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In Venezuela the head of unique oppositional TV channel

The congress of the USA has approved of the amendment to the law on public health services reform

V.Putin: Russia will not raise from Ukraine the penalty for a gas shortage

V.Putin: the Russian Federation and Abkhazia will conclude 30 more economic agreements

Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has threatened the USA and South Korea with an unprecedented nuclear attack

B.Obama has thrown B.Netanjahu during negotiations in the White house

D.Medvedev: the Audit Chamber Report across Vancouver can leave in Office of Public Prosecutor

The secretary general of the NATO: ABM System - alliance mission

Nuclear arsenals of Russia and the USA will be reduced to 25 %

ABM questions will be included into contract SNV - 2

Parametres of the new military contract between Russia and the USA

Russia can leave from SNV - 2 of - behind the American ABM

Russia and the USA intend to ratify synchronously SNV - 2

The Pentagon has urged Russia to join system of the ABM of the USA

The USA will place in Georgia a military contingent

In Serbia have passed many thousands protest actions

Israel will hide from the Palestinian insurgents under " the Iron dome "

The number of refugees from the Cat d`ivuara has exceeded 1 million persons

The authorities of Libya are ready to follow recommendations of the African union

B.Obama: the USA recognise as head the Cat - d`ivuara the leader of opposition

In suburb Tripoli powerful explosions

Mass-media: Army of the USA and agents of CIA have got into Libya

The president of Yemen A.Saleh remained on the post

The Libyan insurgents grasp petroports

The president of Senegal recognised the defeat on elections

It is not necessary to South Ossetia the second round of presidential election

B.Obama: the Russian Federation and the USA urge Democratic People`s Republic of Korea to refuse companion start

D.Medvedev: Last years in relations of the Russian Federation and the USA - the best for a decade

B.Obama - Democratic People`s Republic of Korea: Encouragements of provocations any more will not be

Turkey has closed the embassy in Syria

Date of the second round of elections of the head of South Ossetia

South Korea threatens to bring down the rocket with the companion of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea

D.Peskov: Putin - the liberal not in words, and in practice

Kofi Annan will get B.Obama and D.Medvedev`s support

B.Obama has praised D.Medvedev for " reboot "

Georgia: Elections in South Ossetia - attempt to legalise ethnic cleaning

Start of the Korean companion has forced Japan to develop a rocket board

D.Peskov named opposition " a toy in hands of businessmen "

A.Pushkov: New cold war will not be

The Presidential Council: Elections in Astrakhan - violence over will of voters

N.Sarkozi declared radical imams personas non grata

Israel has broken off relations with Council of the United Nations about human rights

Israel has refused to the United Nations access to " occupied " to Palestin

The Federation Council wants to allow not to suppose to V.Putin governors to elections

K.Annan: the Question on B.Asada`s resignation should solve the people of Syria

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation expects development Russian - the Moldavian dialogue

Parliament of Japan the prime minister has confirmed the new prime minister

The State Duma will prolong spring session for the sake of taxes

State of emergency in Russia is legalised

The Duma does not start up foreigners in the Russian mass-media