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The reformer at any cost

the Prime minister of Georgia is appointed by Vano Merabishvili, the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. What waits in this connection Georgia and its relations with Russia?

Naznachenie Vano Merabishvili seems quite logical the most successful minister - the reformer, managed to realise in practice slogans of the Georgian power: " Georgia without corruption " " Georgia without the Soviet legacy " " Georgia westernized ". Behind each of these slogans much that costs.

Having dismissed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of all policemen, and then having typed anew but already three times it is less, young and perspective, with heads, free from " the Soviet ideology " ready for the salary in 600 - 700 dollars to build that system which was conceived by the new power, Vano Merabishvili has solved at once some problems. He fine understood that rigid reforms of Michael Saakashvili will call resistance of a society and the ideal police system should be a state support in this uneasy opposition.

a shock method
It practically managed to create it, though also completely not democratic way. After dismissal and certification of those who has got on service, policemen were waited by new tests their salaries have increased in times, but also responsibility too. Requisitions, even tiny, were forbidden. The first year of police reform a teleether has been filled by plots about policemen and officials, for bribes got to prison. Even for 20 dollars severe punishment waited. The rule was entered into polices " jabednichat " against each other if the policeman saw that its colleague takes a bribe or as - that breaks the duties, and has not reported on it in corresponding supervising instance, he was waited by punishment up to the criminal. Often it appeared so that " The infringer " simply checked the colleagues on honesty.

on it many have got. The new power force convinced: a duty of each citizen having learnt about any offence, to inform on it in police. I as - that did a material about denounced on 20 years for terrorism the inhabitant of Galsky area of Abkhazia, in its stories I was most of all amazed with punishment of its friends spouses at whom it left a bag with an explosive: 20 and 15 years accordingly though they even representations had no about with what it threatens them. In old Georgia it was so naturally to help the friend who has got to a difficult situation (and the situation really was difficult, the terrorist blackmailed with security of his parents). In new Georgia everyone should acquire accurately: there, where it is a question of security of the state, the friendship, love and other human feelings fade into the background. I remember the trip to Sarpi on customs between Georgia and Turkey. The simplified diagramme of journey and absence of turns, and transparent glass booths of customs officers and the story of one of them have most of all amazed not: for last year the customs structure changed seven times and completely only because someone in change took a bribe. " but after all the others could not see it " I have minded. " all the same, the policeman has responded. they should see. Here all so is arranged that all at all on a kind ".

All it for Georgia was new and frightening. Simple people at all did not understand more often, for what or their relatives punish their you will think, has bribed on road or has asked the relative to render in the mayoralty any service, and the relative for it have planted! After all earlier Georgia was, probably, the most corrupted country on the post-Soviet territory, all questions, even at times state, dared with the help " authorities " Each inhabitant of the country knew, who and how much should bring money to receive any inquiry or even to redeem the prisoner from prison.

and it seemed to destroy this long-term way simply impossible. Anybody never in Georgia, as well as, probably, in any east country, could not assume what to help relatives, using office position, means to make a criminal offence.

Merabishvili in the native village in region Dzhavahetija personally showed new style of life as he told to me in one of interview: to his father in village truce envoys from different relatives at first went, whose interests have been restrained by reforms. Refusals offended relatives and were hard given to the father, but as a result truce envoys have ceased to go. And this episode, of course, characterises the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as the basic person.

rigid management style of Merabishvili has acquired to itself many enemies. The people who have grown in certain vital conditions, have sharply appeared in a new reality to which were not ready. The opposition fairly made a complaint also to the new power as a whole, and to Merabishvili how it is possible to plant for five years of the person for a bribe in 20 dollars and to doom his family to half-starved existence if neither he, nor his family up to the end did not understand in what this bribe will result? But reformers deliberately did not want to tighten reform. Representatives of the power, and Vano Merabishvili too, constantly repeat that they have not enough time. It is the favourite answer of officials to all remarks: about quality of building of buildings or about a course of reforms. " we have not enough time, we should be in time much " such formulation was offered also by Vano Merabishvili.

