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" Vstrevat in Potanin and Prokhorov`s personal relations I did not gather "

One year ago entering into holding " Professional media " Vladimir Potanin a movie company " Tsentral Partnership " (TSPSH) declared resignation of the founder and president Rubena Dishdishjana. Official explanations from one of the parties then has not followed, but from the proceedings which have followed soon it became clear that parting was not peace. In interview " " RUBEN DISHDISHJAN, on - former owning 25,45 % of a movie company, at last - that has stated the official and informal version of the dismissal.
why one year ago you have left TSPSH?

There are two versions: official and informal which as it seems to me, is the basic. Under the official version, I if I am not mistaken, have been accused of a certain domesticity: TSPSH co-operated with the company " the Magnum " Which founder is washing the spouse Anna Melikjan, and " DT Prodakshn " where my son David works. This version is frivolous. Any reason was simply necessary. Have sounded this, could be and another.

with " the Magnum " we worked last seven years, still before " Professional media " has bought TSPSH. " the Magnum " was for us very good contractor. Under our order the company made films. Did it qualitatively, without the budget over-expenditure. I of personally any financial transactions with " the Magnum " did not spend all contracts signed at first chief executive Sergey Shestakov, then Polischuk who have replaced of its Gold. I never with our counterparts interfered with financial affairs.

the company " DT Prodakshn " has been created two years ago. Together with David its founder is Alexey Moiseyev. This company in the beginning of the way was engaged in those projects which for whatever reasons TSPSH has refused. So the serial ", for example, has been created; Doctor Tyrsa ". It in 2009 and it was very difficult period, crisis did not begin to be engaged TSPSH, and children have picked up the project, completely having financed on the money. Alexey the former bank employee, and it could provide uninterrupted financing. To remove all questions on interest, I have acted as the initiator of the contract on whom TSPSH sold everything that made " DT Prodakshn ". Putting Nothing, TSPSH thereby earned the of 10 % from sales.

when in 2005 " Professional media " bought TSPSH, she knew about existence " the Magnum " what is this the company and who its founder?

Certainly, knew. Anybody about it did not set any questions. This subject has unexpectedly emerged only in April, 2011...

to you have brought accusation?

anybody showed nothing To me. It has occurred so. Me have called and have told: " We have decided to say goodbye, you, probably, know the reason ". I have responded: " I do not know, but to me even it is already uninteresting ". So we also have said goodbye. It was my meeting with Julia Solovevoj (the president " Professional media " from February till December, 2011. " " ). Thus I did not have a conversation with mister Akopovym (Raphael Akopovym; heads " Professional media " since 2004, during that moment the chairman of board of directors of holding. " " ).

Logicians in such behaviour " Professional media " it is not enough. Last two years I constantly said that I want to leave that was tired that the company became too big and slow, and I have turned to any manager. I wanted to be engaged in the favourite business to be a producer of cinema. But me did not release, because the company prepared for sale and change of the general director was undesirable. If there was a desire to leave me, all could be made a peace and natural way, and all would remain are happy. What for it was necessary to arrange ecumenical plot? Small dirty tricks have then begun: to me have not paid bonuses, I asked to redeem the official car, it have not given, and then year could not sell it.

it is the official version, and informal?

By that moment desire " Professional media " to sell TSPSH was any more hearing, and a reality. And me as to the founder and the shareholder of the company, its further destiny was not indifferent. I, from its part, as the shareholder, too began to carry on any negotiations, at me the meeting with Michael Prokhorov and representatives ONEKSIMa has taken place. After these meetings I have called to myself a top - managers TSPSH stamp Lolo and to Polischuk`s Gold with which, as usual, has shared the news. They have there and then merged this information " Professional media ". And a month later me have suddenly dismissed.

the same history is told also by participants of the market, noticing that it was to discuss with Michael Prokhorov destiny of an active of Vladimir Potanin very thoughtlessly, to put it mildly. Not those supposedly relations between these businessmen that such demarche remained unpunished.

