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Allies remain in Iraq to a clear victory over Hussein

B.Clinton has given evidences of the commission on acts of terrorism on September, 11th

New rules of registration nonresident in Moscow

The world community is revolted by a situation in Iraq

M.Fradkov against private woods and pipelines

The government has confirmed functions and number MERT the Russian Federation

A.Uljukaev and N.Koshman are released from posts

The head of parliament of Ukraine V.Litvin: me watch

A.Kinah: diplomacy Time " without ties " has passed

V.Yanukovych: In Ukraine have started to pursue for heterodoxy

Ukraine declared readiness leave CIS

I.Hanija: the Government of Palestin will not give in on blackmail

V.Jushchenko has demanded command game from a coalition

E.Olmert: Mahmud Abbas has lost the real power

Tbilisi: Peacemakers cover illegal military technology

Iran: the Security Council will not force Teheran to refuse uranium enrichment

Israel deletes M.Abbasa from a political context

The authorities of Iraq have taken offence at the president of Egypt

The ambassador of the USA: Americans will not leave Iraq up to the end 2006.

The USA have refuted statements for tortures of the Iranian diplomat

Half of Frenchmen was not defined with a choice of the president

In France campaign for presidential elections

The Supreme Rada has accused V.Jushchenko of pressure on KS

Iran has agreed on negotiations with the West

M.Ahmadinezhad: Iran has entered club of nuclear powers

gosdep the USA: Statements of a management of Iran sound defiantly

S.Mironov: Presidential term can be increased till 7 years

Russian " a weapon baron " will give the USA

Senegal has changed the constitution to condemn " African Pinocheta "

EU asks the Russian Federation to simplify rules of reception of visas to Europeans

Britain boycotts Olympic Games opening in Beijing

The Georgian opposition prepares for a mass protest action

One voice in parliament

The Central Electoral Committee of Moldova has agreed on check of lists of voters

Romania has appointed the new ambassador in Moldova

Kim Jong II is re-elected by the head of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea

J.Luzhkov: At oligarchs it is necessary to select the strategic enterprises

To Moscow there arrives the head of the government of Iraq

Relations of Moldova with Romania promptly worsen

In Georgia pass mass arrests of oppositionists

Members of Presidential Administration of Russia have opened the incomes

The Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation undertook use of space technologies

The deputy of EuroParliament: Elections in Moldova have been forged

Kishinev asks Kiev ekstradirovat the sponsor of disorders in Moldova

M.Saakashvili was given by days on resignation

The Joint Staff of the Russian Federation: Belarus waits " Triumph "

Iran starts factory on manufacture of nuclear fuel

B.Obama has urged Kirghizia to follow a democracy way

A.Hloponin has paid visit to the Chechen Republic

D.Medvedev and B.Obama presidents of the Russian Federation have taken one more step to the denuclearized world