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Crab in okroshka and ice-cream in a melon

In the menu of the Nizhniy Novgorod restaurants - absolute summer: green salads, cold soups, meat on a grill and fruit desserts.

Restoratsija " Pjatkin " to a summer table offers the visitors of a novelty in the spirit of Russian merchant dinners. On appetizer here have prepared the baked vegetables added soft crude (285 rbl.), among salads have appeared salad vegetable with a salmon (245 rbl.), with roast beef (315 rbl.) and green salad with fried veshenkami (235 rbl.). Certainly, the seasonal menu without koronnogo summer food - okroshkas could not manage. In restoratsii you can try okroshka merchant with language (245 rbl.) which here have opened a season in the beginning of May, and also okroshka with a chicken on kefir (215 rbl.). The cold beetroot soup with veal (235 rbl.) can become alternative to this dish. On hot there is a fried river trout with vegetables (455 rbl.) rublenaja a cutlet from the chicken meat, served on fritters from vegetable marrows (295 rbl.) and a chicken with sauce tar - tar (425 rbl.). For a dessert - the ice cream covered with chocolate sphere (225 rbl.).

Cooks of restaurants " Ali - the Woman " too have prepared for the summer okroshka - on - armjanski which can be reserved with ajranom or kvass (178 rbl.). But to begin with offer new salads: salad - a mix with the goat cheese and the baked beet (298 rbl.), salad with language, fresh vegetables, a coriander and sauce narsharob (218 rbl.) and country salad from a garden radish, cucumbers and a coriander, filled with sour cream (168 rbl.). Throughout a subject goes tomato gaspacho with a brynza, kapersami and a basil (158 rbl.). The basic dishes are presented ruletikami from a salmon with emmentalskim cheese and grapes under sauce from white wine (348 rbl.), korejkoj mutton with fragrant adzhikoj and cinnamon which is garnished by a young potato with the baked Bulgarian pepper (438 rbl.) And a young Azerbaijan potato with greens and fresh-salted cucumbers (128 rbl.). Summer desserts too are in the seasonal menu of restaurants: gaspacho from a strawberry with ice-cream (178 rbl.), a strawberry with maskarpone (158 rbl.) and tar - tar from various fruit with vanilla sauce (148 rbl.). Are actual in daylight saving time and soft drinks, for example grejpfrutovyj or orange fresh with pulp of pineapple and lajma (168 rbl. and 158 rbl.) or imbirnyj lemonade with lajmom and mint (98 rbl.).

In " to the cheerful godmother " treat to new salads this summer. Is " Svitanok " - with a carbonate, cheese, fresh cucumbers, pepper, tomatoes and a celery, flavoured with creamy sauce (230 rbl.) and " the Clearing " - from a fresh radish, cheese and perepelinogo the eggs, all it gives all the best on leaves of salad and refuels creamy sauce (230 rbl.) . Salad " the Ukrainian bouquet " prepare from a smoked chicken, a fresh cucumber and cheese with a crackling potato the share (240 rbl.), " Overseas " - from a tuna with a red string bean, a fresh cucumber, a celery, a brynza and greens under olive refuelling (250 rbl.), and " Easy " - with fried veal, marinaded pepper, a tomato with garlic and fragrant butter (320 rbl.). Cold soup from " is unusual; the Cheerful godmother " - with pork and a fresh cucumber (210 rbl.), and special green soup prepare on a meat broth with a sorrel, a nettle, green luchkom and rice, fill with egg with sour cream and submit with a pie with a chicken stuffing (200 rbl.). Okroshka here offer from fresh vegetables and a turkey on house kvass (200 rbl.). On hotter prepare a vegetable marrow stuffed with a stuffing from a chicken, pepper, an onion and cream and baked with a brynza (250 rbl.) Both chicken bedryshki and stomachs, tomlenye with an onion, garlic, marinaded tomatoes and a potato, baked with bacon (300 rbl.). There are also fish dishes: the Crimean sterlet baked with sweet pepper, a tomato, a potato and an onion (550 rbl.) both the mackerel pickled and baked with an onion which submit with a compound garnish from a cauliflower, a broccoli, sweet pepper, a green peas and rice (390 rbl.). On taste it is necessary to fans of meat dishes stuffed pork a potato which before giving weary in the swept away sauce (280 rbl.), the gentle meat of a rabbit flavoured with creamy sauce and garnished by mashed potatoes and a stewed beet roasted with garlic (550 rbl.), and bitki from pork korejki with a boiled potato and fresh tomatoes (350 rbl.).

