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Heads of bodies tax/ financial/ investigations of the CIS countries will discuss in Yerevan fight against terrorism questions

to become majority party, " an United Russia " should strengthen the influence in regions, Sergey Sobjanin

Russian national team has got to World championship group Ash on football of 2002 together with the command of Japan

Taking into account long-term character of antiterrorist operation in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia will strengthen cooperation with extreme departments of other countries

In the first match in the World championship on football Russian national team will meet on June, 5th in Kobe the command of Tunis

Vladimir Putin declares that all versions of a cause of death of a submarine " are investigated; Kursk " including possibility of its collision with the neolearnt diving object

Vladimir Putin declares that all versions of a cause of death of a submarine " are investigated; Kursk " including possibility of its collision with the neolearnt diving object

In a match of opening of the World championship on football there will be French national teams and Senegal

" Fajnenshl tajms " informs on contradictions on Dauning strit concerning use of the British military men in Afghanistan

In Kabul again openly embassy of France

On Saturday, on December, 1st, the World day of struggle against AIDS

Participants of congress of the All-Russia party " Unity and Fatherland " have called citizens of Russia " to unite round values clear and close to ANY1 person "

Vladimir Putin has held a MTG W rekovoditeljami parties " Unity and Fatherland "

At congress of the All-Russia party " Unity and Fatherland " directing bodies are selected - Alexander Bespalov

the Israeli military divisions with support of tanks and helicopters have intruded abreast settlements of Palestinian autonomy

the Trainer of Russian national team on football Michael Gershkovich considers that our command is obliged to leave group

Talibs assert that they managed to bring down near Kandahar the American military plane

the Prime minister - the minister of Canada Jean Kreten will visit Russia on February, 13th

In the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir of 40 persons have got wounds as a result of act of terrorism of Islamic separatists

Vladimir Putin has discussed with the General public prosecutor, the Minister of Defence, the chief of the Joint Staff and the Commander-in-chief of the Navy a course of investigation of causes of death of an atomic-powered vessel " Kursk "

the National team of Tunis - the first rival of Russians in the World championship on football

Moldova urges not to send the international observers on presidential election in Dnestr region

In hospital Mozdoka are 16 persons who have got wounds as a result of failure of the helicopter in Stavropol Territory

Ivan Vinogradov two MTH ago running from Butyrsky prison

George Harrison has had time to write down B4 death last disk of the songs

Talibs have released the Canadian journalist of Kent Hechmana and Talibs have passed its representatives of embassy

Come back the president of Yemen has excluded from a trip to Washington that the USA will direct the armies against its country

Talibs carry on confidential negotiations for delivery W pushtunskimi leaders, and their leader the Mullah the Lobster has bought seven camels to run from Kandahar in wilderness, the Saudi newspaper

the Philippine Muslim insurgents have grasped one more hostage

In Laos mark 26 anniversary of education Laotian It is national - Democratic republic

the first divisions which have Arrived to Afghanistan of the French marines will protect airport Mazari - Sharif

two More infringers frontier guards in Dagestan

Many American businessmen predict growth of activity of business relations W Russia, the ambassador of the USA in the Russian Federation Alexander Vershbou

the Operating chairman of OSCE Mircha Dzhoane has underlined necessity of association of all efforts on a global scale 4 struggle against terrorism

Under the specified data, at an air crash Silt - 76 in Khabarovsk territory 18 persons

One of the Russian parties - Union of Right Forces - is accepted in the influential international organisation the International democratic union

Movement " Hamas " has incurred responsibility for an attack on the Israeli settlement in Gaza Strip

Under the specified data, 7 persons are killed and 17 have got wounds as a result of explosion in the passenger bus in the Israeli city of Haifa

the Sunday kaleidoscope

Under the specified data, at least 10 persons are killed and 40 are wounded as a result of explosion in the passenger bus in the Israeli city of Haifa

In Organizing committee 9 - j conferences of Ministerial council of member countries of OSCE support the reference of head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation of Igor Ivanov 2 OSCE concerning activity of missions of this organisation in Latvia and Estonia

Suffered accident in the Far East the plane Silt - 76 has not been overloaded

Russia sharply denounces organizers of the bloody act of terrorism made on December, 1st in Jerusalem by the Palestinian zealots

All guilty of desertion of soldiers from military unit near Rostov will be punished, Gennady Troshev

the Member of the American intermediary mission in the Near East cancels the program of the MTGs with Palestinians in connection with acts of terrorism in Jerusalem

Ministers of the Israeli government from right parties insist on immediate strict measures against Palestinians in reply to last acts of terrorism

Delegates of Conference of the United Nations across Afghanistan in Bonn discuss structure of the future government of the country for a transient period

Failure of the tourist bus on border of Bavaria and Czechia - 40 persons are wounded, including 10 - it is heavy

the Representative of the High council of Islamic revolution of Iraq has declared that the Iraq opposition aspires to dethrone Saddam Hussein`s mode W/ O the military help of the USA

Turkey is fenced " a live board "