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The sinejshy irritant

In sports is become ripe by colour revolution: organizers of the largest competitions, from tennis before hockey, experiment colour of fields and courts. The question price — attention of television. One of such experiments has already called large scandal. The following attempt — on the Olympic Games in London

Prestigious tournament of a series " Masters " passed in Madrid in May, has already provided to itself a place in the history of tennis. On it the revolutionary ground has been presented... Dark blue colour.

colour and quality of a new covering were there and then scarified by leading tennis players. " it is a shame " legendary Spaniard Raphael Nadal has declared. " I Want to forget somewhat quicker than this week " its Serb Novak Dzhokovich, the first racket of the world has supported. Both, by the way, have scandalously taken off from tournament, and Dzhokovich on a broader scale has declared that next year its feet will not be on this most dark blue ground. So for whom and what for so disputable experiment was necessary?

the Idea to transfer the Madrid tournament in new court was sounded some years ago by its owner the legendary Romanian tennis player, and nowadays billionaire Ion Tsiriak. And though sports authorities, like Nadalja, have opposed at once, the management of Association of tennis players - professionals (ATP) nevertheless has given Tsiriaku kindly on experiment. Complaisance of officials is quite explainable: this moustached Romanian one of the most authoritative promoters in tennis has organised set of the largest tournaments and " has untwisted " many tennis stars. Well how to refuse?

at Tsiriaka any natural, absolutely abnormal scent on profit, Gennady Zhukov, the chairman of the trainer`s Federation Council of tennis of Russia (FTR) speaks, which else remembers, how tennis player Tsiriak acted on the international tournaments in the USSR. As soon as it appears smells as money. And as at it already it is a lot of money, Tsiriak confidently goes on experiments.

with it the tennis observer " agrees also; Sports - the express train " Evgenie Fedjakov with which point of view to be surprised at first sight to strange initiatives of this promoter is not necessary behind them always there is a calculation.

in due time it has made Bekker Bekker, worked with the famous tennis players, with the same Maratom Safin, spent a large quantity of tournaments, and top-level, Fedjakov tells. Thus it is, of course, inclined to various experiences, the supporter of innovations. After all Tsiriak has thought up it, that balls on tournament in Madrid submitted not bolboi, and girls - models, a brilliant idea from the point of view of public relations.

the idea to paint Madrid during any moment became for Tsiriaka " dreamboat ". He has explained it simply: Tournament needs attention of television. And how to draw this attention? Only a bright picture. Such picture dark blue courts also should provide.

works on a new covering have begun in 2009: players of the Davis Cup, and also our compatriot Marat Safin participated in testing for one of the remote Madrid courts. Well and this year management ATP, at last, has given to a dark blue ground green light. Leading tennis players of the world left on other, revolutionary covering in Madrid, and TV channels have received a new attractive picture. Then scandal has burst.

After the first game on dark blue court the leader of a world rating Serb Novak Dzhokovich has declared a failure of colour revolution: " to resist on this court, it is necessary or to put on football football boots, or to call to the aid Chaka Norris ". Ukrainian Sergey Stahovsky has complained in Twitter: " It is the worst court ATP - tour ". And Spaniard Nicolas Almagro was voiced even more shortly: " too slippery ".

Stars on tournament " fell down " one for another: Spaniard Raphael Nadal has lost to compatriot Fernando Verdasko for the first time for those 14 times that they met, and same Dzhokovich did not leave even in a semi-final. Certainly, have accused in all a new covering.

approving comments, however, too sounded. Most loudly " for " American Serena Williams was voiced: " Women more proof, than men. Here therefore we raise children, and you, guys, never can cope with them. We, women, do not complain, and simply we do the work as we are able. We not any weaklings ". " very nice courts " has estimated a novelty and the leading Russian tennis-player of the world Maria Sharapova.

and still critics was more. Besides hearings as if colour have changed for the commercial reasons have gone. Ostensibly dark blue associates with the main sponsor of tournament Large insurance company Mutua Madrilena and its dark blue logo. It was not possible to keep silent to organizers: both Tsiriak, and the director of competitions Manolo Santana have begun to speak, referring that it is necessary to think not only of sportsmen, but also about spectators. However Nadal was categorical: or it, or dark blue courts. In the same spirit Dzhokovich was voiced also. A question on the future of a new covering at once podvis any large tournament will not want to lose voluntary several best players at once.

