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Poisoned billions

In London on suspicion in murder of the wife arrest one of the richest people of Great Britain — billionaire Hans Christian Rausing

Hans Christian Rausing  0; the son and the fellow-heir of the founder of the world`s largest company on manufacture of container for foodstuff Tetra Pak of Swede Hans Rausinga, magazine Forbes estimates whose status in 10 mlrd dollars. According to London Sunday Times, it occupies 12 - e a place in the list of the richest people of the United Kingdom.

49 - summer Hans Christian has been arrested on suspicion in murder of the wife after in its house its corpse has been found out. It has been found out casually after the billionaire has been stopped by traffic police for dangerous driving and at it in the car have found drugs.

opening has not shown
the search in a private residence Rausingov in luxurious area of Chelsea where its body 48 - the summer spouse of Eve Rausing has been found Has followed. It was not possible to establish the Cause of death. Even opening has not cleared up affairs. Now the initial conclusion of forensic scientists that the corpse could lie in the house within a week, was replaced by belief that it was there not less month. When the police has come to a private residence on Kadogan - plejs in search of drugs, it was amazed with a strong putrid smell. Devoted parlourmaids - Filipinos did not want to start up policemen in the house and have met shouts " Here it is impossible! Here it is impossible! ". The begun decomposition of a body has seriously complicated finding-out of causes of death of Eve Rausing. Now on an insisting of lawyers of her husband repeated opening prepares.

in case of violent or sudden death under obscure circumstances in England special inquiry koronera is made. On July, 14th in London Westminster koronerskom court has passed preliminary hearing of business about death of Eve Rausing. According to acted at hearings of inspector Skotlend - Yard Sharon Marman, during a search in 6 - a floor private residence Rausingov in cost heavy drugs and a breathless corpse of the woman which has been identified as Eve Rausing have been found in 70 million pounds. Now the police studies indications of chambers of video observation and bank accounts of spouses, their medical documents, interrogates neighbours. Neighbours notice that Rausingi led a secluded life, and three parlourmaids - Filipinos were engaged in care of the house. Skotlend - the Yard searches for the drug dealer from the London area Uendsuord delivering to Rausingam drugs.

results toxicological and other examinations in the near future are expected. While priority versions of death of Eve Rausing both #150; murder and overdose of drugs. The police has tried to interrogate the husband of the dead first of all interested, as he explains death of the wife and why so long did not declare a corpse in the house. However Hans Christian could not answer these questions distinctly. Doctors ascertained its time incapacity owing to chronic alcoholism and a narcotism. Now he is in custody in special rehabilitation clinic. The suspicion in murder is not removed from it, the police expects that experts in narcology will return it in a made status in the near future.

meanwhile lawful time of the maintenance of Hans Christian under arrest without a charge presentation has expired on July, 18th. This day it has been delivered in Magistratsky court of the Western London where accusation in " has been brought to it; an obstacle to a lawful and decent burial place of the wife ". On court it was found out that the police has found out a corpse of Eve Rausing lying near to a bed and filled up with a heap of clothes, and a room door where it lay, has been stuck by a sticky tape. Court session was short and formal, Hans Christian named only the name, age and the address. Then judge James Henderson has declared that passes the decision on so-called conditional pledge. " the first condition, he has told, you should be constantly in hospital Capio Nightingale, live and spend the night there. And the second: temporarily leave hospital you can only accompanied by someone from its personnel ". Hans Christian is obliged to be again in court on July, 26th. In court it was represented by lawyer Alexander Cameron the big brother British the prime minister - minister David Cameron.

86 - summer Hans Rausing has already employed the skilled command of the first class lawyers for protection of the son which have there and then thrown koroneru the version why Hans Christian so much days lived in the house with a corpse of the wife. In their opinion, after unexpected death of Eve it has been mentally injured. Being in shock and despair, it has returned to drugs and has lost orientation in time. The secular girlfriend of Eve Rausing Liz Brjuer has informed polices that Eve was the chronic addict, but very much wanted to recover and spent huge means for rehabilitation. As she said, Eve lately avoided contacts to friends and persuaded the husband to pass the next rehabilitation course. In the photos received by police from chambers of video observation, Hans Christian looks the fallen and slovenly homeless.

It was found out that the husband and wife Rausingi are for a long time already on the account in police as addicts. In April, 2008 Eve Rausing has been arrested, when tried to carry by on reception in embassy of the USA in London drugs. At an input in embassy protection has found out of 2,5 grammes and 10 grammes of a crack in its handbag of heroin. During a search Rausingov on Kadogan - plejs has been found in the house a large supply of drugs, including 50 grammes of cocaine. Both spouses have been arrested, but released on bail. The consequence and proceeding lasted more year and have come to the end with conditional punishment.

