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                Confident growth of the beginning of November was braked: RTS index keeps the second week around 1700 points. Positive factors, for example a number successful IPO with enormous non-realised potential of demand, are won already back. There was no also a rise in prices for oil. However, pleases already that fact that the oil prices remain stable though the reached levels are close to minimum this year. For last month quotations of cash oil Brent and have not risen above a mark of $60 for barrel. The Russian oil of mark Urals remains below level of $58 for barrel. In these conditions traders search for new investment ideas. As a result " vystrelivajut " separate actions - have grown, for example, stock quotes " Rosneft " on hearings about possible (but and not happened) occurrence in index MSCI. And the prices for Savings Bank preference shares have flied up on expectations of their converting in the ordinary.
                the Further lifting of the market restrains low internal liquidity. Rates in the interbank market keep the fourth week at enough high levels - 5 - 7 % annual successively. Their growth is interfered only by a Central Bank position on refinancing of bank system at the expense of operations of the return repo. Daily volumes of transactions repo from the Central Bank do not fall below a mark 10 mlrd rbl., exceeding in separate days 30 mlrd rbl. It is possible to tell that growth of rates on MBK became already seasonal factor. The long period of high interbank rates was observed and in November - December of last year. However unlike last year this year lifting of rates has begun at least for three weeks earlier. It is not excluded that decrease in monetary liquidity of the Central Bank struggles for deduction of inflation within budgetary indicators. And while it is possible to it. In these conditions there is a currency sale in home market more actively. As a result rates of increase of gold and exchange currency reserves left again on summer values: $3 - 4 mlrd in a week. As of last accounting date, on November, 10th, reserves have reached again a historical maximum ($277 mlrd), fixed on August, 11th. As it is known, in August Russia has completely paid off on debts before the Parisian club ($20,6 mlrd), and all for three months these expenses have been compensated.
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" the Russian drivers complain about flashers

              The Baltimore Sun
              Baltimore, the USA

the Independent deputy of the State Duma Victor Pohmelkin believes that all should be equal before the law. To reach this equality, Pohmelkin tries to relieve the country of one of the most contemptible symbols of the Russian imperious and business elite - dark blue majachkov on roofs of cars, from - for which Traffic regulations cease to be obligatory. The idea of Pohmelkina from time to time seems too radical for Russia.
in Russia about 7,5 thousand cars are equipped by the flashers, many of them go on capital choking with transport where quickly to reach anywhere without flashers (and sometimes and with them) it is simply impossible.
Russian do not love a flasher for that, they serve as a symbol of that. They are often located on roofs of black cars with the blacked out glasses which rush on roads ostensibly on " to urgent state affairs ". On high speed, needless to say. Constant crossings of a double continuous line - a reality. Even driving on counter is not something inconceivable.
inspectors of traffic have the right to stop such cars, but usually prefer not to do it.
from - for simultaneous occurrences on road the several VIP the well-known Moscow stoppers have established recently in the evening the next record. The main roads of capital have been paralysed within six hours, but green light has been given Putin`s wife, Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrovu and the first vitse - a premiere to Dmitry Medvedev. "

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