I Think that for Dzhokovicha or Nadalja business was not only in colour, the commentator of NTV - Plus Andrey Nikiforov who conducted direct transmissions from Madrid explains. most of all they did not accept a covering consistence. It very slippery, the truncated blows because too fast and high rebound turns out do not work.

for the ordinary person it can seem to the strange: what difference on what to play? However for tennis players it is a question key. Still any to steam tens years ago similar problems did not arise: the majority of tournaments passed on a soil covering (a mix of sand, clay, droblenogo a stone or a brick), on a grass, a hard (in a basis concrete or asphalt, from above a synthetic covering) and several others. Thus all knew that Wimbledon it, for example, a natural grass (" At stadium even there is a whole plantation which allows to replace " beaten out " sites " Gennady Zhukov from trainer`s advice FTR), and " explains; Rolan Garros " a red ground. However now in the official register of the International federation of tennis already more than 100 names of various coverings. And it, of course, is pleasant not all to sportsmen, after all it is necessary to adapt to each new covering.

the qualified sportsmen It as is thin the adjusted devices, Zhukov explains. the simple rule here again operates: in bad conditions always has advantage the one who plays is worse. Differently, the first-rank sportsman can defeat the world champion a kitchen garden. It, seems to me, and has occurred in Madrid: present low planted racing car which have started through " the lying policeman " for the speed in 100 km / ch. It is obvious that becomes with its suspension bracket. And so Dzhokovich or Nadal it also is that racing car...

in what founders of a new ground were pierced? The tennis expert Elister Makkou working with Dinara Safina, Svetlana Kuznetsovoj and Ksave Malissom, considers that the layer of earth on courts has appeared too thin. As a result, when on the firm flooring similar to rubber which are under it, water got, the covering became slippery.

According to Andrey Nikiforova from NTV - plus, this covering that put within the limits of the championship of the USA on tournament in Houston, truth, colour there another and #150 is more similar; the green.

it is much more rigid both slippery ground, the expert explains. also I think that tennis players in many respects acted against it.

however, experts and about colour of the Madrid courts do not forget.

at me accurate belief that dark blue colour became some kind of an irritant, Gennady Zhukov speaks. it simply resulted in a stupor of sportsmen.

and still a main objective of Tsiriak, strangely enough, has reached. Many experts and televiewers have indeed noticed that the Madrid picture was rather attractive. Also has put, of course, not that organizers have casually guessed with colour: behind a repaint of courts as it is found out, there are serious scientific calculations.

Look more attentively
the Main argument which is resulted by defenders of dark blue courts, sounds at first sight simply: the yellow ball which flies with a speed to 160 km / ch, looks much more contrast on a dark blue covering, than on the red. Is called even the figure for 15 percent. And it is not made up: it is necessary to remember Isaaka Newton`s so-called colour wheel a circle painted in colours passing each other.

if you are familiar with a colour wheel know that the purple and blue are opposite to yellow, tells Gejl Greham, the director of the company specialising on creation of courts (it, in particular, served US Open and the Olympic games). Thus, the greatest contrast it is possible to reach if to use yellow with blue or purple.

as marks authoritative " New York Tajms " it is enough to look at translation " Rolan Garros ": The yellow ball is swept hardly up on a red background in cloudy weather or in twilight and quickly blotted from contact with court. Zanjatno that is even worse a yellow ball looks on a green background of what each interested person on an example Wimbledon which has come to the end past Sunday could be convinced.

it is probable, for this reason conservatives in tennis nevertheless hand over positions: the first to progress have conceded synthetic coverings of type a hard. For example, in 2005 - m in the USA for US Open have replaced courts " under colour of a grass " on dark blue. On Australia Open have made the same in 2008 - m, and too in favour of coverings of dark blue colour. And everywhere arguments " for " were similar: staginess and television. Then, by the way, is not has reached scandals: it was a question only of a synthetic material, a hard so its colour was not conceived as something basic. Another matter On tournament in Madrid, where have threatened (besides rather having subtilized with its properties) on a traditional red ground an inner sanctum for the Old World or, say, Latin America where it is most extended. " what further? tennis players asked. a grass of dark blue colour? "

however, today to such grass anybody would not be surprised. The latest news: even on courts of Wimbledon where, as it is known, sportsmen should put on in white, to it will allow to leave in the multi-coloured form during the Olympic Games. And similar changes a sign not only tennis.

prospects for the future
Next " a repaint " have decided to be engaged in field hockey. This year all Olympic matches will pass in this sport for the first time on a dark blue lawn with a pink fringing of a field. It is the radical reform first so, since 1970 - h years when on change to a grass artificial coverings (a Russian team on field hockey there have come, unfortunately, has not passed selection tour on the present Olympic Games, therefore domestic fans hardly will see it in new paints). And again the same arguments, as in tennis sound: the similar combination of colours will make game of more entertainment. References to researches with participation of sportsmen and broadcasting companies are thus given.

actually, the majority of experts converge that in these changes really " it is guilty " television, and not for the first time. We will remind, it after all thanks to television in 1970 - h colour of balls in the big tennis have replaced with white with the yellow.

the television has seriously affected how tennis rules were transformed, Gennady Zhukov speaks. system introduction thaw - a break (a solving game at the neutral bill) It just that example, differently it was simply impossible to plan time of translations, and these are huge money. TV is involved and to that in command competitions players began to act in the identical form. And similar examples set.

when this number prepared in the press, it became known that ATP has refused experiment with a dark blue ground the next year. However Tsiriaka already have a new idea: he has hastened to declare that ahead experiments with colour of tennis balls. They will be fluorescent green or orange. In a word, colour revolution proceeds.