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editors-in-chief and employees of leading federal mass-media do not aspire to enter the Union of journalists of Russia (SZHR). The organisation almost uncontrolledly distributing a press - maps very few people from journalists considers as the spokesman of corporate interests. Behaviour of a management of the union during scandal with returning in article Criminal code " Slander " has proved that already nothing will correct reputation of this organisation.

among apocryphas of the House of the journalist the story about the former editor-in-chief of the newspaper " walks; the Soviet fleet " kontr - admiral Ivan Ivanovicha Zolina put in the Union of journalists for vigilant control over the creative union. Zolin came for work in an admiral`s uniform and at regalia and as - that has met in a lobby the newsdealer who has fairly drunk at well-known beer restaurant Domzhura. " the Door-keeper, I will ask a taxi! " he has thrown to an admiral. " I an admiral how you dare?! " Zolin was indignant. " It is guilty, a companion an admiral. Then I will ask a boat " the journalist parried.

today the drunk journalist in Domzhure already almost you will not meet they are found in the next taverns in Nikitsky parkway. In the House of the journalist do not come to meet acquaintances, the introduction in SZHR is not considered necessary for the journalist, and workers of mass-media have ceased to conceive the union as shop the organisation, on guard of their interests.

a characteristic example recent returning in article Criminal code " Slander ". Representing the law to the first reading in the State Duma, the deputy - United Russia party member Alexander Hinstein (the journalist) has declared that SZHR supports the given undertaking. The chairman of SZHR Vsevolod Bogdanov really has soon declared radio stations " Echo Moscow " that " if the journalist is guilty it should be punished ". " We discussed this subject much and send to that the question on responsibility of the journalist is put correctly " made comments later on this law Bogdanov " to the New newspaper ". After these statements dissatisfied journalists of several federal editions left to the State Duma with a series of single pickets, declaring that SZHR does not represent interests of a trade.

a bit later on a site of the Union of journalists there was a statement of Bogdanova that the law all - taki " we will wound " that it was necessary to consult with professional community and that " it is necessary to supervise it pravoprimenenie ". However to SZHR in the professional environment these overdue statements have not dispelled the general atmosphere of mistrust. " SZHR it is the Soviet organisation which have reanimated on the post-Soviet territory, carrying out the same function, as the Union of journalists of the USSR, parazitirovanie on a state body, tells " the Authorities " The former secretary SZHR Igor Jakovenko. this organisation any more has No relation to interests of media community ".

Vsevolod Bogdanov stretch supervising SZHR since 1992, says that in the union consist more than 100 thousand journalists from all Russia, and of one Moscow 20 thousand In the Moscow branch, however, speak about 15 thousand persons. In reply to the request of the correspondent " the Authorities " to send the list of members or editions which they represent, employees of secretary SZHR have declared that no electronic database is present there is only paper card file with which anybody will not potter.

" the power " has tried to find out, a leah is a lot of members SZHR among actively writing employees of federal mass-media and their editors-in-chief. For this purpose we have talked to heads of large editions (their answers see p. 22), and also have interviewed in Facebook and Twitter. From 100 correspondents who have taken part in poll and editors of departments of federal mass-media in a range from ID " " to " the First channel " four persons have appeared members SZHR only. The overwhelming majority interrogated young journalists till 35 years. About two tens correspondents and editors more advanced age says that have membership card SZHR, but membership dues many years ago last time paid and since then in union life do not participate in any way. " for professional life from membership in SZHR neither it is cold, nor it is hot " they speak. In regions the situation is differently: many employees of regional mass-media enter into alliance, explaining it to that " so it is necessary "

On questions " the Authorities " about why young capital journalists are not torn in numbers of members SZHR, Bogdanov and secretary SZHR Paul Gutiontov react emotionally. " You consider, what till 1991 has not been written any decent line? You are mistaken. I in a trade since 1969, and you consider, what young journalists who have some years ago started to work, represent themselves journalism is better? " Gutiontov is indignant. " At us in a management the last " gold feathers " which see, what tragedy is created with journalism, Bogdanov echoes. There is no more journalism, remained wild or ".

