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The stained dissertation

Scandals from - for the written off dissertations of the big chiefs became the card of the European policy. Whence that has gone?

Europe was literally overflowed by scandalous charges of known politicians in plagiarism at a writing of dissertations. Hunting there have begun Germans, having sent in resignation of the Minister of Defence. Afterwards " have left " the president of Hungary. Then have reached less known politicians. And today under cross fire 39 - the summer prime minister of Romania and more one German minister, this time educations that adds a special piquancy.

however, the list lime " candidates for the doctor " from among those politicians that dissertations quickly without instructions of sources of intellectual inspiration have bungled, will grow only. For a year diplomas and dissertations became the serious weapon in " to war of compromising evidences ".

One armchair for two
the Fresh Romanian example in this sense is especially indicative. It does not leave doubts that the network trick on catching of fans began to write off shattering methodology which everybody can add to the arsenal.

in brief the history is that. The new prime minister of Romania 39 - the summer leader sotsial - democrats Victor Ponta has not worked in this post and two months as it had troubles which threaten with resignation. Has begun with the anonymous letter to local scientific magazine. The informer wrote: half of material of the dissertation of Ponty from 2003 is borrowed at other authors and, of course, without links. Plagiarism, and only. By the way, the dissertation to Pontus totals 432 pages and is devoted the International criminal court.

first the prime minister actively beat off, asserting that has specified the used literature. Also made a reservation: If the ministerial commission recognises that it was impossible to specify the list of references in the end of work, and followed make paginal links, he is ready to refuse a scientific degree. " it to me is indifferent " the prime minister resolutely explained.

however resoluteness it was reduced, when the national commission on certification of ranks and diplomas (in its structure some academicians) has established: 85 pages from 432 (the fifth part) are kopipastom (that is direct loan) another`s works. The offer has followed: to deprive the head of the government of scientific degree. That has laid out last argument on a table: commission conclusions " politically motivirovanny ". Also has underlined:

About resignation cannot be and speeches. You should understand, it only a mark in political war between president Besesku and me which each of us conducts the accessible weapon...

Thus, the head of the government representing Romanian sotsial - democrats, has explained scandal round its scientific work of ten years` prescription as the conflict to the president Trajan Besesku, the leader of the right liberals. Besides, on ideology distinctions of the personal plan were imposed also. The prime minister it for 20 years is younger than president Besesku has ended faculty of the right of the Bucharest university and in 2003 - the m has received degree of the doctor of the international criminal law (after protection of that dissertation). With 1998 for 2002 worked as the public prosecutor. And here the president to ward to a policy was the sea captain. Say that at Chaushesku it long time has been connected with all-powerful " Sekuritate ". However, who then in Romania has not been connected with it?!

the Constitutional court is involved in sword-play between these politicians even: the higher judicial instance now solves, who from them a two will represent the country at EU summits. Victor Ponta has added fuel to the fire, having warned: that noise which opponents have started around its dissertations, can undermine a course leja and profitableness under country securities. On a question who harms to Romania more, he urges compatriots to respond on elections.

traders in Bucharest, strangely enough, confirm this version: " scientific " scandal can really strike on Romanian leju. After all it is entrusted to office of Ponty to dispose effectively 5 mlrd euro of the help from IMF. Under last information, the prime minister is ready to retire, but only simultaneously with the president that on new parliamentary elections in November of this year the people have solved who from them will receive a vote of confidence. The prime minister convicted of plagiarism is assured that on elections it goes the favourite.

an error of the president
the Romanian passions have forced on - new to look and at the Hungarian scandal: there too behind history with plagiarism all looks through the political order more distinctly. We will remind: From - for doctor`s (on - to ours candidate) dissertations 20 - summer prescription in which serious loans have been revealed, has retired the president Has fallen Shmitt. This most serious state of emergency with the higher officials of Hungary for all 20 - a summer postcommunist epoch.

political career of Shmitta has appeared so short, however also prompt: the well-known fencer in the past, twice the Olympic champion on a sword in the politician has not held on and 10 years. Managed to remain the non-party even at communists, Shmitt has entered centre-right party FIDES in 2003, has passed a way from the eurodeputy to the speaker, and after triumph of members of the same party on elections in 2010 - the m became them naznachentsem on a state post of the head. It even named " the soldier of party " and its leader prime minister Victor Orbana. Two years of the presidency of Shmitt regularly fulfilled high purpose: Any law which accepted by the Hungarian parliament and has called the sharp criticism in Bruxelles, has not been wrapped it or at least sent on completion. All was accepted straight off as that and was demanded by party car FIDES.

This involvement has called the sharp criticism of opposition. The apogee of the conflict has had on the beginning 2012 - go: when Hungary has appeared under cross fire from the European Union and EuroParliament concerning odious laws on mass-media and Natsbank, and also from - for new Constitutions. Coincidence or not, but then in the Hungarian press also there were first messages with charges in plagiarism to president Shmitta.

