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Three American military vehicles were undermined in Iraq

Hurricane " Izabel " hurricane blow " will rage within 12 hours

the Fire on the oil pipeline in Iraq is not liquidated

Kasyanov is surprised by property claims of Minsk

by the First deputy of the chief of Incorporated staff ODKB the general is appointed - lieutenant Vasily Zavgorodny

the Prime minister - the minister of Ukraine has supported strengthening of interstate integration between the CIS countries

Kudrin: the budget project - 2004 in the first reading will be supported by the State Duma

EK is going to forbid smoking at restaurants and the cafe

Russia has joined the Bolonsky convention

Drug dealers in Moscow suburbs were covered with militiamen

two candidates have left governor`s race in Petersburg

In Paris the festival of puppet theatres

Fraction " Unity - an United Russia " will support the budget project - 2004 in the first reading

Realization of the CIS of documents signed at the summit will allow to create a full-scale zone of free trade - Leonid Kuchma

Zyuganov criticises the budget project - 2004

At detention brakonerskih courts the frontier guard

Kuchma will not dismiss ministers - opponents EEP

By Kuchma`s recognition, he did not doubt minutes that the agreement on formation EEP is equitable to interests of Ukraine

PFR will sign cooperation agreements W transferagentami in the beginning of the next week - Zurabs

the USA: the aircraft service will be restored 2 WKND

the Police of Latvia has detained the five teenagers suspected of defiling of the Jewish cemetery in Riga

Gorbachev`s Party has decided to refuse the federal list

PFR will conclude contracts W management companies in October

13 persons became victims of a storm " Izabel "

the Quantity of management companies on investment of means of pension accumulation is superfluous

Ministry of economic development and trade considers expedient introduction of criteria 4 the banks involved in accumulation of pensions

the Union of Right Forces will not support the project of the federal budget for 2004 in the first reading - Boris Nemtsov

Fraction " Fatherland - an United Russia " will support the budget project - 2004 in the first reading

Elena Dementyev in a tournament semi-final in Shanghai

Zhirinovsky has appeared " the foreign spy "

In Paris record level dioksida nitrogen in atmosphere

Putin has directed salution to the World congress of Russian press

to Budanov have allowed to appeal against sentence

the Question on the one who will head the Nizhniy Novgorod region for the period of election campaign in the State Duma of the Russian Federation did not dare yet

In the long term the system of investment of pension accumulation should become more flexible and vativnoj - Ministry of economic development and trade

the Storm " Izabel " has carried away lives of 15 persons

Group " the People`s Deputy " will support the budget project

In Stavropol judge ekstradirovannyh from Georgia insurgents

the Olympic Games Organizing committee - 2004 will take part in the program on struggle against unemployment in Greece

Putin: freedom of elections and competitiveness became norm of political life of Russia

the Member of Ruling advice of Iraq Akila al is seriously wounded

the Authorities of Yemen on " to security reasons " last days have sent from the country more than thousand foreigners - " Al - Dzhazira "

Putin has urged political parties to join more actively in the decision of strategic problems of the country

In 2003 Russia completely will carry out of the obligations on oil deliveries to Belarus - Victor Khristenko

Sanctions gosdepa the USA against the Tula KB of instrument making call bewilderment - a press - Boris Alyoshin`s secretary

Musharraf by miracle has avoided flock of buffalo s

Vladimir Putin - in parliament there should be a majority, capable to incur responsibility for state affairs

Congress " an United Russia " has confirmed party service records on forthcoming elections to Duma

In the North Ossetia there has passed mourning ceremony

Capacity of explosion in Nazrane has made 250 g trotyl