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The Arabian communication

oil Deposits, magnificent hotels and the highest skyscrapers — the United Arab Emirates are famous for what. Victory in a rating of the best countries for business - emigrations has shown what to go to the United Arab Emirates follows absolutely another.

in 2000 Sergey Tokarev has registered a site " Russian Emirates " also has published there the first 50 pages of the information on the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates) in Russian. Tokarev was in the Arabian country only couple of months: the largest metallurgical corporation of world Arcelor Mittal on which Tokarev worked already more than ten years, delegated it to the United Arab Emirates to open representation and office of export sales. The site about the United Arab Emirates for the businessman was a hobby.

hobbies sometimes turn to business. In 2002 - m Tokarev has left the metallurgical company, has headed the Russian shopping centre in Dubai (the consulting company). In 2003 to the businessman the owner of the Russian publishing house " was converted; Here and now " Vladimir Mikeda with the offer to let out the Russian-speaking guidebook to the United Arab Emirates. Today ID " Russian Emirates " the co-owner and which general director is Tokarev, lets out not only the guidebook, but also glossy editions " Russian Emirates " and " the Business Emirates ". Magazines are printed by circulation of 20 thousand copies everyone and are on sale in the United Arab Emirates through retail points and on a subscription. Tokarev asserts that it ID never worked at a loss.

last years Arab Emirates involve Russians not only high quality rest and concerning inexpensive in comparison with Moscow real estate (one-room apartment the area of 100 sq. m from $150 thousand) . Council of Federation , having analysed the two-year statistics " Yandex " by the inquiries, concerning business abroad, has found out that the United Arab Emirates are included into a top - 20 states most often requested as Russian-speaking users. And for business - emigrations of the countries United Arab Emirates have won first place in our rating of the best.

in precritical years when in the United Arab Emirates there was a present building boom, by words sovladelitsy Irina Friaf`s consulting firm Marbag Consulting, Russian bought on three - five and more apartments (apartments, houses). In the Arabian market then worked over 400 realtor companies, a quarter from them with the Russian participation. For example, the friend of one of interlocutors Council of Federation , which then " has scented the moment and it was sharply threw on real estate " became the millionaire. However, unlike Europe where at the Russian emigrants - businessmen only the business constructed on compatriots with rare exception prospers, the United Arab Emirates allow " to clear up ". Russian business is noticed today absolutely in all spheres from logistics to IT, from packing of tea to confectionery factories.

to the authorities of the United Arab Emirates interested in easing of dependence of incomes of the country from oil and in attraction of foreign investments into economy, it was possible to create a fertile field for " cultivation " business.

like clockwork
the Lawyer by the corporate right Sergey Kovalenko has arrived to Dubai two years ago. The Novosibirsk company in which he then worked, the crisis wave has covered, and Kovalenko remained without work. In the upset feelings, tired with severity of Russian winter, he has decided to leave where far away and where more warmly. " couple of months reflected on the future, than I want to be engaged... More shortly, meditated. Then at me money has ended, and I have decided to open business " remembers Kovalenko. In native Novosibirsk it, being the lawyer, was engaged " optimisation of tax schemes " but the requirement for similar services for the United Arab Emirates is not present. Kovalenko trained for a new profession in the manufacturer and the seller of office technics. With the starting capital at a rate of $150 thousand the relatives of Kovalenko who have remained in Russia have partially helped, the rest was enclosed by two local partners. In spite of the fact that all completing businessmen buy in China, on production not Made in China, and much more respectable as a result appears Made in UAE. The name and a gain of company Kovalenko does not open, but specifies that in 2011 has sold " some tens thousand " technics units in the European countries and partially in Russia.

according to interlocutors Councils of Federation , in the Emirates actually are absent the obstacles so irritating businessmen in Russia. " In the United Arab Emirates there is no corruption unless can sometimes be useful " communications ". Here there is no bureaucracy, short of that the majority of state institutions local officials very weakened " work till a dinner, and; Irina Friaf tells. In research Transparency International devoted to corruption, from 183 countries of the world of the United Arab Emirates are on 28 - m a place. In comparison with Russia which occupies 143 - e, it is possible to consider that in the Emirates really all is quiet.

however, the main competitive advantage of the United Arab Emirates absence of taxes. First of all it concerns the firms registered in one of nine free economic zones (SEZ), scattered on to the United Arab Emirates: 15 years tax " are given to the companies; holidays " which after the period can be prolonged for the same term. Privileges extend including on is import - export operations.

