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High security manufacture

the Demanded goods from horse skins and effective work of prisoners  0; probably and such. In it of the correspondent " Money " Alexey Bojarsky was convinced by one working day of the owner kozhevenno - the fur enterprise of Khakassia.
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" In Chernomorsk, directly as Ostap of Bendery in " the Gold calf " I have declared to the Abakan taxi driver, however have there and then recovered: Excuse, in Chernogorsk ". The driver has got the engine, and in 20 minutes we had breakfast with the photographer at home at the owner kozhevenno - fur salon " Caress " Sergey Panchenko, in the company with Sergey, his wife Ekaterina and twelve years grand daughter Leroj. Later " to kiss to the grandfather and the woman " one more grandson and #150 has come accompanied by daughter Julia; three-year Sava. The wife and the daughter work too in " to Caress " And younger son Ivan after the high school termination in Tomsk in native Chernogorsk to come back does not hurry up tries to build the business in the field of ecotourism.

than the family is engaged, it is visible already on apartment furniture: the upholstered furniture is laid by fur coverlets from the Angora goat, on a floor instead of carpets too skins.

industrial business the family of Panchenko has managed to begin at the Soviet power. Having ended after service in TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE army in Chernogorske, Sergey married and, taking with itself the spouse, on distribution has gone to work burovikom in Turuhansk. Having roamed in a hostel - klopovnike and without having received the promised apartment, the family has returned in Chernogorsk. Sergey was arranged with the photographer in a photographer`s studio. But on - to the present earned on handicraft work. " remember, in 1970 - h in a fashion was such female footwear wooden kolodki sabot type? tells Panchenko. They were done by handicraftsmen and sold madly expensively, about 70 rbl. And on quality shit. I have decided that I will make better, and the beginnings strugat kolodki. Earned on 60 rbl. on steam! "

the fashion on a sabot has started to descend, and on a broader scale life of the handicraftsman did not seem stable, therefore Sergey has left school ensigns and has gone to minister to Yakutsk. " all officers and ensigns drank on - black, all day long. Except Serezhi " Ekaterina remembers. Instead of binge of Panchenko has bought the lathe and was engaged in manufacturing of coffee tables with carved legs... In Yakut komissionke for a little table gave 160 rbl. at the cost price 17 rbl.

Having served five years, Panchenko has left numbers VS and has returned with a family in Chernogorsk. Already there was a reorganisation. Panchenko has opened co-operative society for furniture manufacture, but it was ruined, without having sustained a competition to the Chinese goods which have rushed through opened border. Then together with the wife was engaged in cultivation and manufacture of skins it is black - brown foxes, and it was again ruined krashenye foxes from Canada have appeared more cheaply. " here one muzhik has prompted that a gold mine these are saddles, Sergey remembers. has gone to shop, has bought a saddle, has looked, as it is made... It was 1992 ". Strangely enough, during an epoch of combines with satellite navigation in Khakassia saddles, bridles, collars and other shornye products are in demand till now at agricultural productions to drive flocks it is possible only astride a horse. In state farm all kindly for a year will plunder it the next year the new buy, tells Panchenko. But now flocks any more that earlier, many state farms were ruined. Therefore in 2003 we have started to be engaged also in fur ". During this moment at Sergey phone calls. Having thrown with someone in pair words, Panchenko ozabochenno warns: " To 14. 00 it is necessary to go to a colony ".

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It is driven to the next small town Ust - Abakan, we stop before collars with a banner " Caress. Purchase of skins KRS ". Towards to us gate leaves and the man with expensively manufactured bridle in hands sits down in brand new Mercedes ML. " it is called " an exit bridle " we after all not only for state farms do " explains Panchenko. In a court yard there is new, yet not trimmed office small house from the foam concrete, attached to something obviously prehistoric. Since 1942 here was two shops of the enterprise " Kozhprom " after the privatised. In 2003 Panchenko has got one shop at new owners (800 sq.) together with the antiquarian equipment for 350 thousand rbl. On a site of manufacture of skins knocks down a liquid ammonia smell. Already eyes slezjatsja. On stone to a floor in an ammonia solution skins and #150 are presoaked; for a softening.

