Po, and at last, singing archangel Gabriel sing, the English articulation is approximate enough.

Tomas Luis de Victoria: " Et Jesum "


Meal of the state value

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" the Eggplant — the most nourishing vegetable "

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The jeweller reference with the nature

Iljasa Shurpaeva accused of murder have confessed only in robbery

On a visit at river robbers

The past and the future

Slobodsky sobornost

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Russia and Ukraine carry on negotiations for gas deliveries

" Comstar - OTS " has come into Ekaterinburg

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That Uejts has flashed a dust

Rashid Nurgaliev the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation general Rashid Nurgaliev has suggested to register bicycles

Children`s mediocrity

" To me not 20 years, therefore even more often it is necessary to constrain itself "

Carlos Santana has touched old frets

Fitness on Shakespeare

" Ural Mountains " left on the second place

turkmenbashi have deleted from the constitution

natsbolam active workers of forbidden Natsional have started up gas in eyes