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In Moscow has passed meeting " Is not present to war in the Chechen Republic "

Moldova will pass from the CIS in the European Union

Elections of the governor of Leningrad region have taken place

Elections of the governor of St.-Petersburg have taken place

A.Sharon is ready to deport J.Arafat counter to the United Nations

The Russian nuclear submarine has come into port of France

The USA remain in Uzbekistan for money

The government of Japan has retired

Dz. Koidzumi again there was a prime minister - the minister of Japan

In the State Duma top management there were personnel shifts

Pyongyang: the USA will strike any day to Democratic People`s Republic of Korea nuclear blow

J.Timoshenko is ready to head again the government of Ukraine

Kabardino - Balkarija hopes for stability

M.Saakashvili has accused " neighbouring country " in bombardment of Tskhinvali

V.Jushchenko will force Radu to vote again for J.Ehanurova

" Hamas " the Palestinian grouping " changes tactics of struggle against Israel

Israelis during spot-checks in Palestin have confiscated $1,5 million

The USA have scarified a military coup d`etat in Thailand

The USA can enter armies into Pakistan for bin Laden`s searches

The congress of the USA: Russia is the sponsor " Al - Kajedy "

M.Margelov: Sponsors of the international terrorism can be and in the Russian Federation

M.Ahmadinezhad: Iran does not need the nuclear weapon

Bush still hopes to solve the Iranian nuclear problem peacefully

Senators of the USA have ruined the Antiiraq bill

Turkey has refused to join sanctions against Iran

V.Putin: the Government will be generated in the near future

V.Zubkov has appointed in the government the woman

Zamglavy Minpromenergo has headed OPK " Oboronprom "

The authorities of Chile will give out A.Fuhimori to the Peruvian justice

Diplomats of the Russian Federation: Fight in the Top Abkhazia investigates the United Nations

The senate of the USA has voted against a withdrawal of troops from Iraq

The prime minister of Czechia: the NATO was mistaken in the relation of Georgia and Ukraine

The president of Iran: the United Nations the United Nations Organization (United Nations) should reflect will of all countries

The prime minister of Israel E.Olmert declared resignation

M.Ahmadinezhad: the Iranian army " will break a hand "

The North Korea the USA and South Korea can deprive of the power help

A.Merkel has accused US authorities of irresponsibility

The prime minister of Israel E.Olmert has submitted the application on resignation

The president of the republic of South Africa has ahead of schedule resigned

From B.Obama not to disappear: investigation of affairs of CIA will be continued

M.Gorbachev: About presidential election 2012. Have exorcised too early

Washington does not know what to do with Afghanistan

M.Ahmadinezhad is happy with reaction of the world to the statement for the Holocaust

The ambassador of the USA in the Russian Federation: Moscow with understanding has concerned plans of the USA on the ABM

Israel does not exclude possibility of military blow across Iran

Zh. M.Barrozu: the Eurocommission will support the new government of Moldova

The Ukrainian politicians: the Introduction into the NATO has lost an urgency

The svergnutyj president of Honduras has returned home

B.Obama does not exclude military blow across Iran

In Democratic People`s Republic of Korea date of elections of the successor of Kim Jong II