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" Hockey remains our priority "

BF " Ural Mountains " - the largest welfare fund of Russia - in 2011 has directed from above 3,8 mlrd roubles on realisation of 149 projects in 40 cities and republic areas. About what sports are priority for financing in 2012, what destiny waits professional ice-hockey teams to the correspondent " Sports " Lilies Rajanovoj were told by the general director of welfare fund " Ural Mountains " Jusup Mirsaitov.
- this year BF " Ural Mountains " has increased the size of financing of charitable programs. A leah has concerned this tendency and in what measure, the help which the fund renders to sports clubs and sports actions in republic?

- Support of sports projects is for Welfare fund " Ural Mountains " one of seven lines of activity≠. More than half of the means planned in 2012 on social projects, goes to this sphere.

the fund supports leading sports club of Bashkortostan - " Salavat Yulaev ". It is very big loading. Besides the command of masters KHL, our means go on the maintenance " Tolpara " " Agideli " children`s school in which are engaged over 900 children. The infrastructure of club is extensive enough: " Ufa-arena " has already two covered ice platforms, as much in " old " an ice Palace of sports, in Shakshe with the big loading works " JUlaevets ". To it it is necessary to add also an economy Neftekamsk " the Hummock ". There though while also one covered ice platform, but it play master VHL, " Batyr " 400 young sportsmen from DJUSSH train almost.

fund Means go and on support of mass hockey. The Federation of hockey of Republic Bashkortostan is engaged in it, and the majority of their actions is spent on fund means " Ural Mountains ". Superiority of republic among amateur adult commands, " the Gold washer " preparation of the judicial case - all is the traditional program of activity of federation. Besides, we have helped them to realise initiatives on creation of Youthful hockey league of republic - unique, in scales of the Russian Federation, the project in which 36 commands from different cities and areas of our ≠ region have taken part≠.

considerable means have been allocated for volleyball development. " Ufimochka " " the Dynamo-bgau ≠" sterlitamakskaja " Sports-academy-vrz " veteran commands - they received our help throughout all season.

in the end of 2011 fund Advice has supported one more sign for Bashkortostan a sports direction - motorcycle sport. Successes TSTVS it. Kadyrov simply would not take place, if it was not possible to buy the new technics, to provide participation of sportsmen in competitions of the international and Russian level. Ufa this year has confirmed the status of the leading world centre of an ice speedway. Now we have expanded geography of the participation in activity of motor clubs. Our help has recovered commands of Salavat and October. Though it is necessary to recognise fairly that one our efforts for them will be insufficiently. We expect that administrations and the enterprises of these cities will be connected and also will show the interest in that ≠ kind of technical sports this popular and traditional ≠ for Bashkortostan developed.

not so it is a lot of at republic of sports directions where we can be proud of the glorified fellow countrymen - numerous world champions and the countries.

here it is one of the basic moments in acceptance of positive decisions by Advice of Welfare fund under the presented projects. We always pay attention to reputation, ukorenennost, mass character of a sports direction in which frameworks the project is represented.

therefore the initiative of the numerous world champion on Tamara Tansykkuzhinoj`s draughts on development shashechnyh sections at schools of Bashkortostan has been attentively studied and without objections is countenanced.

the same it is possible to tell and about the offer of World Kurultaja the Bashkir to assist in purchase of wrestling mats for sections kuresha.

At the same time, this year we have supported separate requests of federations, DJUSSH, sports clubs on sponsoring of mountain-skiing sections, building of a ski line in Uchalah, to festival carrying out ≠ ushu, support veteran football and basketball teams.

till May of current year the All-Russia society ≠" the Dynamo " held the international competitions on boxing, with fund support " Ural Mountains ".

the Separate direction - the help to public organisations of invalids in carrying out of sports meets, stock purchase.

last year we have started realisation of the program of building of sports objects. With our help the pool in Ufa and FOK in Kugarchinsky area has been constructed. This year we in full finance building of five FOKov, a gym. Means for reconstruction and an accomplishment of sport constructions HK " are allocated; Salavat Yulaev " there is begun designing of one more covered ≠ ice complex in Neftekamsk.

- in what figures charitable ≠ support by fund of sports projects is expressed≠?

- the Fund is engaged in charities ≠ since March, 17th, 2006 and has rendered free aid for a total sum from above 15,6 mlrd roubles as from above 15 mlrd roubles of taxes it is listed ≠≠ in budgets of all levels. In 2011 the fund has directed from above 3,8 mlrd roubles on realisation of 149 projects in 40 cities and areas of Bashkortostan. For half a year 2012 already 2,4 mlrd roubles, including over 1 548 million under those projects about which it has been told above.

this year we began to work more actively through own fund of the target capital≠, in particular, at the expense of the income from the means placed there building of four FOKov is financed.

