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Teddy bears in echinoid mittens

In Belarus election campaign on parliamentary elections has begun. Before voting remains two months, but special activity was developed not by politicians, and representatives of special services
the Chairman of the Central election committee of Belarus Lydia Yermoshin, years 10 as not entrance in the European Union countries, could break, at last, on the West. To it have allowed to present a position of Belarus in Vienna at special conference of OSCE on elections.

Vizit Ermoshinoj prepared in the strict secret, even the Schengen visa to it put not in Minsk, and in Moscow. Performance of the head of the Belarus Central Electoral Committee at conference in a pointed manner was boycotted by delegations of the USA and the EU countries. But, having returned from Vienna last week, " the iron lady " the Belarus policy about it of the journalist did not tell shared tourist impressions: " Vienna has enslaved my heart the most beautiful city what I saw. Simply grandiose!. I had a possibility it well to trample legs. There was all that I love: to walk, sit down in street cafes, to drink a coffee cup, to look at life ". Leah Lydia Yermoshin

Can still " to look at life " it becomes clear after elections on September, 23rd. We will remind, after presidential election in Belarus of 2010 the European Union has blacklisted not entrance in EU all management of the Central Electoral Committee and more more than 200 high-ranking Belarus officials, judges and law enforcement officers.

president Lukashenko promises to make future parliamentary elections exemplary, and this promise calls disturbing sensations people familiar with the Belarus specificity.

last week promotion of candidates from parties and through initiative groups on petition has begun. Will not be uniform oppositional front, even the several organised oppositional columns all pull every which way. Opposition parties choose between three basic tactical plans: participation, " as though participation " and boycott of elections.

the Belarus communists and radical nationalists are going to participate, for example, in elections up to the end.

our 40 Party members have submitted documents to the district commissions on check in of initiative groups. And, we hope, we can start petition and put pickets, the vice-president of communist party " has declared; the Fair world " Valery Uhnalev. we also will put forward All applicants at congress on August, 5th from party so it will be more difficult to cut our candidates.

However, it does not exclude that if the authorities will repair serious obstacles to candidates left, " the Fair world " leaves campaign.

As consider and in the Belarus popular front, but recommend to those active workers who can have problems on work from - for participations in campaign, not to be put forward. The front exposes about 30 candidates.

modestly this time will act sotsial - democrats: only 5 - 6 candidates. However, from party SDP (the National bulk) its leader, the former candidate in presidents Nikolay Statkevich who serves time in the Grodno prison on charge in the organisation of mass riots on presidential election in December, 2010 will be put forward. Its initiative group has handed over documents in election committee in small town, but chances that the political prisoner will admit on elections, are insignificant.

other former candidate for presidents, leader Hristiansko - democratic party Vitaly Rymashevsky, to the contrary, focuses the supporters on active boycott of elections. It has submitted to the Central Electoral Committee inquiry about creation of initiative group of citizens which intend to agitate for boycott.

the legislation does not forbid to agitate for boycott, the politician insists. any joint requirement of democratic forces is not executed, therefore to us remains only one active boycott.

the intermediate position was chosen by heads of Incorporated civil party. They name the members of the party who have handed over documents in the Central Electoral Committee, not candidates, and the speakers, which main task propagation of party ideas. 5 days prior to voting candidates speakers from OGP will collectively act in film from elections in protest at presence of political prisoners, absence of a freedom of speech and so on.

Any member OGP in lists for voting will not be! party leader Anatoly Lebedko speaks. At the same time not all Party members with the leader agree some " As though participation " does not arrange, and, to reach election campaign finish, they have left party.

a number of influential public organisations which the authorities do not want to register as party, for example " Tell truth! " the poet and the candidate for presidents on elections - 2010 Vladimirs Nekljaeva and " For freedom! " the candidate for Alexander Milinkevicha`s presidents put forward candidates cannot.

if to count all oppositional politicians applicants for 110 mandates are with great difficulty typed. Never before the Belarus opposition was not so weak and shattered. Even concerning the international supervision over elections there is no unity: someone insists on arrival of observers from Europe, someone hotly convinces Europeans to remain at home.

" our main message to refrain from supervision over an election campaign course. What to observe? Review of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs? The menu of the Ministry of Trade with cheap pies with cabbage? " leader OGP Anatoly Lebedko has written on the page in Facebook.

Arrival of the international observers on " elections " will mean a recognition of those game rules which the mode has imposed not only to all Byelorussians, but tries to impose and Europe. It will mean legalisation not only these " elections " but also practice of political relations, declares Rymashevsky.

At the same time such situation both #150; split and disorder in oppositional camp most of all arranges the authorities. Appeals to boycott of elections do not frighten at Lukashenko near at hand some pocket parties and social movements which will provide pluralism demonstration.

and still it is necessary to note: among 1430 members of the district commissions there will be only 48 representatives of opposition parties. Any transparent urns and videocameras on polling districts in Belarus it is not provided. Though buffets and celebratory exit trade are guaranteed on all polling districts.

, say, Lukashenko is not afraid of elections. But the power obviously is afraid of any unapproved displays of civil activity. Last week, for example, have passed arrests among active workers of the youth organisations and the Belarus ecologists protesting against building in Belarus of the atomic power station. And still landings on unique " have gone; to plush business ".

the Plot is that: in the beginning of July the plane piloted by two young citizens of Sweden, has dumped over Minsk and small town Ivenets of hundred teddy bears with the slogans adhered to them in protection of a freedom of speech in Belarus. The state secretary of the Union of Russia and Belarus Grigory Rapota has declared then that if it will turn out to be true, " certain conclusions " will be drawn; about joint system of air defence. The Belarus military men categorically deny the fact of unapproved infringement of air space of the country. But last week KGB of Belarus has arrested in Minsk and has accused of frontier infringement " a group of persons on arrangement " Anton Surjapina and Sergey Bashamova. The first has placed on the photo Internet " a plush landing ". The second the owner of apartment in which the Swede responsible for coordination " spent the night; a landing " from the earth. The absurd situation turns out: the authorities repeat that " the plush action " it is a photoshop and provocation, but arrest on this business and accuse of arrangement of real Byelorussians.

scandal with " a plush landing " and arrests as a result has forced out from pages of the independent press a plot about elections: in the history with bears, Swedes and fighters for freedom is though any intrigue, and here with prospect of parliamentary elections in Belarus for a long time all is clear.