I so do not consider. My position was such: if the company sell, and the seller and the buyer have agreed about the price what difference, the company will get to whose hands? I as the minority shareholder considered that at that point in time Prokhorov from all who appeared in the list of potential buyers, was the best nominee. Vstrevat in Potanin and Prokhorov`s personal relations I, naturally, did not gather, I thought only of the future of the company created by me.

you have an understanding, why " Professional media " has decided to sell TSPSH? If to look the financial reporting this active generates the greatest EBITDA. In 2010 its corrected indicator at TSPSH equaled 2,52 mlrd rbl., at all holding 4,75 mlrd rbl.

As I understand, by that moment to Potanin have already bothered to invest in media. All " Professional media " it was exposed on sale, but, there was such impression, wishing to get all holding was not. At least at that price which wanted to receive " Interros ". Therefore have decided to sell " Professional media " in parts. I know that always " Interros " very much thought much to " Sinema to Park " (a network of cinemas; in the end of 2011 it is deduced from " Professional media " in independent business. " " ). And so far as concerned sale of all " Professional media " always made a reservation that " Sinema Park " is not on sale.

TV channels were and remain problem actives " Professional media ". They have been bought on peak of the prices for thoughtlessly big money, and today their capitalisation has fallen, probably, at least twice. (For TV - 3 in 2006 " Professional media " has paid almost $534 million, for MTV in 2007 - m $360 million last two years auditornye indicators of channels, according to TNS Russia, decreased. " " ). By radio has been exposed, how much I heard, the overestimated price. " Rambler " How business has crashed down, its cost from $300 million has fallen, conditionally speaking, to $3 million That else remains? " the Poster "? But it is a lot of money for it you will not gain, a maximum $50 million And TSPSH it was estimated adequately, and its sale was more than is probable.

how then it was estimated TSPSH? We can be guided only by the transaction in 2008, when " Professional media " for $60 million has got at you the next 24,02 % TSPSH, having estimated thereby all company in $249 million One year ago in interview you declared that since 2008 cost TSPSH " has grown in times ".

" Professional media " estimated TSPSH approximately in $500 million, but, I think, sale for $400 - 450 million would arrange both them, and me as minoritarija.

Participants of the market tell that on TSPSH last year looked " National Media Group " " STS Media " But further all negotiations have promoted with entering in AFK " System " Vladimir Yevtushenkov " System of Weights - Media ".

I too have an information that is the closest to the transaction then has approached " System of Weights - Media ".

So, you have dismissed. What further?

As I already spoke, the basic my desire always was to be a producer of cinema. And though all it has occurred not absolutely how I would like, but finally I have all the same come to what wanted. Today I have based the company and actually I am engaged in that I am able and I like to do I am a producer of cinema and serials. So every cloud has a silver lining. Not to lose 2012, last year I have reserved variety of scenarios: by the time of start of the new company at us 15 projects are already ready, and this year scenarios will be started in manufacture.

At you in the contract with TSPSH has been registered so-called non compete the interdiction after leaving from the company to work any time in the same area and by that to compete with TSPSH?

Yes, really, I in the Russian contract have a point on which I have two years no right to work in the competing companies. This point is insignificant under the Russian legislation we do not have interdiction for a trade. So I can be both the founder, and the general director of the company which will be engaged a body - and film production.

has passed year from your dismissal. How you estimate present status TSPSH?

I now am in a strange situation: being on - former the owner of 25,45 % TSPSH, I done not included into its board of directors, as a result of beforehand accepted measures from outside " Professional media ". To me shortly before my dismissal among other documents of a distance for the signature of a paper which I by a carelessness have signed and by that has been deduced from board of directors. Therefore I should be restored at first in it probably, through court that I at last - that could render though any influence on activity TSPSH.

you prepare for court? Where?