Its reform named on - to a miscellaneous, said that it is the reform spent by a method of a shock therapy, but as a result a society and even opposition recognised that police reform has appeared the most successful, and its results have made life of a society more safe and comfortable.

yes, the opposition on - former says that the price and #150 was too high; 36 thousand prisoners in Georgia whereas at their old power was no more 8 thousand.

but supporters of the power notice: but life in Georgia became safe, it is possible to walk at night, to leave cars opened and not to be afraid.

it is clear that the parties speak different languages and, probably, never will agree. The humanism on a broader scale seldom happens is practical.

the ugly history in which there was got mixed up his wife has not added popularity to the minister. It became the witness of the conflict of high police officers with which sat in cafe, with young man Sandro Gerguliani. The guy searched for the girlfriend, has seen it, apparently, in the company with policemen and the wife of the minister and has not restrained, has offended the company. Soon him have found dead where - that on a road roadside. Investigation under the order of the minister was public and has shown that policemen wanted to punish Gerguliani, having beaten it, the guy has escaped, but, having fainted from a beating, has fallen in a ravine and has broken a neck. Policemen have been punished, truth, according to opposition, too softly, and the minister even has in a pointed manner got divorced from wife, but there were soon hearings that the former spouses again have converged. Thus the minister recognised time and again (and me in interview too) that murder of Gerguliani a stain on its biography on all life.

on a broader scale, about personal his life it is known a little, but that is known, besides characterises it positively: It the exemplary family man, does not conduct loose life, unlike some representatives of the power. On summer holiday in suburb Batumi rents the small house and does not live in hostels; and at the international airports in Europe the Georgian journalists it see often without protection, with a small suitcase in hands.

when the person has not enough weaknesses, it is less vulnerable. Perhaps, therefore it sometimes compare to Stalin from - for an ascetic way of life and rigid character thanks to which he has managed to build such strict vertical in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

crisis - the manager
the Situation in which Saakashvili has made purpose of the new prime minister, is serious more than ever. The opposition has united round billionaire Bidziny Ivanishvili who has won popularity by grandiose philanthropy and generous social promises. The authorities have made everything that could to limit influence of Ivanishvili on minds: To it have forbidden philanthropy, having counted it as an investment in political popularity; have seized property; him even indirectly accused that it the Russian agent. The former state minister and known reformer Kaha Bendukidze in interview " to the Businessman " has declared that Ivanishvili has very favourably got rid of the actives in Russia and that, probably, with it to it have helped, as sale has occurred at the price, above the market. The opposition, truth, asserts that the authorities only try to compromise with such charges with Ivanishvili. " When Bendukidze sold the actives in Russia, nobody accused him that it the Russian agent " the oppositionist - republican David Berdzenishvili speaks.

Despite all emergency measures accepted by the authorities, popularity of opposition grows, and to elections there were all some months. That is the Savior with authority is simply necessary for the power.

to understand, what for Michael Saakashvili was required need the prime minister - the minister of the country of Vano Merabishvili, it is necessary to tell about one feature of this person. He not only rather purposeful person and almost always achieves the, but also the brilliant personnel officer. The command from which it worked all last years, remained complete, it was left, apparently, by any player. I saw some representatives of the command of Merabishvili all of them something are similar. At them one ideology to construct new Georgia the western sample, they studied in the West, they good managers, they even are dressed equally in one price category which is presumed to itself by the state employee. The opposition names such groups of influence round this or that official sect and in something, probably, the rights. By and large, in Georgia has developed three centres of influence with such here " zealots " In their centre there was president Saakashvili, the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Merabishvili and public prosecutor Zurab Adeishvili, the person preferring always to remain in the shadow. Merabishvili though before also differed nepublichnostju, recently began to appear on public and even in a teleether that for it was the big exploit it is known that he does not love a television camera. For a long time already there was a sensation that he prepares itself(himself) for more public activity.

still one year ago there were hearings that it one of the most probable heirs of Michael Saakashvili because, in - the first, it is ideologically betrayed, in - the second, the strong leader, in - the third, suits the West as the continuer of a direction of reforms. Besides it is the person who will not admit a turn of Georgia towards Russia it is known as one of the most ardent opponents of idea of returning of Georgia in sphere of influence of Russia. And it as well as possible arranges with all these characteristics not only Michael Saakashvili, but also the USA which openly supervise last decade Georgia.

however, Michael Saakashvili long time could not be defined with the heir. And it is clear why. Strong Merabishvili of many frightens and as the sovereign governor can remove any members of team of the president. And can, and Saakashvili?

