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" Inoagentov " cover " inostandartami "

the State Duma starts operative updating of rules for the Russian noncommercial organisations (NKO), using in work of means from - for a boundary. Tonight the Duma committee on affairs of public associations will be engaged in the bill of new rules to prepare it for the first reading which is planned on 6 ijupja. Authors of the bill from fraction " an United Russia " are assured that result domestic laws about NKO in conformity with the international standards. Experts do not find abroad corresponding analogues.
innovations as United Russia party members are assured, will concern only those domestic NKO and public associations which, in - the first, are engaged in political activity, and in - the second, do it at the expense of means of foreign sources of financing (see " " for June, 29th). To " to means " are carried " Money resources and other property from the foreign states, their state structures, the international and foreign organisations, foreign citizens, persons without citizenship ". At such financial sources (including grants) any Russian NKO will be obliged in all materials (from leaflets to a site) to inform Russians that it carries out " functions of the foreign agent ".

United Russia party members have carried participation To political activity " (including by financing) in the organisation and carrying out of political actions with a view of influence on acceptance by state structures of the decisions directed on change of a state policy spent by them, and also in public opinion formation for present purposes ".

" Foreign agents " will be quarterly obliged to report to Ministry of Justice about the foreign incomes and their expenses. Those who will break the reporting, Will receive the administrative penalty. For malicious infringers of laws about NKO there will come a criminal liability (imprisonment till two years).

" Prompting of citizens to refusal of execution of civil duties " will be considered too as a criminal offence, if " prompting " are engaged " foreign agents ".

the First claims representatives of civil sector were called by definition " political activity ". Then that " it is possible to consider as the foreign agent even fund " Present life " " has declared " " the expert of Public chamber Natalia Kaminarsky. After all this fund " receives means from - for a boundary, and souchreditel actress Chulpan Hamatova constantly tells it about imperfection of the Russian laws on medicine, influencing thereby authorities ".

" Fund Chulpan Hamatovoj will not be considered as the foreign agent " has assured " " one of authors of the bill Alexander Sidjakin, having promised to the second reading to make more exact definition of political activity. Mister Sidjakin, truth, is assured that the Russian formulation is worse nothing than the American. Laws of the USA, as he said, carry to political " activity any kind with which help the person intends or plans any way to influence on any department or the official, the government of the USA, any public of the USA concerning a formulation, acceptances of changes in internal and foreign policy, or concerning political and public interests in the politician, or government relations in the foreign state ".

Mister Sidjakin has specified that the American law FARA (The Foreign Agents Registration Act) where legal definitions including " are given became one of analogues for authors - United Russia party members; to foreign agents ". The deputy in a course that this law has appeared in the USA in 1938 for counteraction to nazi propagation, and was used by senator McCart for " later; hunting for communists ". But in the Russian execution as mister Sidjakin underlines, the law is accepted only that Russians " accurately understood: where the opinion voiced by a mature civil society, and where opinion which have voiced NKO, carrying out functions of the foreign agent ".

Such agents as inform sources " " in the Kremlin, it is possible to consider, for example, association in protection of the rights of voters " the Voice " which is engaged in researches exclusively at the expense of foreign grants, and also the Russian branch of international organisation Transparency International which are engaged in anticorruption researches.

the director of the Russian branch of institute " the Right of public interests " Dmitry Shabelnikov has declared " " That operating in USA FARA " it is not directed on regulation NKO ". The law provides check in of any agents operating in interests of the foreign state or the organisation. " unlike our bill, activity in interests of foreign persons is required. At us NKO it is considered functioning as the foreign agent as soon as receives foreign financing plus conducts political activity, he has told. even if you operate in the interests, it doesn`t matter ". Besides definition of political activity is indistinct, to the list can get " very many even if they offer legislative decisions on police reform ". According to mister Shabelnikova, in the USA it is registered " only eight agents of the Russian principals, the majority of them legal or marketing firms, that is commercial structures ". At other countries of agents " And it is less than that ".

Besides, restrictions which operate in the USA, concern absolutely certain kinds of political activity, has declared " " the director of the Russian branch of the International centre of the noncommercial right and a member of Public chamber Darya Miloslavsky. It, as she said, " participation in elections, work in state bodies, lobbyism in favour of the foreign states ".

the Head of the Duma committee of affairs of public associations Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) agrees that to the second reading of the bill, it will be necessary " legally precisely to formulate concepts " political activity " and " the foreign agent " ". But as a whole, as he said, new rules merit support because are directed " on giving NKO bolshej a transparency, an openness ". Sources " " in Presidential Administration say that in " opened " It is possible to consider only 30 % of all foreign money which arrive to Russia for work NKO. By estimates of Presidential Administration, only for 2011 officially on bills Russian NKO has arrived nearby 7,6 mlrd rbl. However, the interlocutor " " underlines that " the law on foreign agents can work only with this money, search for the latent foreign money do not aim this law ".

In structures of a civil society yet will not understand, about what " the closed means " representatives of the power talk. " all transaction are possible only through the bank account concrete NKO, Natalia Kaminarsky confirms. Both #150; And the bank does not allow to use arrived of - for a boundary money while NKO will not show the contract in which the sum and the purposes for which foreign money " is intended is specified;.