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" Shareholder Dishdishjan should be happy with dismissal of president Dishdishjana "

The version of last year`s dismissal of Rubena Dishdishjana " " the chairman of board of directors " has stated; Tsentral Partnership " (TSPSH) and the vice-president of holding " Professional media " on strategy and development Sergey TIKHONOV.
why in April, 2011 the decision on resignation of the founder of company Rubena Dishdishjana from fast of the president was accepted?

For numerous infringement of the labour contract, the charter of the company and standards of corporate ethics. In particular, it is a question of abusings within the limits of relations with affilirovannymi the companies of mister Dishdishjana, including the industrial companies " DT Prodakshn " (which his son) and " supervised; the Magnum " (which his wife), and also the company on distribution DVD " owns; SR Didzhital " (In which mister Dishdishjan was the supervising shareholder). As a matter of fact, mister Dishdishjan subsidised at the expense of TSPSH the companies of the family. The spectrum of its infringements varies from the conclusion of fictitious transactions before distribution of unreasonable preferences affilirovannym to the companies and uses of highly paid employees TSPSH for work on their projects. For example, a serial " Doctor Tyrsa " ostensibly made by the company " DT Prodkshn " has actually been made by employees TSPSH. Cases when affilirovannye the companies it is artificial are revealed appointed intermediaries between TSPSH and their counterparts (for example, script writers or industrial studios) and derived unreasonable profit that finally led to artificial rise in price of a product for clients of the company in particular for TV channels. Exclusive position affilirovannyh with mister Dishdishjanom of the companies was expressed also that they received more favourable working conditions with TSPSH such as down payments from party TSPSH or, to the contrary, instalments of payments from these companies.

by results of internal audit, and also the check spent by the independent auditor from among the big four, the damage suffered TSPSH from illegal activity of mister Dishdishjana, by conservative estimations, makes about 200 million rbl. In the light of all set forth above " exploits " also was, actually, the decision on dismissal of mister Dishdishjana is accepted. Thus all this time it was and remains principal shareholder TSPSH. Calls bewilderment of the logician of its behaviour it turns out that it robed own company. In many similar situations heads are involved in a criminal liability, but we have decided not to be got involved in due time in it hlopotnoe action and have first tried to leave on - good. However in view of the subsequent actions of mister Dishdishjana we do not exclude that our relations with it can get more rigid character. We would be, of course, glad to settle the conflict but provided that mister Dishdishjan will pay damages, instead of the public relations - will be engaged not clear in fuss.

Ruben Dishdishjan asserts that before its dismissal it has been by unfair means deduced from board of directors TSPSH, and 2 % from package TSPSH belonging to it later have been illegally arrested. How you will comment on it?

To me ridiculously to hear it as while Ruben Dishdishjan left the company, later it did not challenge the exception of advice. And then that means " dishonestly "? If he means illegally I can assure you that all has been made according to the legislation and with all corporate documents of the company. If he means that is unreasonable, in the light of the aforesaid, I do not think that someone still has in this respect any doubts. From the moment of its dismissal has passed more year, and it had enough time to restore the ostensibly violated rights through court, instead of through the newspaper. However till now about what similar we did not hear. As to arrest of its actions I am am touched by statement of a question that they were " are arrested illegally ". It not someone`s amateur performance, and a judgement (and not Russian) which was accepted in quality obespechitelnoj measures under the claim about collecting from its company of the delayed debts at a rate of $1,7 million That in it illegal?

Leah you are happy with how develops TSPSH after the company was headed by Mark Lolo?

After leaving of mister Dishdishjana it was necessary to us on " related " to emotional and other reasons to leave some people in the company. Since then has passed more year, and it is already possible to draw conclusions safely: in this time the company only has strengthened the mejdzhorsky the status in the Russian film market. I think, as shareholder Dishdishjan should be happy with dismissal of president Dishdishjana.

Ruben Dishdishjan has created the new producer company. A leah break its actions fixed in the labour contract with TSPSH obligations after leaving from the company not to be engaged in producing during stipulated time?

Yes, break. According to conditions of the contract it has not the right to be taken by competing activity within two years from the moment of dismissal these are standard conditions for such contracts. However he openly everywhere declares, what exactly he and is engaged in it. We will defend the rights in all directions, including proceedings.

Company profile
" Tsentral Partnership "
It is created in 1995 and initially specialised on TV content distribution. Since 1998 is engaged in own cinema - and telemanufacture, since 2000 distribution of foreign films. Has library of the rights to 1,4 thousand full-length films (" Taras Potatoes " " the Wolfhound " " 9 - I a company " " Ameli " Vudi Allen`s all pictures, etc.) and 4 thousand hours of serial production (" Liquidation " " the Master and Margarita " " Isaev " " Streets of the broken lanterns ") . Since 2009 is the official distributor in Russia and the CIS countries, except for Ukraine, the American major Paramount Pictures.

In 2005 the holding " became the co-owner of the company; Professional media " Vladimir Potanin. Now " Professional media " 74,55 %, 25,45 % and #150 belong; at the founder and till April, 2011 of president Rubena Dishdishjana. In 2010 a gain " Tsentral Partnership " on MSFO has reached 5,089 mlrd the rbl., corrected EBITDA 2,52 mlrd rbl. Indicators for 2011 did not reveal yet.