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Organizers of acts of terrorism in Iraq

Victor Ishayev: expensive cars in DFO more than in Japan

Kapello on July, 26th will enter a post of the head coach of Russian national team

The exit of a new series komiksa about the Batman is late for a month

Saga star " Twilight " Kristen Stewart have accused of change to the boy friend

Eurozone crisis has come to Germany

On Kuban will pass musical festival

Fans to bathe in the forbidden places will fine

The order of Federal agency of a forestry (Rosleshoz) from June, 26th, 2012 N 275 Moscow " About modification of the Order of use of woods for performance of works on geological studying of bowels, for working out of mineral deposits and the Order of preparation and the conclusion of the lease contract of the forest plot which is in the state or municipal property "

The leader of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea Kim Chen Yn married

Founder WikiLeaks has met the lawyer

The decision of the Main state health officer of the Russian Federation from June, 27th, 2012 N 36 Moscow " About strengthening of supervision for Crimean gemorragicheskoj a fever and measures on its preventive maintenance "

New version Mac OS X understands human speech

The public prosecutor asks for figurants of the second business by Manezhnoj till 3 years of a colony

Routes of passenger trains in the Novosibirsk region

To Stavropol Territory has passed the Vsekavkazsky youth forum " Mashuk - 2012 "

Paul McCartney will address to Olympic Games opening in London

Dmitry Medvedev has defended the enterprise initiative

The order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (Minobrnauki of Russia) from June, 28th, 2012 N 509 Moscow " About the statement of approximate position about payment of workers of federal state budgetary establishment " the Analytical centre at the Government of the Russian Federation "

The order of the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation (Minsport of Russia) from June, 27th, 2012 N 6 " About the distribution statement in 2012 of grants from the federal budget to budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation on support of establishments of a sports orientation on adaptive physical training and sports in subjects of the Russian Federation "

The order of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Transport of Russia) from April, 16th, 2012 N 97 Moscow " About the statement of the form of the agreement between Federal agency of a railway transportation and the higher executive office of the government of the subject of the Russian Federation about granting of grants from the federal budget to the budget of the subject of the Russian Federation on indemnification of a part of losses in incomes of the organisations of a railway transportation in connection with acceptance of the decision by the subject of the Russian Federation about an establishment of privileges under tariffs for journey trained and pupils of educational institutions, pupils of a full-time course of study of educational institutions of initial professional, average professional and higher vocational training by railway transportation of the general using in the suburban message "

Rasul Mirzaev does not recognise fault in destruction of student Agafonova

Rasul Mirzaev has not pled guilty to destruction of student Agafonova

During joining " Progress " to MKS there was a supernumerary situation

Moody`s Has lowered the forecast of a rating of anti-recessionary fund of EU

The expert: Moody`s has locally strengthened dollar in relation to euro

Yury Sheljapin: the Destiny of 3 million persons is connected with builders

The director of the award of MUSES - TV has denied the information on its closing

FAS and Ministries for the Power Generating Industry will discuss exchange trade in oil products

The bill of formation can be brought in the Duma on Thursday

The bill " About formation " it will be brought in the State Duma on July, 26th

The expert: the Russian market will continue the falling

Businessmen will establish control over activity of power structures

In the Russian Federation will forbid to raise criminal cases under economic articles

The decision of a city administration of the Eagle from July, 24th, 2012 2420 " About an establishment of norms of limiting fillability of territory (premise) in a venue of public action "

The governmental order of the Oryol region from July, 23rd, 2012 256 " About the statement of the Order of subsidising of beginning businessmen and the Order of subsidising of an initial payment under contracts of leasing of the equipment "

The decree of the governor of the Orenburg region from July, 25th, 2012 500 - uk " About introduction of a mode of an emergency situation "

In Council of Federation have discussed a question on the personal fighting weapon for Russians

In Bryansk and Balashikha of FSB and the Ministries of Internal Affairs have withdrawn from criminals the weapon

Consultation of the lawyer: Holiday on personal circumstances

Star " Interns " Svetlana Permjakova became for the first time mum

Michael Piotrovsky: We have managed to keep the Hermitage from rejderskih captures

The nuclear submarine of the USA was put out of action by the house painter

Funeral in Moscow will not rise in price after reform

Warner Brothers has listed one million dollars to victims in Colorado

Consultation of the lawyer: the Extra charge for performance of problems with risk for life

Salli Rajd has spent in an orbit of 350 hours

In a staff - WTO apartment in Geneva the representation of the Russian Federation

Orchestra of the Italian carabinieres prepare for festival " the Spassky tower "

Igor Ivanov: In Asia Russia consider " not quite Asian " the country