At first I should wait the litigation terminations in Cyprus concerning arrest of my actions of 2 %. On old debts " Professional media " should me pay money, but this payment has been issued in the form of a loan. And when we have left, me have asked a loan to return and on this basis have arrested 2 % of my actions. But at me all correspondence which proves was saved that it was their lawful payment. For today arrest about 2 % of actions is removed, but litigation for the present proceeds.

how develops TSPSH: That there now occurs, categorically is not pleasant to me. TSPSH moves towards the distribution company. And cinemas now are engaged in serials, in my opinion, nonprofessional people. All who could be engaged in manufacture successfully have left.

have left or you have taken away?

places right after my leaving have asked to release Someone, someone has left itself. And then already and I to myself have called someone. Because TSPSH turns to purely distribution company, its library of the rights does not grow and, as consequence, capitalisation falls. Distribution business low marzhinalnyj. Unfortunately, TSPSH risks to become simple an appendage " paramaunta " (c 2009 TSPSH is official distributor Paramount Pictures in Russia. " " ). I think, in the company it also understand, but simply not can to organise correctly working processes as in company management there were people who never were engaged in cinema - and telemanufacture.

you were engaged in new business. Why for you then so it is important to be restored in board of directors TSPSH?

to sell the share in the company. I want to close subject TSPSH once and for all, to turn this page and to move further.

Now, looking back back, you feel sorry, what in 2005 have sold control share TSPSH?

At that time, probably, it was the correct decision. It seemed to me that we have received the reliable partner and there will be a synergy from closer cooperation with other companies entering in " Professional media ". All Actually has turned out just what isn`t needed. I will result such example: to " Professional media " We closely co-operated with TV - 3. Our turn with TV channel all time of dews, and at the moment of purchase TSPSH it has come nearer to $4 million After we became a part " Professional media " this turn has fallen to $1 million Instead of growing in ones and a half - two times! " professional media " all time was afraid that her will accuse of related communications between the companies. Possibilities VKPM (broadcasting corporation " were not used; Professional media " operating radio stations. " " ), TV channels on advertising any synergy. Thus there was no freedom in decision-making. It would be desirable, that to you trusted: before you have put problems, and you solve, as these problems to execute. Instead you for days on end understand with unbounded checks, audits for which very much is famous " Professional media " and which take away a lot of time. Can seem that I now settle scores, but my opinion: " Professional media " very weak holding. Perhaps, the weakest in the market.

what does your new company represent?

It is called Mars Media Entertainment. Promsvjazbank became my younger partner. It in the company posesses 12,5 %, and it invested in development $15 million Bank gives money and wants not simply them to return, and to earn. I think, through two - three years it can return all investments.

both #150; promsvjazbank the unique investor?

There are offers also from private investors, they are now considered.

than will be engaged at an initial stage? Only producing or will create at once such major at whom is both distribution, and manufacture?

To begin with we will concentrate on prodakshene. My problem To become one of leaders in a prime segment - tajmovskogo announcements on large federal channels. In the first year we start a ruler of serials at 100 o`clock. Within five years we should increase manufacture till 200 o`clock in a year. In five years our library should reach approximately 600 hours. In three years it will be possible to carry out any transactions M &A. There are small companies - leaders in the ambries which I already now watch. Thus, it is possible to create small media holding which will be interesting to already strategic investor. I hope, in five years we leave on such figures: a gain $80 - 100 million, EBITDA $40 - 50 million, capitalisation of $400 - 600 million

Who your command?

Now in Mars Media Entertainment 20 persons. The basic skeleton it is command, people with whom I lifted TSPSH and with which has got used to work. The general director Julia Ivanov, the director for manufacture Aram Movsesjan, leading producer Sergey Danieljan. But also them have joined and some new very strong professionals, Such, as our editor-in-chief Elena Denisevich. So for us has changed nothing, we work the same as and always, almost in the same structure and on an old place, at office in which I and worked all these years and which as a sign to all cinematographers.

a private affair
Dishdishjan Ruben Levonovich
Was born in 1959. In 1981 has ended architecturally - building faculty of the Yerevan polytechnical institute. In 1995 has based the company " Tsentral Partnership " which headed till April, 2011. The producer more than hundred films and serials: " the Wolfhound " " Shadow-fighting " " the Mermaid " " Taras Potatoes " " the Tambourine, a drum " " the Brest strong hold " " the Dark world " " Liquidation " " the Master and Margarita " " the Apostle " etc.