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Lifting by a turn

Main apparatchik " the All-Russian popular front " Vyacheslav Lysakov began the way to the power as the visible oppositionist. The surprising recipe of success remembers " the Spark "

In 2006 " the Spark " named Vyacheslav Lysakova " the Hero of year ". Then Vyacheslav Ivanovich was the charismatic leader of suddenly appeared organisation of motorists " the Freedom in choosing " and with pleasure frightened the power: arranged automobile races, demanding to reduce the prices for gasoline, picketed the government, protecting right-hand drive cars. Did not shun even to adhere orange ribbons (it after a Maidan!) To cars of participants of the actions. Marvelling to the national hero, the magazine hoped that " it will be soon possible to understand, a leah will save the organisation the independence of the power ".

Has passed six years, and now the reading and writing " the Spark " pylitsja in the Duma office of Lysakova under Vyacheslav Volodina`s portrait. Lysakov the head of administration " the All-Russian popular front ". He has already voted for amendments to the Law on meetings and has shown vigilance after a search in Xenia Sobchak`s apartment has sent inquiry to chairman SKR Alexander Bastrykinu with the request to check up, whence at the TV presenter money. It seems, career speaks for itself.

the Sailor`s youth
Contrast range of transition of Lysakova from opposition numbers in numbers of United Russia party members is so great that till now confuses many yesterday`s friends. Habitues of one of the most popular automobile forums drom. ru (with it began " the Freedom in choosing ") Continue to ask timidly: " Perhaps it and truth the spy in back Edra? " does not rescue even a frank recognition of Lysakova on a site " an United Russia ": " ONF for me this state of mind ". A leah poorly what there are states of mind, argue compassionate forumchane.

Besides Lysakov is known for a long time for it as the person with many persons and role, therefore to imagine that he suddenly will seriously be engaged in state building, it is impossible. That there is one biography of the free motorist: it is so extensive and entertaining that on different sites usually result about third from it and, having got confused, leave unfinished. Been born in an improbable place of Podolsk area of Moscow Region under the name " Sanatorium 17 " (on maps does not appear), Lysakov searched to itself for applications on all open space of the former USSR. Houses, where, by a recognition of Lysakova, " Lived on - beggarly for the mum`s salary I, the sister and two nieces whom we nurtured, having taken away from children`s home " to count there was nothing, therefore the unique boy in a family has quickly gone to work. Has opened the work record card at jeweller factory " the Crystal " in quality " ogranshchika diamonds in brilliants ". The Outstanding career, probably, was not set, and has begun ilfo - Petrovsky perebiranie vacancies: here Lysakov has ended uchebno - industrial industrial complex and became the ladies` hairdresser, here it works in department of letters of magazine " the Person and the law " and here has gone in masseurs of " command; the Dynamo " and a national team of the USSR. Has entered medical school and simultaneously in the Moscow regional state institute of physical training (nowadays MGAFK), became the medical assistant exit reanimatsionnoj brigades, it is enlisted for work in VDSO " Manpower reserves "... To 1980 - the m present main apparatchik ONF has reached to years Kamchatka where, miracle having changed the identity card with " not goden " on " goden " has turned to the sailor of I class. There, on memoirs of friends, it became in a moment fantastically rich, having earned for three years of 50 thousand roubles which, however, as has quickly lowered.

the saved up life experience has had very opportunely in 1990 - e when eks - the sailor has returned to Moscow. Vyacheslav Ivanovich has got acquainted with assyrian healer Dzhunoj and, having shown happy ingenuity, has found out in itself talents bioenergoterapevta. From a time of healing Lysakova still had diploma of the doctor of alternative medicine of the International university komplementarnoj medicine of Shri - Lanki: in a deputy office this trophy, however, is not hung out precisely from modesty. Petersburg colleagues Lysakova on " to the Freedom in choosing " Insist that healing has reduced it with many politicians of that time and that it treated, for example, deputy Alexey Mitrofanova. Mitrofanov, however, considers it as slander.

anyway, despite of unbounded charism and a marriage on niece Dzhuny to remain in nonconventional medicine to Lysakovu it was not possible. The people were bothered with therapy, and Lysakovu astable earnings. Here it just also was switched to cars.

a meeting with perfect
Though Vyacheslav Ivanovich has not specified, what state of mind at it was in 2005 - m, its activity during that moment had obviously antigovernmental character. Over right-hand drive cars danger of an interdiction, both Lysakov and #150 has hung; by then the expert in repair of Japanese cars both #150; days and nights spent on the Internet, agitating automobile owners to oppose the draconian initiative. Performance has taken place on May, 19th and so has worked on mass-media and the power that motorists since then recognised as real public force. Still: during session of the government they have filled New Arbat, having blocked off traffic and having stretched posters " the Power, do not smoke on a butt with gunpowder! ". It is interesting, how the present Vyacheslav Ivanovich who has just countenanced toughening of control over meetings, estimates itself of seven-year prescription? Though, probably, in any way does not estimate that was, has passed. In December of last year he after all has very awesomely noticed that " those who does not work protest, and hours sits on the Internet. Simply tens blogerov have considered that they the Russian people, and began to stir up something there. And the people of Russia it those people who work hours at factories, factories, small enterprises ". Itself head of administration ONF, clear business, carries to the second category. Also what now to remember, how at dawn " Freedom in choosing " Vyacheslav Ivanovich promised " to threaten " an United Russia " " and with might and main co-operated with oppositional politicians.

in 2006 - m Lysakov was very bright and initiative person, it professionally lifted corruption subjects in traffic police, an arbitrariness on roads, Vladimir Ryzhkov, the leader of Republican Party of Russia remembers. therefore I with pleasure listened to its offers, and we tried to influence the power together. That with it happens now, differently as recourse you will not name.

and on me and then already all was clear, Alexey Shumak, head sankt - the Petersburg organisation of motorists " parries; the Freedom in choosing ". on May, 19th the protest was almost spontaneous, after it in a number of regions of Russia the organisations of motorists were registered. Lysakov has tried all of us sgresti in the " the Freedom in choosing " however at once has informed that words will give nobody. Well and what here freedom? Motorists the people independent, as a result from its movement many at once have broken away regionaly, including we, vladivostoktsy and novosibirtsy. He tried to create artificial doubles of movements, but left nothing. Therefore its multi-region organisation, of course, a bluff: regions - that in it are not present.

