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Language capture

In Ukraine football passions of the European championship as on the areas and streets of cities fierce political fights with application spetssredstv were unexpectedly played had not time to cease. And all it from - for the law on languages

on July, 3rd in the morning on the central prospectus of Kiev cheerfully, with songs and dances have closed football the fan - a zone, but by the evening on the European area, in 100 metres from that place where fans still had the day before a rest, was formed new, already political, the fan - a zone camp of defenders of the Ukrainian language.

events developed promptly. Past Tuesday, in second half of day when the majority of deputies of the Supreme Rada were in after-dinner luxury, deputies of fraction of Party of Regions have unexpectedly put on voting in the second reading the law on languages which calls rough disputes in the Ukrainian society. Oppositional deputies have rushed was to grasp the central tribune to break voting, but all approaches already blocked regionaly. As a result of short, short skirmishes the law all - taki has been accepted. " we have led round them as kittens! " Chechetov has joyfully intoned regional.

the Law provides in those regions where compactly lives more than 10 percent of representatives of one nationality, to use except an Ukrainian also language of this national group. All understand that first of all it is a question of Russian though in Ukraine there are big groups of the Crimean Tatars, the Romanian, Moldavians and Hungarians. The opposition treats this law unequivocally as attempt at the national sovereignty.

whether the demonstrative humiliation, whether sensation of the feebleness and weakness have raised opponents of the power, but voting has made effect of the broken off bomb. " it is war " The leader of incorporated opposition Arseny Jatsenjuk has intoned. Head of the Ukrainian nationalists Oleg Tjagnibok and at all declared universal mobilisation of supporters " on protection of independence of the state against aggression ". Some deputies have begun termless hunger-strike. Within several hours on the European area before a building " the Ukrainian house " where was going to give annual big a press - conference president Yanukovych, the crowd of oppositional politicians and their supporters has gathered. All night long they tried to defend the area from special divisions " the Golden eagle ". Negotiations with militia were conducted even by the head of party " Blow " Vitaly Klichko who the deputy is not also all conscious life speaks exclusively on - russki, but applies for a role of the new national leader that is why protects the Ukrainian language as unique state from any encroachments. Already scale collisions protesting with fighters " have occurred in the morning of next day; the Golden eagle " with application of tear gas from both parties. Yanukovych has cancelled a press - conference and has collected a parliament management for consultations.

the speaker of the Supreme Rada Vladimir Litvin who closely co-operated before with Party of Regions, anticipating consultations, has declared the resignation and that will not sign the passed law on language. Looks effectively, but experts on a situation are not surprised by such demarche absolutely not: Litvin on parliamentary elections in October, 2012 stands on one-mandatory district in Emilchinsky area of Zhitomir area, it was thoroughly enclosed in sympathy of voters of this ukrainojazychnoj territories and does not want to risk three months prior to voting both #150; here and all calculation.

However, refusal of Litvina sign the scandalous law could to endanger all operation regionalov. Therefore they have quickly accepted changes in the regulations allowing easily to select and the new speaker, and to sign the new law.

deputies of oppositional fractions to these maneuvers did not disturb they in a pointed manner ignored sessions of parliament and carried on unbounded negotiations. The former president of the country and the chairman of the party " Our Ukraine " Victor Yushchenko has suggested them to hand over mandates on a broader scale: " I Consider that representatives of the incorporated opposition which inactivity any more has made for the first time possible acceptance of the Antiukrainian laws, should combine the deputy powers as they have not coped with the mission assigned to them by voters ". As he said, people who left on a protest action, have shown bolshy patriotism and courage, than politicians. On its belief, today all hope of the presents " the Ukrainian patriots who will stop dismantle of the Ukrainian state ". But among " patriots " There is no organizational unity they are divided into fractions of radical nationalists and moderated which though speak basically on - ukrainski, but all the same in different languages.

the party leader " Freedom " Oleg Tjagnibok is happy with how events develop. In the first put oppositions with the authorities in Kiev it declared that the opposition has made " the Ukrainian heth - trik ": " Litvin has resigned. Yanukovych has cancelled total a press - conference. Ukrainians have beaten off all powerful attacks " the Golden eagle ". Here that force of the Ukrainian spirit and the will to win means. Thanks all who protects the Ukrainian values in this opposition. We continue national mobilisation. Join! Also we will receive our Ukrainian victory ". Inhabitants of the western areas of the country have threatened with blocking of the central roads and strikes if the law on language is not excellent. " freedom " Urges supporters to come from all country to Kiev on meeting though the Pechersky court of Kiev has forbidden carrying out of any actions in the centre of the Ukrainian capital.

Regionaly are assured that protests will quickly come to naught. " when Eltona John`s concert is collected in city centre of 100 thousand persons, and by a protest action hardly it is more 1000 about what opposition there can be a speech? " representatives of the power declare and mark: on a wave of successful carrying out of the European championship on football regionalam now all on a shoulder.

meanwhile president Yanukovych has promised not to sign the law before carrying out of specialised expert examination and has threatened with preschedule dissolution of parliament if normal work of the Supreme Rada is not restored. Power early election even on a hand the opposition will not have time to be mobilised and unite plainly.

in Ukraine now all are captured by euphoria of struggle. The law on languages has simply provoked a situation aggravation. Last polls show that on popularity two political forces are in the lead: Party of Regions and " Batkivshchina " Yulia Timoshenko, and the party in power advances oppositionists for some percent. A five-percentage barrier there pass some more parties, but their result not so impressive. Nationalists from " balance on the verge of passage to parliament; Freedom " not too convincing look while indicators " Blow " Klichko. All try to use any occasion to declare themselves, and at everyone in a plot with the law on languages the reasons.

the law is necessary to Regionalam to show to the, mainly Russian-speaking, to voters that the party protects their interests. Besides, Russian protection can help with negotiations with Russia about the financial help.

party of nationalists " Freedom " Goes on elections independently and plays an electoral field of party of Timoshenko and incorporated opposition, therefore nationalists try a situation as much as possible radikalizirovat to mobilise the voter.

the incorporated opposition should show to people something another, except the story about Yulia Timoshenko unfair criminal prosecution, and the law on language fine approaches for this case...

however, it is tradition: 20 years Ukraine the independent state, in which state language an Ukrainian. But fights on a language problem flash regularly every time on the eve of the next selective cycle. Four presidents, some structures of parliament, but each time as on the hand-written were replaced already: from one election campaign in another the same plot drifts.

now here again.
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