In the new menu of restaurant " the Bistro of Gavrosh " - the French variant of okroshka (175.) . Except it to visitors suggest to estimate new salads: with lisichkami (205 rbl.), with a salmon (175 rbl.), with squids a grill (245 rbl.) and with fried sausages (255 rbl.), and also summer vegetable soup (165 rbl.). The basic dishes - a boiled octopus with pumpkin mashed potatoes (495 rbl.), kus - kus with seafood (495 rbl.), a trout with almonds (355 rbl.) and a stake prepared on a grill (1250 rbl.). Also in a bistro offer the freshening cocktails prepared on the basis of the French fruit mashed potatoes " Boiron " both alcoholic variants, and nonalcoholic: " the Melon " - with melon mashed potatoes, a melon syrup and soda (105 rbl.), " Coconut Passion " - with coconut mashed potatoes, imbirnym a syrup, pineapple juice and parsley (95 rbl.), cold strawberry tea - on the basis of strawberry mashed potatoes, fruit tea, a strawberry syrup, a fresh strawberry with ice (110 rbl.) And " the Corsican " - with peach mashed potatoes and mashed potatoes of a mango with ice-cream, a syrup cream and milk (135 rbl.).

to be freshened by original cocktails it is possible and in hostel " the Wave " - all the June long here passes festival mohito, to visitors offer both alcoholic, and nonalcoholic versions with identical names and uniform price (260 rbl. for an alcoholic cocktail and 150 rbl. for nonalcoholic). In a festival ruler is classical mohito, cherry, apricot, strawberry, blackberry and mohito from a black currant. Here, at restaurant " the Seagull " offer the summer menu. On appetizer - tar - tar from a tuna from avocado, tomatoes, an anchovy with a small loaf, house mayonnaise and fresh greens (350 rbl.), salad from a smoked chicken with a strawberry and a green mix of salads, avocado and vegetable oil as refuelling (220 rbl.) And salad from baked pepper and chips from bacon with addition of a cucumber, honey and soya sauce (340 rbl.). A hit of any summer menu, okroshka, also it is presented: there is an okroshka with veal, a fresh cucumber, greens, sour cream and egg on kvass (230 rbl.) and okroshka on kefir with a cucumber and a garden radish in which add a little unexpected component - meat of a crab (230 rbl.), still is not less popular cold borsch (110 rbl.) and tomato gaspacho with sour cream and krutonom (220 rbl.). On hotter try stuffed ceps the beef cutting with an asparagus and mozhzhevelovym sauce (850 rbl.), dorado, prepared together with salsoj from pineapple and apricot sauce (780 rbl.), rulet from a pike perch and a salmon with a shrimp and egg pashot (640 rbl.) or a tuna with sauce terijaki (620 rbl.). On sweet it is possible to reserve pear soup from mashed potatoes with whipped cream (180 rbl.) or a cherry dessert - creamy parfe under cherry sauce (120 rbl.) .