" here Andryukha " Represents Panchenko the high bearded man of years 45 with tied round a head bandanoj and in a long canvas apron. Washout from a hose a solution from skins, Andryukha together with one more workers, in the same apron and bandane, begin process mezdrenija: thrust in the special car with a clamping drum and with force extend, clearing of the meat rests. Probably, where - that such operation is carried out differently, but on the machine tool 1940 - h years it very much a hard work and for strong men. Even for good as notices Panchenko, on " to measures of our village " the salary to 30 thousand rbl. a month. Further a skin are cleared, and if necessary and are painted in the huge metal drums reminding centrifuges.

having passed a manufacture site, we get to a premise with mounts of skins, wooden preparations under the collars, hanging down leather thongs and other attributes shornogo manufactures. Two men under 50 something sew the manual tool, two more, years 30 by sight, work on not clear roaring machine tools. " it at me shornoe manufacture, tells Panchenko. the Turn in comparison with a fur direction already any but while demand will not disappear, will work ". The manufacture principle syromjatnoj skin is similar: luggage also pull. Both in the car for a hair hairstyle, and in " marking " to the car which beats off a dirt from a skin. Almost all equipment for manufacture ministers already 30 - 40 years, except rather new car dry-cleaners with program control.

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" have already brought? Sergey Panchenko cleans in a pocket mobile and is converted already to me: There the bear skin now will start to process I will go I will look ". Clients In the meantime start to approach. The young woman presented by Julia Petrenko, is engaged in manufacturing of national suits for museums and theatres. It the repeat client a beret in " to Caress " the processed fur. Other customer, the elderly woman who has is dashing parked on a right-hand drive foreign car, here for the first time: simply heard about the company from acquaintances.

to me are necessary untajki (female or children`s high fur boots. " money " ) for the grandson, the lady speaks, examining the exposed goods.
what age the boy? Seven years? We will sew! accepts the order Ekaterina.
about, yes here both slippers! the woman throws off footwear and starts to measure fur tapki. I Will take to myself on fazendu.

At the customer eyes, seemingly, run up: the fox vests to themselves and the grandson, both fur varezhki, and a fur cape on an automobile seat are already necessary to it also. Having stifled an attack shopogolizma, it leaves, having promised to bring the grandson on primerku. The goods really enough expensive to spontaneous purchase: a working waistcoat from a sheepskin 6 thousand rbl., a sleeping bag on dog to fur 36 thousand, fur varezhki 2,5 thousand, high fur boots and untajki 8 - 9 thousand

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we Drink tea in a management office in a new building. " actually all these clothes and accessories only the accompanying goods, and the basic profit are given by footwear both #150; above and demand, and the surcharge for a commodity unit " Sergey Panchenko shares secrets. Winters in Siberia cold, are not present some slush habitual to Muscovites high fur boots buy for daily socks. Northern people traditionally stitch high fur boots from olenej skins. But with deer in Khakassia hardly, but meat horse breeding and #150 here is traditionally developed; the local enterprises with might and main process a horse-flesh. Horse skins there is no place to put. " Them are glad to give free of charge it is not necessary to utilise, tells Panchenko. the skins However, removed on emission always rezanye. Therefore I cry on 60 rbl. for everyone that removed accurately ".

According to Panchenko to sew high fur boots from a horse skin its idea. At least, about similar manufacture in Russia or other countries he did not hear. Thus, " Caress " it has appeared the unique company offering high fur boots on 8 thousand of rbl. against olenih, 20 thousand costing cheaper more only Chinese on 4 thousand, but these already poor quality, and a material not the natural. While, according to Panchenko, an annual turnover of the company to 10 million rbl., net profit about 25 %. Sarafannoe radio plus advertising on local TV channel not more often once a month (a three-minute roller 18 thousand rbl.) Completely provide necessary sale. While sales exclusively direct, owners even do not hold sellers work with buyers in show - rume or at exit trade at exhibitions, festivals. But it, they speak, while.

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Behind a door in the end of a corridor " the new case " a terrible roar. Sergey opens it, clinging to an aperture, the handle yet have not screwed. Here show-windows are mounted, the counter and a cash rack is revetted with a mosaic. " we have calculated that completely building and furnish of this building to us will manage in 5 million rbl., tells Panchenko. the Trading floor of 100 sq. m, podsobka 20 sq. m and office premises of 70 sq. m. When we will complete, we will employ sellers ". The future trading floor we leave through a front stairs in a court yard. " we plan to make here landscape design To organise something like a zone of rest for tourists: a grass, streamlets, trees, a fountain, little tables, Sergey shares plans. we Will agree with travel agencies that brought to us to salon of tourists, well as to Turkey. Will not believe to Khakassia every summer there comes 1,5 million having a rest with all Siberia and from other regions ".