Hardly probable not the unique reason, on which interrogated " the Power " the Moscow journalists when - that have entered in SZHR, reception international a press - a map granting the right to discounts at visitation of museums in Europe and the USA, and in some EU countries and at purchase of railway tickets. However, a press - a map in SZHR can receive not only employees of mass-media. " The history of uncontrolled delivery a press - maps has begun still in the late nineties, the first all advantages international " crusts of the journalist " have managed to use natsboly, remembers in conversation with " the Power " the former active worker of nowadays forbidden Natsional - Bolshevist party. in this card, unlike the editorial certificate, the edition is not specified, and in the beginning zero with its help it was possible to get on many official actions where wanted to make actions of direct action. You want it present though by the correspondent " Bi - Bi - Si " also pass ". Then, according to the source " the Authorities " rigid control, but practice of distribution a press - maps to people who upon in mass-media do not work has been entered, has not stopped.

the interlocutor " the Authorities " from among members SZHR, wished to remain anonymous, confirms that in the end of 1990 - h The beginning 2000 - h, delivery a press - maps has actually turned to business, especially from regional mass-media. To any edition in practice nobody checks the fact of an accessory of the competitor.

how much SZHR earns on delivery a press - maps? The annual membership dues, allowing to prolong a map, according to the information from official site SZHR, since 2010 makes 700 roubles. Money is brought by cash. Thus, if to believe the information on 15 thousand members in Moscow, only in capital the annual income of the union makes 10,5 million roubles. And on all country at an assumption that all 100 thousand members regularly pay vnosy, gain SZHR should make 70 million roubles. However, according to report SZHR on profits and losses on RSBU (the information from a database " Spark - Interfax ") In 2010 the gain has made a little more than 19 million, and net profit all 484 thousand rbl.

And gathering of membership dues and delivery international a press - maps not unique business SZHR. In the union property there is a Central house of the journalist to the address Nikitsky parkway, 8, during the last years turned to a stable source of the income. Here the fashionable restaurant Bontempi entering into empire of Dmitry Borisova, restaurant " are located; Domzhur " and the cinema with the same name on 100 places. According to the director of department of trading real estate Penny Lane Realty Alexey Mogily, rent of square metre in this building can make $1,7 - 2 thousand a year. " main task SZHR deduction of this property in exchange for loyalty to the authorities " the former secretary SZHR Igor Jakovenko confirms.

However, Bogdanov declares that SZHR exists almost exclusively on payments and any private offerings or the state grants does not receive. " we live on payments, incomes any! Tenancy of premises of the Central house of the journalist too almost does not bring the income, tells " the Authorities " Bogdanov. you ask any indecent questions. Ask is better, why we have lost the newspaper " Work " the newspaper " News " why their editions from the centre of Moscow vyperli ".

the History with the bill of slander has revealed one more lack SZHR: it could be a good trunk-call platform for mass-media and the power, but the union dislike both representatives of mass-media, and representatives of the power. At once some interlocutors " the Authorities " from among present and former employees of Presidential Administration assure that work with SZHR only for the lack of alternative.

" We are glad to work with normal journalists that there was a normal trade union, it would allow to avoid many scandals, but SZHR it is huge bureaucratic machinery, it so simply not to clean " the employee of Presidential Administration tells. Interlocutors " the Authorities " close to administration, remember attempt of the Kremlin to create alternative trade union of journalists " the Media union " organised in 2001 journalist Alexander Ljubimovym. However, in professional community it has not received special popularity also strong contender SZHR could not become, add sources.

" Vladislav Surkov in second half of zero wanted to clean Bogdanova, but has understood that it is necessary to involve a huge resource, has solved not zamorachivatsja, the interlocutor " speaks; the Authorities " from among the former employees of administration. Influence of Bogdanova is based not on authority on professional community, but on collectives of regional and municipal newspapers on all country. It carries out actions, they are grateful. It is the big structure, which so simply not to defeat ".