In a vegetable marrow " Druzhkova a mug " have concentrated on summer desserts and soft drinks. As sweet delicacies are offered house creamy ice-cream " semifredo " with sauce from a fresh raspberry (120 rbl.) and a pie " Tiramisu " which prepare from the fragrant biscuit impregnated with coffee and cognac, with a gentle cream from cheese maskarpone and cream and submit with cocoa or a chocolate crumb (169 rbl.). Also to visitors offer ice-cream: in pineapple (352 rbl.), in a melon (329 rbl.), with a fresh strawberry (155 rbl.). A fresh strawberry submit also in itself (200 rbl.). From drinks there is a house lemonade from grapefruit, an orange, mint and lemons (250 rbl.), nonalcoholic mohito with soda, crushed, juice lajma and a syrup (140 rbl.), mint dzhulep (90 rbl.), strawberry (185 rbl.) and bilberry smuzi (128 rbl.), a berry juice from berries (185 rbl.) and, at last, kvass (65 rbl.) .

Summer novelties have appeared and in the restaurant menu Per Se , not so long ago appeared on a restaurant map of our city. Young, but already rather known head cook Anton Kovalkov in restaurant circle has created the menus as much as possible freshening, not overloaded with heavy components. For example, on appetizer there is marinaded in a mix of spices and slightly prizharennyj on a grill a tuna with a cream from avocado and ice granite of sake, soya sauce and citron juice (465 rbl.). Okroshka, namely " Okroshka version 2012 " have prepared on the basis of salad from a baked potato, egg, smoked sour cream and a cucumber with language and basturmoj and to make a dish on - to the present cooling, in it have added " snow " from a cucumber and a fresh horse-radish (395 rbl.) . A basic course - the veal penalty, prepared on open fire addition to which minister tomlenye onion slices poreja, cold smoked sour cream, marinaded veal language and trjufelnyj sauce (815 rbl.). On sweet the head cook recommends mannik with crimson " five-minute " a cream from a lemon vervain and cooling granitoj from the mint reminding " Mohito " (425 rbl.), and also a variation on the subject of a strawberry representing of some structures of a strawberry: fresh, jelly and marinaded, accompanied by a lemon meringue and a citron cream with bazilikovym frozen (375 rbl.).

In cafe " Caramel " new breakfasts, especially actual in the summer when day begins early and much gives the chance to be in time, including to have a bite in cafe prior to the beginning of the working day. In the menu there were various porridges - for example, there is a millet cereal with a pumpkin and an apricot (130 rbl.) And porridge " Four cereals " with orange candied fruits and aroma of coffee (150 rbl.). Still offer rural tvorozhok with sour cream (150 rbl.), cheesecakes house with sour cream and plam jam (150 rbl.), a cheese cake with cherry kissel (150 rbl.) and fritters: with meat and sour cream (210 rbl.), with red caviar (350 rbl.), with rural cottage cheese and flower honey (180 rbl.), with a Roquefort cheese and slabosolenoj a salmon (230 rbl.), with a cherry, sour cream and franzhipanom (180 rbl.), with egg, cheese with butter with aroma of spicy greens (180 rbl.). Is in the menu and firm omelettes: gentle, with a mozzarella and hot pomidorkami cherri (250 rbl.), with a smoked trout and artichokes (350 rbl.), the French omelette with fua - gra and spicy greens (350 rbl.), on - rural - with a potato and bacon (210 rbl.) and an omelette with a smoked chicken and salad " Caesar " (210 rbl.) . Of custard paste with cheese do guzhery: with fried bacon and egg (210 rbl.), with slabosolenym a salmon and tomatoes (240 rbl.) and with sturgeon and red caviar with butter with aroma of spicy grasses (450 rbl.). Still there is an egg to the pasha with red caviar and a cream from green peas with aroma of a truffle (250 rbl.), parma with honey and pink pepper (330 rbl.), a firm sandwich " Ribaj " (450 rbl.) and a fresh house batch in assortment: croissants with a stuffing on your choice (50 rbl.), a puff cockleshell with a poppy (50 rbl.), hot doughnuts with cranberry compote (150 rbl.), the Belgian wafers with vanilla and crimson compote (150 rbl.), a pistachio fruitcake (80 rbl.), briosh (30 rbl.), hot cheese rolls (15 rbl.) and guzhery (30 rbl.).