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Paralimpijsky champion Oscar Pistorius: " Always it is necessary to remember the true possibilities and talents "

It name " running on a razor edge " the person whom the challenge impossible has thrown down, however OSCAR PISTORIUS considers that the secret of success both in business, and in sports is simple: to take pleasure in favourite business and to squeeze out a maximum of those possibilities which you possess. The champion of Beijing thinks of to what businessmen could learn at paralimpijtsev and that about it - 2008 - in a special material " Sports ".
Through thorns - to stars

For today Oscar Pistorius - one of the fastest athletes of a planet. However the road to success from the very beginning was uneasy: Oscar was born with congenital illness of feet (below knees there was no variety of bones). Doctors have advised to parents of the boy to perform operation before the child will learn to go: It would be less travmatichno and would help it to move easier in the future. Amputation have spent, when to Oscar was only 11 months. The decision was uneasy, but correct: already at school Pistorius became the inveterate sportsman - the runner, regbistom, the tennis player, the water polo player, restlerom and even the boxer, and in 17 years on a school hundred-metre race has beaten of that time world paralimpijsky a record. The conclusion was obvious to the father who stood at finish with a stop watch: the guy should become the professional sportsman.

the international popularity has come to the athlete very quickly - practically right after how Pistorius has started to take part in large tournaments. Paralimpijsky games of 2004 in Athenes where Oscar has won gold and bronze became its first deafening triumph, having established on a distance of 200 m a new world record - 21,97 seconds. Then there was a World Cup among paralimpijtsev in Manchester where it has won gold, and in July, 2007 on tournament in Rome the present sensation has taken place: Oscar Pistorius became the sportsman first in the history - paralimpijtsem which competed on a level with athletes without physical inability and has taken the second place, having run 400 m for 46,90 seconds. Oscar says that on its way there were no barriers, he always considered that it is necessary to develop the true abilities, instead of " to go in cycles in the limited possibilities ".

However the first obstacle which has risen on a way of its sports career, for certain remains to the most insulting in his life as it has been connected not with Oscar`s physical possibilities, and with reaction of sports community to its performances and that is even more sick, on its successes. Experts of University of sports of the city of Cologne with the assistance of experts of the International association of track and field athletics federations (IAAF) have conducted research following the results of which have declared that advantage over athletes without physical inability gives to Oscar not that other, as artificial limbs which it uses. As a result of Pistorius has been discharged of all competitions to participation of sportsmen without physical inability. Oscar has decided to challenge this decision, unfair in his opinion, and has defeated. The sports arbitration court has supported the appeal of Pistoriusa, and decision IAAF has been withdrawn. In the arbitration decision it has been told that at inspection physical inconveniences which tests paralimpiets during running, and therefore have not been considered and speech cannot be about any advantage or injustice in relation to other athletes.

and the most important victory in career of Pistoriusa has then come: On Paralimpijsky games of 2008 in Beijing it became the sportsman first in the history who has won gold on 100 - 200 - and 400 - metre distances in classification T43 / T44 and has established on last distance (400) new paralimpijsky a record - 47,49 seconds. A victorious series of the sprinter - paralimpijtsa proceeds: already after Beijing, supporting a national team of Southern Africa on track and field athletics, he has helped the command to establish a national record in the World championship in Taegu (South Korea), and in 2012 in London Pistorius plans to protect colours of the modular republic of South Africa both on Paralimpijsky, and on the Olympic games.

sports and business

the Sated schedule does not allow the sportsman even to look back back, to estimate the successes and the passed way, however on question BG in what its secret, Pistorius gives the accurate and clear answer - in love to the business and a permanent job over development of the abilities: " Sports learn to work with purpose of heart, and after all only the result zealously comes. In it between sports and business it is possible to draw a parallel ". And in this sense paralimpijtsy - the present ensample. For Pistoriusa its colleague paralimpijskaja sportswoman Ejpril Holmes was an example always: " She is assured that can change Michael Johnson on a basketball platform! Even if it also cannot come true, she all the same believes in herself. I think, all of us should learn to similar vital installation - not important, in business or in life ".

Speaking about composed the success, Pistorius has mentioned also most important of them - people who surround the sportsman and believe in it. Oscar considers that a distinctive feature of any successful person, whether it be in business or sports, - feeling of gratitude in relation to those who supports you: " When you achieve success you test not only pride of, but also huge feeling of gratitude to all that who helped and supported you on a way to victory ".