- For the majority of inhabitants of Bashkiria BF " Ural Mountains " is first of all the general ≠ sponsor of the card of region - HK " Salavat Yulaev ". Today the ≠ club has hard time≠: it has shown far not the best results in KHL, an early departure from plej-off. Many connect it with reduction of financing of players and club managements, with a new financial policy of the general sponsor, including with stay one year ago ≠ club financings≠. Tell, it is how much valid this year the size of help HK " was reduced; Salavat Yulaev "? How much it is connected with weak results which the Bashkir hockey has shown in KHL?

- Let`s separate, first of all, hearings from a real situation. All our obligations on financing of hockey club including commands of masters, are executed in full. The club remains in the first five of collectives KHL on financing volumes. Moreover, additional means have been directed on an accomplishment, repair and reconstruction of premises and territory on which there are objects of club. I will underline that we bear responsibility only for the obligations.

we really stopped payments≠. It has been called by persistent unwillingness of a former management to give the full expense report of means which allocated fund " Ural Mountains ". There were many questions concerning that, are how much effectively used the given financial help. We did not accept mutual relations by a principle " give money and do not ask, on what have spent ".

change of Board and the President of club in infringement of the charter and without our participation became the Culmination. While we achieved cancellation of these decisions, all selective work has been spent: a number of leading players is cleaned, the head coach is replaced. The command ≠ left for a season, not ready to solve problem which before it were put. If in a champion season about " Salavat Yulaev " said that in its structure four shock five, after the first games of a new season Mr. Mikhalev (the former head coach of the Ufa hockey club " Salavat Yulaev ") Has declared that there is a problem - to complete the first five. Actually during all " reguljarki " on the move, the club management, trainer`s structure and players tried to correct introduced errors.

the season for a leader of republican hockey began very hard, and has ended is pitiable. Annoyingly. It is especially a pity fans of hockey.

- as estimate in BF " Ural Mountains " board HK work " Salavat Yulaev " in which the management recently was replaced? What has served as the reason of change of the board, what results are waited as a result ≠ by a fund management?

- In Board now still only two voices for representatives of fund " Ural Mountains ". But now is more mutual understanding with its other members. There are problems over which it is necessary to work still. We have converted special attention on necessity of strengthening of work on preparation of the young hockey players. Have supported new ideas with which Yury Leonidovich Pustovgarov has come. We consider that it, as President HK " Salavat Yulaev " it is capable to improve qualitatively work, first of all, in a direction of increase of own incomes of club. I can not tell that all became ideal, works ahead it is necessary much, but it is constructive activity, and in it we are ready to overcome any complexities.

- what position BF " Ural Mountains " today occupies concerning HK " Salavat Yulaev "? Hockey and its achievements in Bashkiria all also interest a management of fund or the organisation, probably, has decided to count on financing of other sports clubs and development, for example, other mass sports?

- No doubt, " command; Salavat Yulaev " is a pride and glory of republican sports if want - its leader. Murtaza Gubajdullovich Rakhimov, the first president of Republic Bashkortostan, the chairman of the council of welfare fund " Ural Mountains " repeatedly declared that as the general partner supported fund and will support further the main command of Bashkortostan.

hockey remains our priority. There, where it is demanded by interests of business, operatively we increase our help. For example, " the Hummock " in solving games plej-off this season, leaving on commands which considerably surpassed it in budget volumes, has received from all of us necessary assistance to concentrate the forces on struggle for champion medals and not to test difficulties of the economic plan. Even Neftekamsk fans have felt, the ice arena was how much prepared, the command is adjusted, all forces are mobilised. Masters from " Salavat Yulaev " and " the Hummock " became substitutes of many boys of our republic. It stimulates mass character development in hockey. Are engaged not only in sections of these clubs. Victories of the Bashkir commands move to come children to sections of hockey Uchalov, Sibaja, Salavat where there are covered ice arenas. Superiority of Youthful hockey league has lifted interest to employment in hockey sections on open boxes in cities and areas. So the fund keeps ice hockey development as the complex program in which all links, from poselkovoj commands before preparation of leading players in a national team work.

as a whole, this season for the Bashkir hockey it is impossible to name absolutely failure. " Salavat Yulaev " has won the first " the Locomotive Cup " Alexander Svitov acting in its structure, became the world champion. " a hummock " the command which has declared itself all five years ago, to silver and bronze has added medals of the higher test, having surprised all with powerful game in plej-off. Now on Kubke Bratiny it ranks with Moscow ≠" Spartakom " Chelyabinsk " the Tractor " Nizhniy Novgorod " a Torpedo " " JUgroj " and " the Ruby ". It too historical achievement of the Bashkir hockey, as well as the first bronze medals " Batyra " and " Agideli ".

All during activity of fund we have assisted projects on 18 sports. With our help in this season " Ufimochka " became the champion of Russia in the Higher league and will play now to the Superleague, " the Dynamo - BGAU " became bronze prize-winners of the Higher league, champions among student`s teams of Russia, Nikolay Krasnikov has won the eighth title of the World champion on an ice speedway, and ÷“¬— command of Kadyrov became the silver prize-winner of the Championship of Russia.

we consider that the fund for sports development in Bashkortostan does much, and its means give highly effective return.

