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Draws, but Moscow &mdash does not pull

; it is a city in which people do not accept the identity, make a start from it, struggle with it. A city of the people who are not accepting the present. Interesting enough urbanistic education

Is such subject a brand of Moscow. In sense the Moscow government is anxious by creation of this brand, the economy Higher school too, institute " the Arrow " a site polit. ru some different intellectual parties. I too began to suspect this subject. As a brand understand a miscellaneous, some consider that it like a logo, and some reflect over upgrade of an image of the sacred George, that it is the advertising tool, I think that a brand it is a myth existing in the market, one or several. And to understand, how it there exists, it is necessary to tell at first that it, in what a myth. I collected - collected senses which grow in a semantic field " Moscow " In Russia and in the West, also the amusing picture has turned out.

from the point of view of European Moscow it is a city adventurous, a city where everything is possible, a city of the big money, defect, the big dangers and the big possibilities, a city - a roulette where it is possible to lose all, but also strongly to win. From the point of view of Russia Moscow it is a city of the power which can everything, a city of an arbitrariness, defect, besides the big money, dangers and possibilities. Do not believe check up, honour successively some articles about Moscow and be convinced that it is few other senses. In effect, it is the same myth though in different variants, and it is called Sin City, a sin city. It is a steady myth which, possibly, goes back to Babylon, and confidently travels all over the world, being attached to different cities to Rome, and both imperial, and papal, Venice, to Paris, London, Chicago and etc. Now here it at us.

the Sin simultaneously draws and pushes away, people want to indulge in it, meaning, however, subsequently it to stop. So this myth can be sold in foreign markets, for visitors that, actually, and becomes. It is not assured, truth that this conscious advancement of a commercial product, more likely, it so has developed. However in home market inhabitants Sin City seldom consume it in this quality, more likely, comfortably vegetate in its atmosphere have got used. But to it spiritually nejmetsja.

To me have sent the petition to Sobjaninu with the request okorotit Nikita Mikhalkov who has conceived to take down sports Palace " Friendship " in Luzniki to construct there a movie centre. The sense of the text was that old Moscow disappears. I am not ready to support Nikita Mikhalkov, at it any cannibal, in my opinion, system of values, but this palace is constructed to the Olympic Games of 1980. At us it is absolutely impossible to collect people making something new to construct a museum, park, inhabited quarter, here a movie centre, but they on time gather against something to make. They are in advance assured that any muck, probably, because at them a wide experience will turn out. Interesting, however, that prior muck as - that dropped out of the actual agenda of Moscow, suddenly starts to seem wonderful and lovely, even any symbol. Here, have started to protect pozdnebrezhnevskuju architecture, and after all seemed the monster.

the public and critics of the beginning of the XX-th century as George Lukomsky protected Moscow from profitable houses of an epoch of a modernist style and neoclassicism, " the spirit of old Moscow " perishes; they wrote, meaning under it something of type polenovskogo the Moscow court yard a shed, luzhok, tserkovku in the middle of a city. In 20 - e years almost broke nothing, because built a little, and during Stalin time especially pozashchishchat it was impossible. The prototype of old Moscow izustno and nepublichno has extended on all pre-revolutionary houses and when the leader has died, there was a whole mythology of this Moscow Arbat, Big Carriage, Pokrovsk Gate notice, already not so Moscow court yard, namely profitable houses of the beginning of the century. The Soviet Moscow at this generation from concept " Moscow " it was excluded, it was enough - taki monstrouzna, was symbolisen trifonovskim " the House on quay ". I have found movement against the present when the constructivist and Stalin legacy has already strongly entered into concept " old Moscow " and a hostel pulling down " Moscow " it was conceived as loss of national property. It is interesting, what even people of a prior epoch could as - to be transformed that and, say, at Vasily Aksenova in the novel " Moscow - kva - kva " Skyscraper in Kotelnikah already quite to itself the big symbol, and Stalin Tver in " to the Moscow saga " and at all a subject of pure nostalgia. Old Moscow became Stalin, but on it has not stopped. To me to sit down in a leaving train any more it was not possible, and when my colleagues began to protect Brezhnev`s TSDH, " Minsk " " Intourist " now here a palace " Friendship " I could not understand them. For me it already there was another`s and hostile Brezhnev`s semi-official organ, already my present which I did not accept. And I do not doubt almost that in 20 years there will be a movement for preservation luzhkovskogo style, such darling, such Moscow, underestimated by contemporaries. Words " old Moscow " perishes; that they designate does not change, changes almost.

