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D.Medvedev has noted stagnation symptoms in political life of the country

B.Obama: the USA stand shoulder to shoulder with South Korea

The attack of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea to South Korea is caused internal political struggle

South Korea and the USA will spend joint sea maneuvers

South Korea has stopped foodstuffs deliveries in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea

D.Medvedev will meet parliamentary parties

D.Medvedev has declared danger of degradation of party in power of the Russian Federation

Command of armies of the United Nations will be engaged in the conflict in Enphendo

Democratic People`s Republic of Korea: Actions of South Korea can touch off the war

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia does not trust M.Saakashvili`s statements

M.Gimpu has handed over M.Saakashvili the higher award of Moldova

The government of Moldova gives to Ukraine an outlet to the sea

D.Medvedev has refused to dismiss the governor of Krasnodar territory

In Minsk has passed opposition meeting

I.Shuvalov: all questions under the introduction of the Russian Federation into the WTO

Top - 7 most attractive Russian politicians. The PHOTO

1. The aseksualnaja policy

2. The member of the government

3. A position " Against "

4. The Caucasian

5. gosudareva a hand

6. Girls with Ohotnogo

7. Love with pity

France recognised the Syrian opposition as the lawful partner

Mass-media: the Rigid answer to Americans on the ABM will be pleasant to voters

The USA intend to continue dialogue with Russia on EvroPRO

The president of Yemen has got an immunity from prosecution

Democratic People`s Republic of Korea threatens to burn president residence of South Korea

In Kosovo there were collisions of Serbs with peacemakers of the NATO

The new authorities of Libya have sent for a lattice of 7 thousand Africans

The United Russia party member who has run away to Georgia have deprived of the deputy mandate

Mass-media: D.Medvedev has put an end " to reboot "

The famous Belarus oppositionist have sentenced to 4,5 years of prison

Russia otkrestilas from creation of the collective ABM

EU has scarified a sentence to the Belarus legal expert A.Beljatsky

Military men have apologised for murders of demonstrators in Cairo

D.Rogozin: D.Medvedev has deprived of the American diplomats of a holiday

Legal experts: A.Beljatsky`s Sentence is absolutely unacceptable

Special services of Iran have arrested 12 agents of CIA

Press - V.Putin`s secretary has found pluses in rating decrease " ER "

The western mass-media: In whistle in " Olympic " there was no political underlying reason

D.Medvedev has urged not to co-ordinate a theme of EvroPRO to a visa question with EU

V.Putin - " to United Russia party members ": It is impossible " to punch " parliament

Experts: A.Borodina`s Delivery would be a gift for Russia

C. Sobjanin Sergey Sobjanin has told about the main disappointment on a post of the mayor

The president Sierra - Leon is re-elected in the first round

The USA are anxious by expansion of powers of the president of Egypt

In Mexico are going to take down a monument to the president of Azerbaijan

" the Constitutional declaration " has split a president`s team of Egypt

" freedom March " the Russian opposition will pass on December, 15th