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"To me it is important, that the festival became tolchkovoj a foot for hire"

On Saturday comes to the end 34 - j the International Moscow film festival. The French tape " becomes a closing film; Beloved ". On the eve of closing the president of festival, director Nikita Mikhalkov has met an observer " FM " Arina Moroz.
the festival has practically ended, what at you from it impression: films, meetings, events?

you know, quality of festival consists that there are no one or two events which become, so to say, global. It can be very much poor quality, and there can be a high quality. If at us four and a half thousand visitors accredited, and all films 1263, last year was 1174, and quantity of halls - 17, in the past - 14, means, it means that to people who are engaged in it, is profitable to give more halls, to show more pictures, they are in demand. Ten years ago cinema poboku, the main thing - a party: where, who that drinks. And in the morning with dark blue persons exchange, so to say, horrors of the last night, forgetting that the better in the evening, the worse in the morning. And today, to the contrary, people gather for any party: " Oh - oh - oh, I cannot, I go, at me at ten o`clock viewing ". It is very important, it practically is the person of festival. I can look in day two, three, four pictures.

ten years ago in a hand control all was. Lenja Vereschagin, I, someone else, we am simple all time were on a front line: that is not present, it is not present, a caption where, the customs has not sent, the car is not present, someone swears, wants to leave - here it is all. After all we studied, in general, to this mechanism, and today it is. The problem consists that we do not have place while.

Here, by the way, this year the festival has changed a platform. As moving in " October " in your opinion, has occurred?

After all same moving not of own will. If the violence is inevitable, it is necessary to relax and take pleasure. " Pushkin " have closed on repair. I do not know that there will be. Speak, mjuzik - a hall. Other premise where it is possible to show cinema big together with a considerable quantity of people, no. We wanted to be attached in " the Crocus " we there have arrived - a perfect hall. But how there to reach? To seven o`clock in the evening to go on Rublevke, or on MKADu?

Festival for a long time in " October " yes?

I Hope that it is no more, than for three years. In three years, I hope that the promise will be executed, given by the mayor, and on that platform with which to us have allocated, we will construct and we will start a palace of the Moscow film festival.

tell about it more in detail. Where this platform what will be there?

It " Luzniki " with an exit on quay, there is a possibility to approach to festival path, roughly speaking, on river tramvajchike. It gives at once another absolutely image to festival. When water is nearby, it always the Cannes festival, it is always very qualitative. It will be a multiplex from 15 - 17 halls of different calibre. It will be the all-the-year-round organisation which will have the big hall, approximately on three - three and a half thousand places. If the colleague wants, there will be a premise for a cinema museum. It is a conference - halls, press placing, these are restaurants, cafe, boutiques if it is necessary, hostel. Behind the back there is a gym " Friendship " To which already it is a lot of years, at it deterioration in 70 % which, certainly, all the same it will be necessary to take down. But the idea consists in to taking down and throwing it, and to enter the same athletic field with tennis courts in the general ensemble of festival space. Certainly, I understand that fried - that, it always involves: " Mikhalkov, eight hectare, demands " and so on. I have got used to it, therefore to me, in general, on it to spit absolutely.

eight hectare Mikhalkov demands?

No, I demand nothing.

and eight hectare?

This offer of architects.

this project is already ready? Who its author? When building will begin?

We carry on negotiations and work with a group of companies over which Vekselberg supervises. Today I cannot tell that the project is ready. But I can tell that in a week the concept will be ready. There there should be it, it, it, it, it and it. And we suggest it to place. Therefore not I do it, and architects: here so, so, and so. For me it is essentially important, that it was high-grade from the point of view of possibilities to place festival; that there there was a possibility to place people who come on festival; this convenience of an entrance and a parking; plus to that is putting in order of a waterway of the river in this place that there could approach any plavsredstva.

If to look at festival in development, years through ten, you would like to move this history to what party?

To me it is important, that this festival became tolchkovoj a foot for hire. The festival should have very powerful market.

why then there is no film market at our festival?

Because we do not have electronic ticket. What can be the film market if the people selling pictures, do not know real cost of the sold tickets? If they are written by the grandmother an indelible pencil and it is impossible to consider it?

But further there can be on the Moscow film festival a film market?

it is obligatory, as soon as there will be an electronic ticket on all country. It is very serious question, resistance powerful, this large quantity neuchtenki. It is a question of one and a half years. Only if rigid about it the political decision today is accepted that cinemas which have no it, should not work. Understand, it " to minister both to god, and Mamone " but it is double standards. On the one hand, we want the market, in Moscow we have cinemas with electronic tickets. And in Kostroma, in Yaroslavl, in Novosibirsk, in Vladivostok the market if those who sell, do not understand is impossible, how much they can earn. Here it is necessary to be defined very much precisely: or we play this game, means, there should be rigid laws, a criminal liability, there should be a system. There can not be a first aid without a wheel, it will stand, but will not go. As soon as this question will be competently and is definitely solved, it can automatically lift the film market in the country. And the film market in the country is, in a sense, tolchkovaja a foot for festival.