this such movement of aversion of the life, any strange belief that earlier still there was something good, but now full shit. We cannot unite round positive action, on a broader scale - that, to tell the truth, it is a few Haiti. It is amusing thus that we are occupied enough - taki by active creation the population of Moscow for 100 years has increased in 10 times, and the city has grown on the area in 15 times. We had huge areas of creation not accepted by people.

thus they too have grown not without a funny nature. What is luzhkovsky style? It is the story about that all Soviet Moscow it not that, and it would be necessary to fly up and return to time when here still there was Christ the Saviour Cathedral. And that such Moscow Brezhnev`s, all these Olympic objects, ITAR - TASS, " RIA Novosti news agency " the house - the ship on Varshavke and etc.? It is the story about that all around as - that was not set, and it would be necessary to be transferred to Brazilia Oscar Nimejera. And what such Moscow Khruschev`s, SEV, the Kalininsky prospectus? Khruschev was amazed with quay of Havana, he wanted to create at us oceanic quay of skyscrapers with uniform stilobatom, and has created, and Moscow became " port of five seas ". And what such Moscow Stalin? It again the story about that all around any not that, an unsightly country town, and is necessary capital of the world empire: greatness Rome, height New York, let capital of boorish khanate with the graven image Lenin on the Palace of Advice more abruptly, than idols of Easter island, if only not " the side street, pereul, an eyelet has tightened a throat ". And Moscow 20 - h it and at all " aeroplan from hvanery " that all on it to sit down and depart to communistic Space.

Moscow in this sense a cemetery of utopias, and architects are movable by the exactly same feelings, as usual people, they do not accept a cash state of affairs and all build devices to depart from here where - nibud far. To Havana, to Rome, per 1914. Actually, Dmitry Medvedev`s today`s desire to take and depart from Moscow to the Big Moscow from the same series, simply it has gathered nearby, not in Space, and in the Communard. Only it all real estate does not fly, and people as - that do not accept dream which on them palm off, and start to struggle for preservation previous which already was absolutely forgot.

I think, in it and there is an identity of Moscow. Moscow it is a city in which people do not accept the identity, make a start from it, struggle with it. A city of the people who are not accepting the present. Interesting enough urbanistic education, I do not find analogues.

however, no, I have one analogy. Once I stood on quay of Beirut, and there a certain young man explained me the plans for life. He has graduated from the university and now tried to arrive to study where - nibud to America or to France. If it will not turn out to arrive, it was ready to go simply so. The dark blue sea and fantastic rocks, perfect wide quay and the French city centre constructed in style ar - deko, Beirut on a broader scale and #150 was around delightful; one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities, and there not all is destroyed by wars. " why not to remain here? " I have asked it. He has laughed. " how it is possible to want to remain here? Nobody wants to remain here! "

Moscow differs from Beirut that here many want to get, but is similar that nobody would like to remain for ever. Not that would be desirable instantly to leave, and so, on the future, the thought that is good towards the end of life spins where - nibud to disappear for a city, for the sea, to America, to New Zealand. And those who disappear directly here, leave with sensation vital nedodelannosti as if have not reached a distance.

it so not everywhere happens. Once I together with one Belarus girl went from Koktebel still empty, not a today`s smelly Maidan on hills, to Voloshin`s tomb. At it was characteristic melkopevuchy the Belarus patter, it strummed tonenko, but very quickly as office fontanchik, and did not stop for a second. " the Earth - that oh the patient what all here at us both the grass grows, and geese, ducks, toads, and at them - that one, for example, cockroaches any run, and those dry, and colour faded what, look, and at us green everything, at them the grass already hay grows, and flavourless, and at us as smells, and everything, look, has cracked, salty as lips in a fever, pricks it would be necessary to them, an antibiotic with vitamins ". It was by a medical part. Voloshin, possibly, terribly would be surprised such certification of its pastel scale koktebelskih hills, but she loved the earth, and other conceived as illness. And she did not want another.

and we want. At us a city of people which do not love the life. The earth sick a few. Really, you think, can, vitamins to prick? Or even an antibiotic?