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One person was lost, eight are wounded as a result of road accident in the Novgorod region

the Majority of awards 34 Ilmensky regattas have won yacht changes of Great Novgorod and Moscow

In the Novgorod region liquidate consequences of a thunder-storm and a squally wind

In the Tula zoo some snakes in the world have bred for the first time in bondage

In Krasnoyarsk regbisty from Southern Africa have lost to the local command " Yenisei - STM "

the Prime minister - the minister of Kazakhstan suggests the president of the country to dismiss a number of members of the government, threatening to retire otherwise

the Fire in a building " PRESS Publishing house - 1 " in Moscow it is liquidated

Alexander Lukashenko has demanded to take under state control the tobacco market of Belarus

German генeрал Harald Kujat is selected by the new chairman of Military committee of the North Atlantic alliance

In Germany the fighter " has had an accident; the Tornado " Bundeswehr Naval Forces

Vladimir Putin following the results of meeting in New Urengoe will give a number of commissions to the government, concerning to gas branch of the country

the Question on deliveries of the American military technology to the government of Philippines will be discussed at negotiations of a management of two countries

In the Tula area the memorable cross in honour of 450 - letija victories over the Crimean khan Devlet is established - Gireem

the German aviadispatchers tried to warn the Swiss colleagues ABT danger of collision They are 154 and " the Boeing " however the unique working communication channel has been occupied

the Plan of an attack of the USA for Iraq " it is already developed in details " writes a German weekly journal " Spiegel "

the Israeli military planes have made flight of extensive territory of Lebanon

the Emperor of Japan Akihito and his wife - empress Michiko - have examined the Prague sights

About 60 thousand persons has collected fate - festival " Wings " in Tushino

the Special representative of the secretary general of the United Nations is assured of Bosnia and Herzegovina that the mandate of mission of the United Nations in this country will be prolonged

In the north of Iraq there were armed conflicts between grouping " Associates of Islam " and armed conflicts between grouping " have occurred forces of the National union of Kurdistan

the German police searches for the old woman - the robber of banks

In Kabul at attempt to leave a city alleged murderers of the assistant to head of the state Hadzhi Abdul Kadira

the Australian active workers intend to take part in a protest action against transportation of radioactive cargo through Pacific ocean

it is not excluded that in the European championship on football of 2004 by judges there will be robots

" the Telephone terrorist " threatens with explosion at the Yaroslavl station of capital

In Austria pass celebrations on the occasion of 70 - letija outstanding jazz musician Joe Zavinula

the Next party of the Romanian military men has taken off for Afghanistan 4 participation in antiterrorist operation

the Group of Palestinians intended to make act of terrorism in settlement Nativ And - Asara in territory of Israel

On the night of Ivan Kupalu some inhabitants of Great Novgorod have jumped in the river Volkhov W 12 - the metre bridge

explosion Threat at the Yaroslavl station of capital has appeared false

As a result of a fire on Donetsk mine 33 miners

Michael Schumacher has won " Gran - At Great Britain "

Vladimir Putin has arrived to Ulyanovsk

Events on July, 8th

bodies of 36 victims of an air crash in Germany

the Constitution of Palestinian autonomy has taken effect

In the east of India the first are noted a victim of the flooding called by monsoonal rains

To Germany there has arrived the plane Silt - 76 which delivers home bodies of the Russians who have lost in an air crash

the National team Russian shpazhistok has lost to the command of Hungary in the European championship on fencing

On a place of falling Russian They be 154 and " the Boeing " in Germany in Sunday there will pass pominalnaja service in memory of victims

On a place of falling Russian They be 154 and cargo " the Boeing " in Germany it is surveyed about 50 square kilometres

Term of repayment of a public debt of Russia in front of Hungary, most likely, will be prolonged

In Japan started 3 - j draw " the Big Cup of champions " on volleyball among men`s teams

In the Kremlin Great Novgorod restoration of the Sofia belfry

the Female national team of Hungary on basketball will go to Russia on an elimination match of the European championship W/ O 7 leading players and the head coach

Vladimir Putin CFMs with readiness of Russia to carry out in Tajikistan and Afghanistan operation on rescue of the American crews

Tony Blair, acting in Germany at congress sotsial - democrats, the Prime minister - the minister of Great Britain Tony Blair has called for rigid actions against the international terrorism

Executive committee RFS recognised performance of a national team of Russia on football successful, and youth - unsatisfactory

Vladimir Putin declares that a re-structuring question " Gazprom " will dare " persistently, consistently, vzveshenno and W/ O vanity "

the Executive committee of the Russian football union has countenanced the contract between RFS and created Russian football the prime minister - league