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To simplify to chaos

physics Laws to society it is necessary to apply with care, it is known. And on a broader scale: do not compare, living nesravnim. However the temptation of comparison is great. I can not be kept

Haste from which laws from a folder with a signature stamp " have been passed; I will not suffer and will ruin " many my acquaintances (including that on tsarevoj to service) calls not that that otorop, and insuperable desire to scratch language.

well here. We knew, expected. And you remember, Palych? we spoke for a long time! That this system of other variant, except how to twist nuts, does not know. And further will be. Only is worse. Wait.

behind scratched language how much I understand, other burning and #150 disappears; which was what Mandelshtam once has defined a stanza " the chill tickles a cinciput, and it is impossible to admit suddenly, and I am am cut off by time as has cut thy heel ".

Russian history is cyclic, that is why it is known that happens, when on a nut the carving breaks. Pavel I too struggled with " debauchery " (the Internet was not, and the debauchery was eradicated in guards), saw foreign agents in carrying " French " round hats, has cancelled zhalovannye reading and writing to nobility, has closed printing houses, and in 1800 - the m and has at all published the order what to clap at theatre it is possible not earlier than a sovereign. Well, and than has come to an end? March 1801 - go and sharfikom in hands of count Palena.

And Nikolay I reprisals after the action of that time " Okkupaj Senatorial! "? " for hardness of life state it is more safe to enthral people, rather than at the wrong time to give them freedom " in the formulation of Surkova of that time, that is Karamzin? Benkendorf, the Gendarme case and " Stukalov the order " it III branch? Uvarov with " Orthodoxy - autocracy - a nationality "? Struggle against Navalnym of that time with Chaadaevym? And as a result on an exit disgraceful Crimean war, English - the French squadron on spot-check of Kronstadt and the mad Nikolay who has drunk (on one of versions) to poison.

its example did not become, however, a science to Alexander III which frosts have tempered generation of revolutionaries. Also has not stopped pozdnesovetskih the vegetables catching people in baths and cinema in a name " labour discipline increases ".

So, friends, I sum up to the historical studies, no trouble, that is new. All was, was, was. According to Newton`s third law, the elastic band from cowards beats on the naked... To proportionally force from what it delayed.

but it does not calm my interlocutors. And not only because they represent, how on them the elastic band (on a new coil the law about ljustratsii, I believe, will impose a ban for civil service all present pravoohraniteljam and half of officials) will strike.

The matter is that at my coevals attention! there are two lines distinguishing them from people of our age, but living in other glacial ages.

the first line this disregard to culture, art (" cultures - " for them by all means drags behind itself " - multur ") though art, in my opinion, is the best fur coat on a case of colds. They have stopped to read for a long time books (ostensibly " there is no time ") Without telling about verses (though sense of poetry in creation of forms for reprezentatsii feelings as Brodsky has ideally defined). Painting for them exists only in a context " art - the market " or interior design. And on a broader scale, a fur coat of art allowing instantly to dive into other reality and to live in it for them not a hot-water bottle, and the refrigerator. I here stirred with one former colleague who confusedly has admitted that does not know whom from modern Russian authors to honour, well, I and have blurted out foolishly that there are two writers of world level: Ulitsky (though now Nobelevku hand over) and Terekhov (it halfway). And in couple of days the colleague has called with we howl: what for! You! This! Muck! To me! Has advised! it it about " Germans " Terekhov. A first-class thing, internally conformable " Faterlandu " Harris. Both there, and there the design keeps on an assumption that Germans have won war, only at Terekhov is submitted is more thin: Not very well, who has won, but we have lost, turn now in a bog. And here the colleague howled, wherefore its Terekhov with scope a boot in a causal place, poor, has looked in a mirror!

and the second line uniting age, this same, as to culture, cynical contempt for morals, morals, non-material values. It is meant that about morals repeat or priests, naming it love to a sovereign and fatherland as and it is necessary to them under the list of staff, or the beggars who have dropped out of system who cannot stick to any money that is why keep for poor " spirit ". And put before them a cutlet on a plate, so about the " morally - it is immoral " in a second will forget (here everyone can remember the moment when before it have appeared both a cutlet, and a plate, and it - that has not missed). And my reason that on a broader scale - that a moral core also is that helps to maintain a frost when have torn off any fur coat, and even a skin, is listened gloomy. We know - it is known. The protopriest Habacuc. Struggle of obscurantism against the power.

the general reasonings in my generation do not stand also a broken penny.

my generation was nurtured at first on love to the grandfather to Lenin, then on struggle against narrow-mindedness, then on understanding that thy teachers mostly simply unfortunate, beaten, broken, cowardly prisposoblentsy, then on the western wind of freedom, then on ability to snatch out nesomye a wind bank notes, then on hierarchy in the world of bank notes and in the world of the power most become by the bank note, and then that any spirit of the West as real competitor.

my generation understands formulas, laws, addition and multiplication. Subtraction and division as threat to existence.

To be put in the Russian real estate or, on the contrary, to sell and fall down it is clear. And a fur coat of culture no. About fur coats clearly if in sense in what country to buy. " circulation of Russian history on a circle " it bla - bla - bla. But if it is possible to count statistically chance of victory of opposition as a result of revolution give, the historian, we listen, here type as at a stock exchange. Also we will decide what to do: to throw an opposition money, to take out abroad children or to give them to study on a speciality " a state administration ".

And then I speak also I speak even more often about the second law, or the second basis, thermodynamics. (And here, happens, listen.) This law by very many people was formulated, from Rudolf Klauziusa to William Thomson, but usually sounds so: " entropy increases In the closed system ". That is in the closed, isolated system the temperature falls, difficult breaks, the chaos accrues. If is even easier: isolation of system conducts to death. Reprisals, crackdown, management in a manual mode this all certificates of short circuit on itself, isolation from others, variativnyh systems. House conservation, a twisting of covers, transformation of apples into compote. But when compote turns sour, to escape it is more than chances at the one who represented open system: at not kept waiting stone.

postreorganization crisis Soviet dissidentstva (about it it is a lot of at the same Ulitsky) has been connected by that dissidentstvo, becoming isolated on struggle against the closed system, became so closed movement. And here poet Brodsky with system did not struggle, he in the link in Norensky read The Complete Poetry of John Donne, tasting English stihoslozhenie. The Russian civil service the closed system rejecting and destroying everything, except ministering of a vertical with feeding. Art open system, multidimensional space. After crash of the USSR by the first have got out from - under fragments those who was a part of open system, speaking in the foreign languages, playing the musical instruments, adopted other, stand-alone algorithm, at least and in the form of trade. And today it is less than fears not at those who first of all reads in newspapers about arrests - landings of public prosecutors, generals, mayors, and at conditional Ulitsky. Without speaking about unconditional that is that of that to be afraid?

in general, I speak, friends, become complicated. Enter into open systems, they at everyone the. Individualism in this sense vitalnee a collectivism which as throw Always stadnost, fenced for vypasa a meadow, and in the winters and at all the stall maintenance. Complication property of life. Simplification property of death. Expect crash honour " the Collapse " Dajmonda, there on a broader scale about why civilisations fall... And revolution, by the way, if to return to a chill on a cinciput, differs from revolution by that deduces system on new level of complexity.

friends hem.

means, while live.