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In a sewing hall seven young women sew tops, attach to them ornaments. On the big table at cutters the huge bear skin is spread out. Two working women accurately attach it to a leather substrate the floor carpet will turn out. " one big official has reserved " explains Panchenko. As he said, the appreciable part of orders arrives from officials from the most different local departments on gifts to honoured guests from Moscow, checking and it is etc. valid, the choice of gifts with local colour not so is rich. " Shortly before Putin`s arrival to Khakassia in this spring to us the order from people of the governor on two pairs magnificent high fur boots from a bear and a wolf 42 - go the size, and #150 has come; Sergey tells. we have made, and then I watch the reporting on TV Putin in our high fur boots. By the way, and the horse by whom it went in Khakassia, too in our bridle was ".

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Having driven Abakan, we head in a corrective colony. Here and walls with a barbed wire, and a tower. " it IK - 35, light, for pervohodov, Sergey speaks. ours IK - 33 a high security, further. There recidivists ".

Operations on a tightening of high fur boots on kolodke and manual sewing of a thick sole demand man`s force. But all employed after the first pay washed down. Having roamed, Sergey has concluded the contract with a zone convicts do not drink. Money is translated colony administration, and that distributes them under an abacus of prisoners. It turns out hardly more expensively a variant with free workers, but control is guaranteed. On an input in administrative case IK the information stand " Our manufacture ": the colony lets out a heap of production. Acknowledgement the truck leaving gate with the equipment for a children`s playground there and then ministers. A main objective of the organisation of work for prisoners that were at business, otherwise the administration should invent for them daily employment. Besides, problem UFSIN to provide though any compensation of a damage by those prisoners to whom it is appointed by court, such in a zone employ first of all. Works on all do not suffice, and in a colony are glad to each businessman - to the partner.

on object N48 on " a site on manufacture of shoe products " In the summer six prisoners work in shifts, and during a winter season involve to 19. Outwardly a usual workshop. On the big table in the centre ready high fur boots, on perimetre and #150 are exposed; workbenches, sewing machines, stanochki for sole processing. In change which we have found, two 30 - summer guys and dedok uncertain age worked. All in green working shirts. Dedok also in a long shoe apron it is similar to the factory master or the teacher of work. " here look, Sergey overturns unt and shows an ideal line on a sole. all think that it on the machine is stitched, and it here the guy able fingers ". The guy with able fingers sits under item 228 both #150; sale and transportation of drugs. Its silent and by sight the harmless workmate in a colony and a brigade the third month. However, after the surprised question of one of officers: " About, and you again here? " it was found out: Recently it was released and has there and then rung out again under item 111 deliberate causing of heavy harm to health. Well and " the teacher of work " sits on 105 - j murder. To ask people here it is not accepted, under the scrappy information, at the grandfather it already the third since 1968 hodka and winds it twenty years` term for threefold murder.

Panchenko accepts work. On the goods write out documents, load it into the car. According to Sergey, some of its concluded masters are soon released. Ask to employ. A leah they will normally work on freedom it is not known. On supervision of officers of a colony, even the convicts who have well seized a working speciality for many years otsidki, at liberty or cannot receive worthy earnings, or simply do not want to work. " a principle " has stolen, has drunk in prison " nobody cancelled " have summed up to me.

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we Stop at shop " Details " with the bearing on a signboard. In dvoilnoj to the car (stratifies a skin) has departed krestovina and the bearing. We buy the bearing for 415 rbl. and we go further to a turning workshop. In a workshop Sergey presses a hand to the person in overalls. It is insulting krestovina it is not ready, and dvoilnyj the machine tool will stand idle still couple of days. Developing the car, Sergey nods on the next building: " Here it is ours the Ministry of Agriculture where me yesterday convinced that all at me will be, and I have responded that if will be, only is worse ". It appears, before Sergey Panchenko`s parliamentary elections promised to include in the program of support and to give the grant on enterprise development. " at first promised 6 million rbl. I on this money would organise still at least 25 workplaces, and at a successful deal both 150, with disappointment Sergey remembers. have then lowered to 1,5 million, and finally on a broader scale nothing distances. But on local TV raspiarili that the businessman will get support ".

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" Lera, we will go to pool? " Sergey to the grand daughter sitting in a management armchair behind the computer is converted. Lera comes off from Facebook and goes to gather. Having much spilt in club pool " the Neptune " the grandfather and the grand daughter come back home. After a supper Sergey sits down the piano. " at school I was the leader of ensemble, played almost all tools, Panchenko runs fingers on keys. I had obvious abilities to music, it is a pity, parents of attention to them did not convert ". Having relaxed in house conditions, Ekaterina notices that they with the husband already were tired to put up last money in business for a long time already want to live simply for itself. Therefore to be put in building of new shops are ready, if only children take part in operation of business. Probably, son Ivan who is not hurrying while in Chernogorsk means first of all. However the advertising campaign, an exit in other regions is planned, and me invite to arrive to look year through two life " for itself " it is obviously removed at any deals.