Fire has opened the Hungarian weekly journal HVG which has informed that 180 of 215 pages of the dissertation of Shmitta " the Analysis of programs of modern Olympic games " by written by it in stay by the sports functionary in 1992, are taken from Bulgarian Nikolay Georgieva. Later it has been established that other pages, but already at the German and #150 are written off also; Klausa Hajnemanna. The dissertation of Shmitt protected at University of Zemmelvajsa in Budapest, and both opponents have noted its highest estimation summa cum laude. As subsequently it was found out, both critics were employees of the Hungarian Olympic academy, that is, as a matter of fact, subordinates of the author of dissertation which at the moment of protection headed the Hungarian Olympic committee directly financing academy.

further it is more. A portal index. hu has remembered that in a year when Shmitt was protected, salaries the state employee it has been decided to raise for 75 percent at presence at them a scientific degree. Also has counted up: degree of Shmitta has brought to it at least about 9 thousand euro.

eventually to pay off for all these sins it was necessary not only to the politician, but also university of Zemmelvajsa: The academic council has deprived of the president of degree convicted of plagiarism, and rector Tivadar Tulashshai has resigned, recognising that does not enjoy confidence. As to eks - the president he intends to restore the scientific reputation and promises to write after resignation the new dissertation.

after loud resignation in Hungary the present hunting for diplomas and dissertations of the first persons was developed. And if with the diploma of present prime minister Victor Orbana in actual fact all like has appeared normally with the diploma of its opponent - a socialist, too eks - the premiere, and nowadays one of leaders of opposition of Ferentsa Djurchanja happens something wrong: it unexpectedly was gone from university library in the city of Pech which when - that was ended by this socialist - the millionaire.

journalists and police long searched for loss, have opened even any case. But the fruit of intellectual efforts and was not. About what hunters behind plagiarism obviously feel sorry more than Ferentsa Djurchanja as - that admitted that at a writing of the diploma at it was only one desire " to forget about it somewhat quicker ".

One more Guttenberg?
And what Germans from whom the new fashion of hunting behind lime dissertations which mows now politicians in the Eastern Europe has gone? Made a noise in the beginning 2011 - go history of the Minister of Defence of Germany of baron Charles - Teodora tsu Guttenberga (it, we will remind, party leaders of Christian democrats designated in new) has ended on - nemetski in a civilised way. That in 475 - the page monography of the minister devoted to development of a constitutional law in the USA and EU, 286 pages of direct loans without instructions of sources were found out, it has paid off with resignation, leaving from a policy, loss of degree of the doctor of philosophy and 20 thousand euro of the penalty for infringement of copyrights. Court was not. Money, by a mutual consent of the parties, has transferred into account the charitable organisation helping children, a sick cancer. In addition to a family baronial title the loop insulting the Internet - nicknames and #150 was pasted; from " baron Kopipast " to " tsu Guglberg ".

However, the main legacy of this history movement of hunters getting stronger day by day behind dissertations. It has already accepted contours of scale network game after one of professors of faculty of law of the Bremen university with the help the Internet - searchers has checked up the work written tsu by Guttenbergom in 2006 - the m. the Most popular site of this movement is called VroniPlag it specialises on exposure of swindlers from a science while only in a German segment " Webs ".

Participants VroniPlag check another`s dissertations at leisure and gratuitously. Results fix on special schedules so-called barkodah. Black colour in them designates pages where there are separate cases of plagiarism. Red on what are incorrect loans from several sources. All other pages remain white. Now on barkode VroniPlag the dissertation of the Minister of Education of Germany Annette Shavan written more 25 years ago. The expert concerning plagiarism of Shtefan Weber recognises that volume of infringements at citing in work of Shavan much less, than at tsu Guttenberga. Nevertheless its sentence is severe: " In work of Shavan there are plagiarism cases. So, the author it is necessary to deprive of a scientific degree ".

Official check of doctor`s Shavan proceeds. It is threatened with loss not only a scientific degree, but also a portfolio of the minister. " probably, it is not absolutely fair, but to Annette Shavan it is necessary to apply more rigid standards, than to someone to another, tells Shtefan Weber. After all it the Minister of Education and quite often addresses to public as the scientist. From it demand special ".

Itself frau Shavan of charge denies. To define, it is guilty or not of intellectual property theft, the commission is called created on the basis of Henry Heine`s university in Dusseldorf. In it seven persons, including the representative of students.

meanwhile while the commission works on the dissertation of the Minister of Education, member of the same party Shavan, the head of fraction HDS in the Berlin parliament Floriana of the Count without special noise have already deprived of a scientific degree for plagiarism in scientific work. Has got also to partners in ruling coalition: for writing off visible party members of free democrats and #150 are deprived scientific degrees; eks - vitse - the speaker of EuroParliament of the Silvanus Kokh - the Gelding, the deputy of Bundestag Bidzhan Dzhir - the Shed and the adviser of party Margarita Matiopulos.

fascinating game on plagiarism search in dissertations of politicians only steals up To us. And first signs on the post-Soviet territory risks to become the book of the president of Ukraine published in Germany of Victor Yanukovych, bitingly named Opportunity Ukraine. Meticulous journalists of the Ukrainian editions already have found in it the whole pieces from the articles without references to the source. Representatives of the head of the state furiously prove that it is intrigues. In what altercations can result as a result see above...