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The prime minister of Czechia has confirmed that the USA have refused ABM placing

Malta has refused from Arctic Sea

The secretary general of the NATO: the Decision of the USA on the ABM - a positive step

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has suggested to wait B.Obama`s performances

ABM elements will be replaced eshelonirovannaja with system of defence of the USA

B.Obama: In the decision of a question on the ABM we have considered opinion of Russia

The Pentagon: the USA do not refuse the ABM in Europe

D.Medvedev: the Decision of the USA Russia and the USA creates conditions for teamwork

D.Rogozin: on the ABM it is necessary to read B.Obama`s Statement between lines

B.Obama asks the senate to accelerate contract ratification on SNV

N.Sarkozi has answered EU criticism on dispatch of gipsies

A.Zakaev all - taki is detained by police of Poland

The European countries have supported to politician N. Sarkozy concerning gipsies

N.Kan has named the new Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan

The Minister of Defence of Indonesia will buy from Russia 6 more fighters

The prime minister of Poland: the Question with A.Zakaeva`s delivery we will solve on justice

The public prosecutor of Poland: A.Zakaeva`s Destiny we will solve under the law, without a policy

J.Chajka has typed to the Polish colleague to decide A.Zakaeva`s destiny

Russia has directed to Poland materials on A.Zakaeva`s business

The opposition demands to bring action against J.Luzhkov and E.Baturinoj

The Afghani Talibs have stolen 18 members of electoral committee on the eve of elections

R.Kadyrov: the Court over A.Zakaevym should take place in the Russian Federation

The Office of Public Prosecutor asks court to arrest A.Zakaeva for 40 days

The court of Warsaw has released A.Zakaeva on freedom

M.Prokhorov: It is ready to that " will wet rigidly and uncompromisingly "

The Russian Federation Russia has supported the United Nations resolution across Libya

V.Putin was nominated for the Chinese Award of the world

" ER " is afraid " orange scenarios " on the threshold of elections

M.Prokhorov: " the Just cause " could break up from - for party cash desks

Egyptians demand to enter the world interdiction for Islam insult

" Esery " withdraw signatures in G.Gudkova`s protection from the Constitutional court

" the March of millions ": the left list and S.Udaltsova`s existential loneliness

The oppositional candidate has scarified the burst out crying Hugo Chavez

In the Kremlin the general of FSB

S.Mavrodi`s party promises to the people fair distribution of means

K.Sobchak, D.Bykov and L.Ulitsky there is on elections of leaders of opposition

US authorities have declassified the plan of nuclear war from the USSR

G.Gudkov will check up the information on a response of signatures in its support

V.Putin has discharged of a post head Rosoboronzakaza

A.Lukashenko the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has presented to sheikhs of Qatar the hunting grounds in Belarus

G.Zyuganov about death of the ambassador of the USA in Libya: It has received that Gennady Zyuganov sharply has sown

In Latvia the monument politsajam - to chasteners from Waffen SS

Hooters - younger the Deputy of the State Duma from " has called the father to itself in assistants

United Russia party members demand to block display " Innocence of Moslems " on the Internet

The chief of special troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs accuse of beating of the commander of OMON

M.Prokhorov: in Russia church lobbyists

The secretary general of the NATO: the Antiislamic film - only an occasion to attacks on our soldiers

The Near East: to the world the end?

Peacemakers were tired of the Near East

Israel and Palestin have agreed to stop violence