" Is proud to be paralimpijtsem "

According to Pistoriusa, over the last ten years paralimpijsky sports have achieved huge progress: it finds support at more and more serious level and takes more and more appreciable place on international scene. Oscar rejoices to achievements of colleagues - paralimpijtsev and is proud to be among them, especially " when it is possible to excite young children with physical inability on playing sports ". Very much the great value of Pistorius takes away to interest maintenance to paralimpijskomu to sports during the period between Games and positively responds about initiative BT Paralympic World Cup which urged to fill this four-year rupture. Not the smaller role is taken away by Pistorius and paralimpijskomu to education. He very much counts on Games of 2012 in London, hoping that " they will allow Paralimpijsky movement to take new, higher lath ".

Oscar Pistorius about Games in Sochi

Games in Sochi start to receive the present international resonance, and opinion of Pistoriusa on them - perfect to volume an example. The sportsman naslyshan about progress in building of the Olympic objects and with impatience waits for that day when can see them. Pistorius considers that Russia already shows today good understanding paralimpijskogo sports, and is assured that Games of Sochi 2014 will deduce it on new level. However the main place the youth, in his opinion, should occupy. On question BG, a leah a sign it with someone from the Russian sportsmen or cultural figures or politicians, Oscar has responded: " Unfortunately, me the case yet was not presented to get acquainted with the Russian politicians (Laughs.) But with sportsmen a sign: communicated with Elena Isinbaevoj on the previous Games and from the bottom of the heart I wish its of good luck in London. Let once again will please the country with a gold medal! "

the best help - not to remind of physical inability

Recently it is told about what the state or public organisations can help people with physical inability much. The infrastructure, additional financing, improvement of quality and increase of availability of services of public health services - repeatedly mentioned it both Russian, and foreign experts, including in the homeland of the nearest summer Games in Great Britain where this subject was time and again a subject of parliamentary debates between conservatives and labourites. BG has asked this question of Pistoriusu, and it has appeared that for it the decision simultaneously and easier, and more in a complex. In its opinion, the original cause lies in the character of perception a society of a problem of physical inability: " People with physical inability try to forget about the illnesses and to develop the talents and abilities. The society should help them with it. Possibilities of these people should become an attention subject. To think not of the limited possibilities, and to create conditions for development of already available abilities - here that help which sometimes so does not suffice ".

Oscar Pistoriusa`s Life - a perfect example of that people with physical inability are ready to forget about physical inability if the society does not remind them of it if it helps them to develop normally. After all for them, as well as for all of us, there is a culture, music, football on Saturdays, the Olympic and Paralimpijsky games, at last. And a problem of any state in that its people with physical inability, as well as at Oscar Pistoriusa, had a possibility sincerely to be surprised in reply to a question on barriers. It is necessary to hope that day when the Russian society will understand it, any more behind mounts.

Three questions on the main thing

SPORTS: a leah Was necessary to you to face barriers - in life, in career? How you coped with them and what you would advise to other people who meet difficulties?

OSCAR PISTORIUS: If with purpose of heart to work and go to an object in view necessarily it you will achieve - I always I tell it to colleagues - paralimpijtsam. Possibilities are important: they help to overcome restrictions. My family always supported me in my undertakings, and parents concerned me in the same way as to mine to the sister and the brother, therefore to me it is unfamiliar any " an inequality ". By these principles I live and to the present day.

with: to That, in your opinion, business could learn at sports?

Island P: Sports learn to be disciplined and purposeful, to work in the command, but the main thing, sports learns to diligence. And after all only the result zealously comes. In it similarity between sports and business.

with: How paralimpijsky sports can affect the relation of a society to people with physical inability?

Island P: Sports excite people with physical inability and force a society to admire first of all their talents and abilities, instead of to go in cycles in the limited possibilities. That to me I test the greatest pleasure and pride when it is possible to excite young children with physical inability on playing sports.

facts in issue about the sportsman

Date of birth: on November, 22nd, 1986

the Birthplace: Johannesburg, Southern Africa

the Native city: Pretoria, Southern Africa

amputation Type: bilateral, below a knee

Principal views of competitions: run on 100 m, 200 m, 400 m

Classification: T43 / T44

T43: Sportsmen with bilateral amputation below a knee and other sort the defeats equivalent to similar amputation.

T44: sportsmen with unilateral amputation below a knee and other sort the defeats equivalent to similar amputation.

personal records

100 m: 10,91 seconds (Southern Africa, April, 2007)

200 m: 21,41 seconds (Southern Africa, March, 2010)

400 m: 45,07 seconds (Italy, July, 2011)