Without taxes, corruption and bureaucracy Arabian SEZ look almost ideal harbour for businessmen. To be exact, for the businessmen aimed first of all on global, instead of the local market. According to research Doing Business, by criterion " international trade " the United Arab Emirates take the seventh place from 183 countries. Thus if the firm is registered in one of SEZ, in most cases " free of charge " it is authorised to do business anywhere, but not in the Emirates: to import production into the United Arab Emirates it is necessary about a minimum 5 - the percentage duty.

however if owners of the company have a desire to concentrate in the local market, it is possible to register firm in one of emiratov. The most popular Dubai. However in this case it is necessary to face not only legal subtleties, but also with rather competitive market environment.

the Severe fairy tale

In the end of 1990 - h years the Russian businessman has created the logistical company in Dubai, remembers Friaf. As that is demanded by the local legislation, the businessman took in partners of the citizen of the United Arab Emirates and " has given " to it a company controlling stock. The parties have entered into at once the so-called lateral agreement on which the Arabian partner refuses any claims on company profit for compensation (now $10 - 50 thousand a year). However for more than five years logistical Russian - the Arabian company was not bad untwisted, then on a threshold there was that formal partner and has demanded from the Russian businessman half of profit. Having been refused, the Arab has brought an action. Process has lost, but it lasted more than four years for all this period the court has suspended company activity.

" Whatever favorable was the business - a climate to the United Arab Emirates, cases when our businessmen happen thrown, deceived, misinformed or cheated, are not rare " Sergey Tokarev tells. Being the secretary general of the Russian advice businessmen (ATN) in Dubai and northern emiratah, Tokarev specifies that similar " complaints " in ATN arrives on one in a week and more often they are called by desire of Russian to make all independently without the aid of lawyers and advisers.

however to avoid collision with swindlers it only the beginning. The matter is that to the United Arab Emirates today are presented almost all global corporations, what sphere take. Besides, last years in the Arabian market the new player and #150 gains in strength; Chineses. If still yesterday the Russian goods were positioned " more cheaply, than European, but is more qualitative, than Chinese " That today it is necessary to think out new competitive advantages: quality of Asian production grows.

nevertheless, according to developer company The First Group, only in Dubai it is now registered about 1 thousand companies with participation of Russian. And with an ulterior motive. The economy of the United Arab Emirates, of course, completely has not got stronger till now after recent crisis, but also today the Arabian country looks more than adequately, even in comparison with economy of the stablest European country. So, a state debt parity to gross national product at the United Arab Emirates 16,9 % against 81,2 % at Germany, and dynamics of Arabian gross national product on last year 4,9 % against growth of German gross national product on 3,1 %.

From the end of last year in the United Arab Emirates at last - that has renewed building hotels, skyscrapers and apartment houses are one after another erected. It means that all spheres connected with real estate, tourism and entertainments, become perspective for business. " By the way, recently in the United Arab Emirates there was a large quantity of warehouses and zones with the big grounds where it is possible though tomorrow to arrange factories, the enterprises as all necessary infrastructure there is already created. Local sheikhs work on prospect " Irina Friaf tells.

According to ATN, in the United Arab Emirates today live about 70 thousand Russian-speaking it only those who has rezidentskuju the visa in the passport. Last year every tenth arrived to the United Arab Emirates (with any purposes, without transients) and every fourth buyer of real estate in Dubai was the citizen of one of the former Soviet republics. By calculations Council of Federation , only Russian-speaking tourists and land owners in 2011 - m have brought to economy and without that one of the richest countries of the world about $13,8 mlrd (primeno 3,5 % of gross national product).

the United Arab Emirates can seem the present Arabian fairy tale for young and enterprising, but the fairy tale will end more close by 60 years. To prolong rezidentskuju the visa to senior citizens it is the extremely difficult, and to become the citizen of the United Arab Emirates on a broader scale it is impossible.