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Repeated horsy

Todd Solondza`s New picture " the Dark horse " has reminded Andrey Plahovu other films of the somewhat eccentric director, the bright representative of the American art house.
while in Russia and in Ukraine on screens leaves " the Dark horse " its director Todd Solondz was declared on a film festival to Odessa with mini - a retrospective show. Also has reminded that here years twenty, since the early experiences " Welcome to the doll house " and " Happiness " removes as a matter of fact the same film, seldom falling outside the limits native Nju - Jersey. That it the certificate of sad monotony of a director`s method or a unique originality of a sight at the world?

Todd Solondz has shown this sight, hardly having appeared in Odessa. There at supper it has appeared in company Klaudii the Cardinal, without having been well informed that it here. It having presented, he has asked the Italian star: " And what is your name? " Then long justified and said that never learns nobody, not only the grown old stars, but even sometimes the most close people, and it was possible to believe in it, looking at its points with strong dioptries and knowing specific customs of heroes - chudikov this director.

the hero " the Dark horse " the typical neurotic of the American independent cinema, the acquaintance on Vudi Allen`s classical films and considerably enriched with nuances from an easy hand of Solondza. This hero, whether it be in a man`s or female appearance, first of all is infantile and at all does not know that to it to do with the adult life. In this case infantility of Abe (it Jordan Gelber plays) is underlined not only its unattractive appearance leaving of few chances of success at a female, but also not cured children`s traumas and senseless sitting at daddy`s office and predilection for toys which he buys under discount programs and then endlessly exchanges. Slightly differs from it and its girl-friend Miranda (Selma Bler), pleasant enough by sight, but absolutely knocked down by complexes from a category of that never can make even the trifling decision. It is possible for itself to present, as attempt to walk on life together is heavy given to this couple.

Basically we have met this type of the hero already in " Happiness ". On a surface of this hilariously ridiculous and desperately sad picture there was almost Chekhovian lyricism " Three sisters ". Which, of course, for expired century were changed a little. One both #150; the writer and the burnt intellectual is engaged in telephone sex with the neighbour - the onanist. Another, easier, strives on an economy, cajoles children and the husband, without suspecting that the husband (with eternal expression on the person, as if at it a chronic lock) the secret pedophile. On a twist of fate it the psychoanalyst also is very disturbed by puberty of the son. That the son did not pull to neighbour`s boys, the father accepts blow (that is boys) on itself and, alas, flies in police.

the third sister the most nice, but also the unluckiest. In the first shots the new acquaintance (the next hope to arrange private life) after colours and compliments almost without transition popularly explains to it that actually it shit, and it champagne. And then freckled, wrapped in any hippovuju a chlamys of the sample of Woodstock the maiden goes to teach English language to immigrants. There it will contact Vlad the native from certain East Europe fucking country and as a result in common spent night will lose a guitar from CD - a player, $500 and will find pair of slaps in the face from the competitor Masha or Glashi. In hope to profit still by something Vlad will whisper to it at parting: " I love you ". On what the girl will sadly tell: " No, Vlad, you love not me, and Nju - Jersey ".

It Russian variant of happiness, but two other sisters are happy and unhappy on - American. The men burdened with work, fear before the women, goodness knows where from getting out aggression and perversiej are in the same way unhappy. However, drawing customs of this huge brothel, Todd Solondz does not intend to run neither into tragical pathos, nor in existential despair.

the proof of that the happiness is, the film happy end ministers: a family the torn down root value gathers, lonely sisters discuss the problems, the son of daddy - the pedophile, having occupied a balcony and looking on pyshnogruduju the beauty, leads up itself to an orgasm. The boy has considered errors of the father and has chosen correct sexual orientation. And that the happiness seemed full and definitive, in a shot corner there is a dog muzzle. It with pleasure pinches sperm from a balcony and looks at the owner devoted eyes. And only last villain can see obscenity or irony in this idyllic scene.

after eleven years Solondz has removed a sequel " Happiness " under the unexpected name " Life during military times ". Some characters have dropped out, and that remained, have changed not only internally, but also outwardly: they are played by new executors. But the most important change in atmosphere, in air which has become impregnated with tragedy fluids on September, 11th. Trish (in the new version it is played by Allison Dzhenni) in five minutes marrying Harvi (Michael Lerner) " the real man " besides the devout Jew and the supporter of tough policy of Israel. She sees in it the ideal father for the two sons. But it eks - the spouse pedophile Bill (Kjaran Hinds) leaves prison and stirs all maps.