the union of outsiders
Eve and Hans Christian have got acquainted in 1986 in the rehabilitation centre for addicts in California. At them four children. Except the London private residence from 12 rooms of the spouse own 11 - a room country house on Barbados in cost in 15 million dollars and magnificent apartments on huge kruiznom liner The World which is specially constructed for the superrich people, preferring to be in offshore zones to avoid heavy taxes in the countries. The father of Eve Tom Kemeni holds supervising fast in company PepsiCo. Hans Christian has refused to work in the company of the father and conducted life of the idle traveller. Eve also did not trouble itself with work after in youth has thrown art college Occidental in Los - Andzhelese where Barack Obama studied. Having married the son of the owner " packing empire " She has preferred life of a secular lioness and the benefactress. The fellow-heir of the British holy table prince Charles who is considered friend Rausingov, highly responds about charities of the spouses, dollars endowing millions to the organisations which are engaged in rehabilitation of addicts. They have based welfare fund The Eva and Hans K. Rausing Trust which sponsors researches in the field of drug addiction and alcoholism treatment. Eve Rausing together with the duchess Cambridge (in girlhood Kate Middlton) was patronessoj the British charitable society Action on Addiction, sponsoring homeless addicts. In 2006 it has drawn the check for 250 thousand pounds for a dinner with Michael Gorbachev. Money intended for the USSR of welfare fund of a name of Raisa Gorbachevoj sponsoring researches in the field of a leukaemia based by the former president. Here that is curious: One of friends Rausingov which has visited shortly before death of Eve in their luxurious house on Kadogan - plejs, has told that fabulously rich couple occupied only two of 12 its rooms in whom reigned desolation and " a mad disorder ". " it was difficult to believe, he speaks, that there there live billionaires ".

the British commentators try to explain a narcotism and Hans Christian`s alcoholism the mental trauma received in a youth when he has realised that is doomed to remain in the shadow for ever the succeeding and powerful father - the billionaire. Young Hans did not have any interests or a hobby, and, according to psychoanalysts, this feeling of a hopelessness has forced the timid young man to go in search of meaning of the life to India. Then he was 19 years old. Then he has got over to Nepal where has spent some years in Katmandu in a community of local hippies; there it also has conceived a liking for drugs.

It is necessary to tell that Hans Christian`s father also is noticed in the eccentricity not peculiar to superrich people. Aged Hans Rausing lives with wife Marit in extensive (360 hectares) an estate in a county East Sussex in cost in 30 million dollars, however goes on second-hand " to a field " the Russian manufacture and, buying tickets in theatres and on concerts, immutably demands a discount, relying to pensioners.

mother of Eve Rausing has put forward own version of death of the daughter. Nensi Kemeni living in the USA has informed that shortly before death Eve has returned to London from the American rehabilitation centre for addicts after the husband has refused to join it. At the daughter, she has informed, there were serious heart troubles to it have replaced a mitral valve and have established kardiostimuljator. It has ostensibly arrived to England to persuade the husband together with it to pass a rehabilitation course in America. Flight lasting many hours to London, according to mother, could call heart attack which has led to lethal exod Eve who was in deep depression. Commentators are sceptical about this version as opening has not found out any traces of a heart attack or other deadly diseases.

a call for help
Popular British tabloid Daily Mail which makes own journalistic investigation of death of Eve Rausing, has contacted her younger sister Bi who lives in the USA. She has told, how in the end of May of this year at the desire of parents has arrived London to understand that occurs to the sister, Eve about one month did not respond to phone calls and electronic letters. Bi has arrived to London, the parlourmaid has let in it the house on Kadogan - plejs, but to see the sister it was not possible Eve was closed in a bedroom and did not open a door. As the sister begged to let in it or to leave, Eve did not respond. It was necessary to return with what to America. " I think, Bi in interview to the newspaper, and #150 has told; that Eve is not present some weeks in the live. Still I have suspected of London that with the sister there was something terrible ". Parents of Eve want to bury the daughter on the Jewish cemetery in the State of South Carolina where they live. They have already reserved a requiem in London and wait, when can take away a body of the daughter. However hardly the British police can pass it to them before the termination official inkvesta (inquiries) koronera.

Journalists Daily Mail have managed to get access to the personal laptop of Eve Rausing and have got acquainted with its correspondence. The newspaper has published undispatched e - the mail of Eve addressed to father-in-law Hans Rausingu. In it she writes about a presentiment of death and asks to help to avoid to it  destruction. " if will change nothing, she writes, I will die... Hans, thy son feels absolutely helpless... I lose with its touch because I weaken every day ". This agonal shout of despair has not reached the father of her husband. Families Rausingov and Kemeni many times tried to help the son and to the daughter to get rid of a drug addiction, but in the answer received only rigid repulse and furious hostility. One of girlfriends of Eve has told that shortly before death that has started talking about divorce. " if I remain with Hans, I know that I will die " she has told. Rausing - the senior even has employed the leading British expert in divorce cases that that represented interests of the son. In one of e - the mails, addressed to the close girlfriend, Eve admits matrimonial change. All it should guard the police which has suspected Hans Christian in murder of the wife.

inspectors of Skotlend work on a solution of death of Eve Rausing - Yard now, criminalists, is judicial - medical experts, experts in narcology and all British press. It is supposed that inquiry and hearing of business in court will not come to the end before October of this year. One of the British commentators named mysterious death on Kadogan - plejs and arrest of the addict - the billionaire one more reminder what not in money happiness.