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Rafik Nishanov: " As the soldier of party me have mobilised... "
the large party figure, the head of Soviet of Nationalities Rafik Nishanovich Nishanov saw congress and its consequences on the other hand barricades - the parties of the top management of the CPSU. What to it was remembered a situation?

- as Gorbachev managed to persuade you - the first secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Uzbekistan - to move to Moscow and to head Soviet of Nationalities of new Soviet parliament? Or a word " has persuaded " not from a lexicon of party bosses of that time?

- By that moment I supervised over Uzbekistan the third year. The inheritance was heavy, we actively reconstructed republic economy. We wanted to reduce the areas under a clap and to develop our agriculture because huge plans on clap delivery ruined Uzbekistan, in previous years even gardens rooted out to receive more clap. I went to Moscow much, proved that it is necessary to give, for example, to people the earth that they could grow up on it vegetables and fruit and at least to support the families.

I often met Gorbachev, it came and to Uzbekistan. When congress, once at night, day through three after the beginning has opened, directly in hotel I was called by Gorbachev and has told: " We have decided to invite you to work to Moscow ". I began to refuse softly, referring that itself only has returned recently to republic after 15 years of work as the ambassador of the USSR in Shri - Lanke, in Maldivian Republic and in Jordan that at us the big plans in Uzbekistan and so on. He did not want anything to listen and has told, that in the morning I have come on Political bureau session. Next morning on the Political bureau I have repeated all arguments. Gorbachev has listened and has told: " You the soldier of party? Then we will mobilise you! "

- as you concerned idea of carrying out of congress? Whether there were at you doubts in reforms?

- Congress of People`s Deputies - one of the largest events of the XX-th century. It has not made revolutionary revolution, but has made revolution in minds of people. People at last have understood that it is possible to state the thoughts openly, from a tribune, without texts in advance prepared and verified by party bodies. That it is possible to defend the position. So hot discussion went in a hall that the mode has cracked.

changes were necessary. There were no foodstuffs, the goods. The discontent grew in republics. One example. Suddenly the CPSU Central Committee has decided to strengthen Uzbekistan shots from other republics of Soviet Union - have decided to send at once 300 persons. Only Gromyko has opposed it, but to it have not listened. They did not know neither language, nor customs, anything. Sent obviously not the best, those who houses was playing a supporting role. For example, the secretary of the Vyborg district committee Leningrad Yefimov have appointed the first secretary of the Navoinsky district committee of the party, the largest agricultural and industrial region of Uzbekistan. But the person understood nothing in hlopkovodstve, agriculture, trudnejshy area. Well as it could supervise successfully?

- when have come in a boardroom and have seen a storm of emotions, you were not frightened?

- we have been prepared For it. The day before already there were rough processes. Baltic republics of the delegates at stations saw off to Moscow with the most severe requirements - to defend independence. The part of the Moldavian delegation has arrived almost with the Romanian slogans and the Romanian flags. Republics of Transcaucasia too have been adjusted aggressively enough. Conditions were more or less predicted, it was necessary easy, hushfully to conduct discussion that all could express. Certainly, there were also such delegates who apropos and without cause climbed to a tribune.

- you irritated " democrats of the first wave "?

- Is not present, I easy perceived them. Congress on the structure was the strongest, more such parliament in the world is not present and will not be.

- what delegations of republics delivered you as to chairman of the council Natsionalnostej the greatest anxiety?

- it is Literally at once delegates have raised the question about revision of the Allied contract to give the chance to republics to be a part of the state on a voluntary basis. I have headed work on working out of the new contract. However, any powers to me have not given, only Gorbachev has told: " Rafik, you there accurately conduct everything that republics have among themselves agreed ". We should observe only, it was Michael Sergeevicha`s error. Gorbachev`s error was that he has not headed this process, and has returned to this question only in May, 1991, but was already late.

Already at congress Yeltsin if agreed on Union preservation demanded that the allied authorities had the minimum rights. He wanted to provide absolute independence of the Russian Federation. Leonid Kravchuk, the head of Ukraine, any amendments wanted to delay drawing up of the Allied contract. One of variants which 11 republics have confirmed, have sent to it to Crimea where he had a rest, on the coordination. He has signed this variant, but when has returned from Crimea, is unexpected from all has refused.

- when you had a sensation, what the situation leaves from - under party control?

- In the beginning of 1990. Once I have appeared on rest in Yalta. Michael Sergeevich has invited some companions to itself to a supper. There was still Nazarbayev and a member of the Political bureau Medvedev. I have not sustained and have told that we slide in a precipice, there are anxious moments that reorganisation should be comprehended capitally once again. Raisa Maksimovna even has supported me.

- you do not regret, what participated in that Congress of People`s Deputies what have agreed to head Soviet of Nationalities what have supported reorganisation?

- Is not present - is not present. It has begun important changes in the country and the world.

Pavel Sheremet

The idol of post-graduate student Medvedev