However as remembers another eks - co-worker Lysakova, Alexey Dozorov from Committee on protection of the rights of motorists, to 2006 - mu Vyacheslav Ivanovich has already understood that street actions the unreliable way to success, also has decided to break in the Duma. predstavlennost in regions, number of the organisation and support of colleagues for this purpose have appeared not so are important. Funny, but the first meeting in 2007 with its present chief both #150; United Russia party member Vladimir Pliginym Lysakovu Lyudmila Alekseeva known pravozashchitnitsa and the head of the Moscow Helsinki group has helped to organise. Then the free motorist still wrote to the address of Pligina awesome filippiki: " All these fast and radical movements by a scalpel on the Constitution body have been made not without participation of visible United Russia party member Vladimir Pligina... Itself g - n Pligin considers itself as the Russian elite about what it is possible to read on its author`s site... After even small correspondence acquaintance to our elite you start to think: for what to us such " elite " has got, for what sins and how it now, in the presence of a present crippled electoral system, to supervise how from it to escape? " Lysakov from pages " strewed questions; the New newspaper ". Series of meetings with Pliginym and others " visible United Russia party members " have, seemingly, prompted the answer. Is better to escape inside.

" Play, children, I resolve... "
campaigns in the Duma have made impression upon Vyacheslav Ivanovicha. In the first year " circulations " He wrote to friends - to motorists at a forum: " as - that is inconvenient Me with the modest experience of dialogue in the Duma to you something to tell, but, alas, it is necessary... " and also parried to the slanderers who yet have not understood with whom deal: " On crafty statements of some characters that supposedly Lysakova very few people knows simple advice: look at attendance of branches where speech about this person, that is, I ask pardonu, about me ". And speech really went: Lysakov turned in " the motorist number one ".

Movement degenerated in the sense that anybody, except Lysakova, there was not audible, Peter Shkumatov, the co-ordinator of movement " considers; Dark blue buckets ". When the known autoactive worker Dima Zvorykin who was registered in " to the Freedom in choosing " has asked, on what there are it 1000 roubles of annual membership dues, it is simple zabanili. That is dialogue was stopped by default.

It is impossible to tell that here fault of one Lysakova: mobile motorists are heavy for calling to order and to transform in " a political active ". All of them time against the leadership, therefore all time multiply the organisations: Federation of automobile owners of Russia, Committee on protection of the rights of motorists, " Dark blue buckets " a cloud of regional communities all independent and all in itself. With such nesobrannostju party you will not construct, in ONF you will not enter. Lysakov has simply despaired with them to talk, in 2009 - m tisnul on a forum an assyrian proverb (here it, school Dzhuny!) : " When the lion grows old he allows puppies to play with its eggs " has promised: " Play, children, I resolve... " and it is more in scale discussions of participation did not accept.

an old lion, possibly, already methyl in " system politicians " but while " the Popular front " have not thought up, has had time to work commerce. As well as in 1990 - e, he has guessed with a popular ambry eks - the hairdresser, eks - the sailor and eks - the healer in the end of 2000 - h has turned to the assistant to the general director on Open Society innovations " the Moscow institute of materials technology and effective technologies (IMET) ". The General director of institute Marseilles Bikbau is known for that suggests to replace in Russia asfaltobetonnye roads on tsementobetonnye, constructed on its unique technology. Experts of stand dorozhno - building materials MADI to which it was converted " the Spark " Have confirmed that the technology has the right to existence, but is so labour-consuming that panacea becomes never. Besides, the reputation of Marseilles Bikbau has appeared ambiguous: as - that time he already tried to attach the tile created besides on unique technology on the market. However it has appeared that the unique tile on all indicators is even worse than existing analogues. After such unprofitable examination of Bikbau some years did not talk to colleagues on shop, but have found to itself the excellent assistant in business of innovations.

now Lysakov, one of the first entered in ONF and occupied an armchair of the deputy, has refused commerce and lives mainly public work. Acquaintances assure that it, truth, and has not got huge capitals: its main capital which it all life saved, own popularity. Vyacheslav Ivanovich tries to increase it. Now he has realised errors of a youth and who communicates not with those " Hours sits on the Internet " and with reliable voters. It has already visited in Volokolamsk Moscow suburbs area to which it is fixed as the member of parliament, and has made flatter impression upon local residents.

we have stayed with it of all - that put, and it seemed to me that I know its years twenty, has reported " to the Spark " the Lion Tsvetkov, the head of rural settlement Ostashevsky. Represent, it even has left the phone! Such never happened...

it is possible, on a new place Lysakov will get new supporters. Perhaps, will take up the problems of tractor operators. Or will create social movement of bikers. But danger is great that it was all - taki the rights, when in 2006 in interview " to the Spark " to itself prophesied: " Having contacted a policy, we will lose the main force national support ".