Twelve years Timmi (Dilan Rili Snyder), Bill`s younger son and Trish, endures a trauma, having learnt truth about the father who considered as the missing person earlier. The biggest fear of the guy a leah is passed, do not result the Lord, homosexuality genetically. Limited mother, all in a captivity of the new novel, is not capable to calm the son. And when it results in the house of Harvi, the teenager arranges to the future stepfather inquiry on purpose to find out, a leah trespasses also it with pedophilia that turns around tragicomic kviprokvo and crash of wedding plans of mummy. Timmi stirs also other paranoid question: a leah it is possible to forgive terrorists if some find the reason in their actions?

in same the second sister Dzhoj (in the new version and #150 is a high time; Shirli Henderson) cannot adjust private life in any way. This angelicheskoj appearance the pseudo-virgin is pursued by a phantom of its former lover who has committed suicide, and torment lunaticheskie dreams - walks on night Majjami with its become empty piers which look sjurrealistichno and allow an occasion to be shown to grotesque graphic style of Solondza. Against these sign shots the musical refrain of a picture and #150 sounds; a song about modern America worrying " military times " when there is a demolition of old moral installations and their confronting to new realities.

the third sister Helen (Elli Shidi) seems happy in comparison with Dzhoj and Trish, but actually she only tries to represent happiness more zealously. Noblesse oblige: the girl has succeeded as the script writer, lives on a smart Hollywood country house and accepts calls from Salmana Rushdie and Keanu Rivza. A leah is happy it? It is more likely embittered and cynical.

Solondz has found rescue from all these dangers and temptations, being fenced off from them by the excentric customs and preferring to live away from a mainstream, being covered with a mask of the idiot. He has grown in typical American suburb, in the world of two-storeyed small houses with sites. To understand that was created for them dvermi and windows, it was not necessary to look there, it is enough to have imagination, and with it at Solondza all was as it should be. Having communicated at school to contemporaries, he was convinced that not only at it, but also at others life since the childhood consists of nightmares and depressions. A unique way to overcome them to include humour, to laugh over itself.

When Solondz has grown and was generated, it became one more patentovannym the Jewish intellectual of the American cinema. As well as brothers Cohens, he adores John Gudmana, but does not like to show blood and murders. As well as Vudi Allen, it does cinema about people of the circle and a clan, but unlike it does not ignore a picturesque component nats - and sexual minorities: so, in a film " the Storyteller " the white girl wants to receive on cheap stuff a sexual dope from the Black, and about sexual perversii we already spoke.

differences actually are much deeper. Allen many long years anthemed Manhattan as Paradise Dantov where live most dlinnonogi beauties, plays in the evenings the most class jazz, and all internal problems wonderfully dare by means of the psychoanalyst. When after September, 11th Paradise has stopped the existence, Allen has gone to search for it to Paris, Venice, Barcelona, Rome, further everywhere. Solondz has not left anywhere and will not leave. It on - former zhivopisuet the Empire decline, and its picture of the world reminds the Purgatory more likely. In the city of Solondza Paradise and the Hell is politically correct adjoin, and the director together with the heroes does not test from this mash horror, ecstasy.

Solondz names the films comedies of degradation and ranks itself as those, " who is ready to laugh instead of crying ". As modern artist Solondz knows that accident has already come true, end of the world has come, and it is necessary to continue to live, trying to be (for others) friendly, pleasant, positive, with optimism to look in the future, and for itself to remember: " If you have woken up in the morning, it already good luck ". Its cinema it some kind of an energizer. Intolerable ease of life appears in actual fact quite taken out. The happiness on - former is and it consists in a pardon.