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Pakistan is ready to direct armies to Iraq

The president of Abkhazia has ordered to heat the Georgian vessels

Voters were not on elections of the mayor of Kishinev

Egypt intends to enter armies on the resorts

Israel can enter in the south of Lebanon a mode of military management

If V.Yanukovych becomes the prime minister, J.Lutsenko will retire

Deputies of the block of J.Timoshenko intend to combine powers

Israel: the Rocket arsenal " Hezbollah " it will be destroyed for 7 - 10 days

Deputies BJUT with its full complement left parliamentary fraction

K.Rajs has unexpectedly arrived to Beirut

The prime minister of Ukraine has not supported the plan of dissolution of parliament

T.Blair has supported input of the international armies to Lebanon

Pakistan increases nuclear power in 20 times

The Supreme Rada has prepared for news about dissolution

Deputies Are glad have challenged Yushchenko`s decree about parliament dissolution

Kosovo will not declare independence without the consent of the USA

S.Mironov: Success " ER " on elections there is for it the last

The secretary general of the NATO has called Russia for closer cooperation

V.Putin: At Britain in a brain the thinking of the last century

R.Kopin has entered a post of the governor of Chukotka

D.Medvedev has made changes to the three-year federal budget of the Russian Federation

R.Abramovich intends to become the deputy

D.Medvedev has approved modification of the Tax code

The disgraced Georgian governor has sought asylum in France

The Central Electoral Committee are known nothing about spies among observers from OSCE

The West welcomes negotiations of Armenia and Turkey, Moscow is perplexed

V.Jushchenko: D.Zhvanija can be involved in my poisoning

V.Jushchenko: J.Timoshenko will participate in presidential elections

Libya has stopped oil transit to Switzerland from - for arrest of Kaddafi

The svergnutyj president of Honduras will return home today

The secretary general of the United Nations asks the international community to help Somalia

The Party of Regions has blocked again a tribune Are glad

The parliament of Ukraine has reduced term of presidential campaign

M.Saakashvili: Visit of Bajdena is told about world support of Georgia

Russia can enter sanctions concerning the enterprises from the USA

Russia and Poland will simplify a visa regime

Spaniards have brought an action against Israel from - for storm " freedom Flotillas "

Democratic People`s Republic of Korea threatens South Korea and the USA a nuclear attack

V.Putin on a Harley has arrived to Sevastopol at date of the Navy: " nehaj zhive bajk "

J.Luzhkov has agreed with Crimea and wants to build the bridge of Russia to Ukraine

M.Ahmadinezhad: D.Medvedev became a megaphone of the American propagation

V.Putin has sung with the scouts sent from the USA a song about the Native land

Latvians have voted for dissolution " corruption " parliament

The United Nations Security Council has condemned act of terrorism in Oslo

U.Chavez has cured a cancer and the President of Venezuela 56 has returned to Venezuela

The army of Syria has spent zachistku the whole area from insurgents

The Kremlin will neutralise opposition posts

Iraq and Jordan have opened borders for refugees from Syria

B.Obama has warned B.Asada against application of the chemical weapon

In Syria US president Barack Obama and the secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon have started to bring the chemical weapon to country borders