Besides, it was obvious that to defeat on presidential election at Vano Merabishvili not too it is a lot of chances: many do not love it for rigid dispersals of protest actions of opposition, for history with Gerguliani, for confession it, as many natives of Dzhavahetii, region with mainly Armenian population, the roman catholic. In Georgia, where a rating of an orthodox church more than 95 percent, the accessory to other religion remains till now a certain defect which, of course, will not allow " to the gentile " To become the president of the country.

there were also other candidates on presidential fast for example, the mayor of Tbilisi Gigi Ugulava, " the good guy " which could win, probably, sympathies of the voter, but hardly could operate the country as was the quite good business executive, but liderskimi qualities did not differ.

however already by the end of 2010 the figure of the following president of Georgia has ceased to interest strongly ruling elite. At this particular time, when oppositional moods in a society on - former remained high, the western partners of Georgia demanded bolshej honesty and a transparency on elections, bolshego pluralism in parliament and bolshej involvements of opposition into a country government and promised for performance of all these requirements a road map in the NATO, it became clear that with the termination of presidential powers of Michael Saakashvili a power part in the country, probably, it is necessary to pass oppositions.

to minimise losses from such " revolution " autumn of 2010 the parliament has introduced so essential corrective amendments in the country Constitution that presidential election and the person of the president has lost former value. As a matter of fact, it was already new Constitution of Georgia in which now the president, and the prime minister and parliament was the main person at all.

since 2013, after presidential election, the new Constitution will come into force. According to it the parliament appoints the prime minister, the prime minister forms the government, the government becomes the sovereign enforcement authority, provides realisation internal and foreign policy of the country and is accountable only to parliament. The president still has representation functions. But the most interesting position of the new Constitution in a context of present events a binding to parliamentary elections.

as it is known, parliamentary elections will pass in Georgia this autumn. And under the new Constitution of power of the government stop with a recognition of powers of newly elected parliament. The new government will be already completed with majority party.

considering that now in Georgia pass scale actions of an oppositional coalition under the direction of billionaire Bidziny Ivanishvili (" the Spark " told about it in N 21), exod of parliamentary elections more than it is unpredictable. And for the power which already agrees to offer an armchair of the president for the sake of opposition, it is essentially important to defeat parliamentary elections. Because the majority in parliament it is the real power in the country.

prime minister Merabishvili in the present state of affairs crisis - the manager. Now he should play with opposition. It has already made the first courses: has declared that for agriculture from the budget of Georgia it will be allocated 4 mlrd chests, and for free medical insurance of the population within four years from the country budget will spend 3 mlrd chests. I will remind that similar promises were put forward earlier by billionaire Ivanishvili, than has won wide popularity in the country, truth, it has not stipulated dates of performance of these promises, but in the rest of figure and the state financing purposes are proportional. Among Georgian blogerov even the joke was born: " To the right you will go free of charge insure, on the left you will go too free of charge insure, the main thing in the middle not to remain! "

as the author libertarianskih reforms of Kaha Bendukidze declared, the opposition has begun auction with the power who will offer more for victory on elections. Now this auction was entered also by Vano Merabishvili.

Political scientist Gija Abashidze several months ago foretelling " increase " Vano Merabishvili, also is assured that this purpose " strengthening of an executive vertical of the power before important parliamentary elections ". " Saakashvili has decided that strong competitor Bidzine Ivanishvili should oppose full consolidation of executive power under the direction of strong both effective manager Merabishvili, the expert considers. Merabishvili which critics consider as its main sin excess of power measures at dispersal of the mass Protest actions, odious cases of murders in which employees of department are got mixed up, possession huge mammons and influence on large business, for bolshej parts of a society unlike other members of team Saakashvili (Bokerii, Adeishvili, Ahalaja), nevertheless is estimated positively. The people consider that on fast of Minister of Internal Affairs Merabishvili have created effective, free structure from corruption of the western type ".

last week Vano Merabishvili has offered in structure of the new government of rather effective managers the former Minister of Education Dmitry Shashkin becomes now the Minister of Defence, and the former rector of Academy of police and the director of the National centre of examinations of Hatija Dekanoidze is presented on fast of the Minister of Education and Science. These are those, absolutely devoted Merabishvili people who have already made with it one reform and will follow it up to the end. And now this command should either defeat, or lose. The price of a question Not only Georgia, old or new, but also a geopolitical deal in region for which many years Moscow and Washington struggle.