- As the fund chooses, to what team, club, action to render the financial help? What prospects at them on financing reception?

- We give a priority to projects which have already proved the social importance which authors were enclosed in realisation of the dream, the vision as can achieve the maximum effect from the given means. For us and naked desire to receive money from fund, it is important to prove not enough one initiative that you are capable to organise process of an embodiment of the idea, to achieve positive results. Therefore we also have generated the mission: to help those who creates.

in 2011 on all lines of activity there was 641 reference, from them is realised 263. From the beginning of current year to us 382 references, in work now 168 have arrived. It without considering references under the joint program with " the Russian fund of the help " On payment of treatment of children on which the fund for half a year has brought 18 million roubles on payment of treatment of 276 children and the help to participants of the program " The house " (for half a year - to 189 families napravlenno 22 680 thousand roubles). The order of consideration of references is that: at session of Advice of fund ≠≠≠≠ the statement with a package of the prepared documents (the necessary list is specified on our site) is considered ≠≠≠≠ and the decision is made.

I will tell at once, this year in a sports direction at us all plan is imposed, and available assets ≠ are not present. Have already begun preparation of the project of the plan for 2013.

- what new sports projects consider in BF " Ural Mountains " about rendering assistance? On sports, by age criteria, on the size of expected investments?

- In the end of the last year the fund had two new directions of financing in sports: the Center of technical sports of a name of G.Kadyrov and Youthful hockey league RB. Hockey and motorcycle sport - perspective ≠ directions for republic, are cultivated for a long time.

the Serious demand is made in the past winter season and in detsko - youthful hockey - the Youthful hockey league of Republic Bashkortostan which the fund entirely supports is created. The main objective of creation JUHL - to give the chance to all to those who sees itself in hockey, to be shown, feel interest to regular jobs by this courageous sport, and search of perspective young sportsmen in all cities and republic areas.

in the republican championship 36 commands from rural areas and cities participated. More half of commands have been equipped in the hockey form got by fund " Ural Mountains ".

Especially we appreciate those projects where our means are stimulated with attraction of other resources. So the hockey box in Blagoveshchensk has been constructed. All has begun with desire of players " Salavat Yulaev " To help a children`s home ice-hockey team. They have collected the most part of means for this project, the Federation of hockey of Republic Bashkortostan has acted as the organizer of all project, we have added sredstv that the box has turned out the best quality, administration, the enterprises of Blagoveshchensk have supported plan realisation. And, as a result, the central city ice platform equipped with a warm locker room, the perfect illumination, capable to accept competition of republican level has turned out.

- what sports directions the fund can develop, recognising as their perspective for Bashkiria?

- to Develop sports is a prerogative of the republican ≠ Ministry of sports and the youth policy. And the welfare fund can assist in sports support, in carrying out of sports actions only. Unfortunately, all our offers of Minsportu on interaction are left without the answer. Therefore also it turns out that at it the priorities, at us the projects.

- what infrastructural projects connected with sports, are realised today by fund and what expect the turn? Building of sports objects, hotel business Ö

- For 2012 welfare fund Advice " Ural Mountains " has made decision to concentrate a considerable part of means to erection of social objects. In our opinion, it will allow to improve in the long-term plan a social infrastructure in cities and republic areas. And, besides, in region not so it is a lot of organisations interested and capable to realise so scale projects.

today the fund simultaneously finances building of four fizkulturno - improving complexes with pools: in Askinsky, Burzjansky, Gafurijsky and Krasnokamsk the areas which budget cost makes over 446 million roubles. One of these days surrenders FOK at the Ice palace " the Hummock " designing of one more covered ice platform for club children`s school, cost over 200 million roubles also begins. Till the autumn the sports hall in Karaidele will be handed over. With our participation projects on improvement of an infrastructure of operating stadium " are developed; Ufa - Arena " including an accomplishment of adjoining territory, building of auxiliary constructions.

- BF " Ural Mountains " in Bashkiria all - taki more than the charitable organisation ≠ or the sponsor of HK SJU. It is the centre of acceptance of important financial and political decisions which developments of regional ≠ sports, public health services, social projects concern≠. As of the today, what not resolved, probably, disputed questions ≠ remain, and what disturbs to their permission?

- the Fund does not initiate any conflicts. We are far from a policy. Therefore it is absurd ≠ to speak about any " the centres " " political decisions ". These are inventions of the unfair people which purpose by all means to create a conflict situation for no reason.

Certainly, that ten billions roubles of fixed capital of fund work in a republic financial system, - very important factor of stabilisation of a situation in bank sector, especially in the conditions of intensive outflow of capitals abroad.

we value the reputation, and it ≠ is that today ≠ that any claims to us, to charitable character of activity of fund, no. If only did not prevent to work to us.