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German tennis player Boris Bekker Known in the past should pay 5,3 million euro in state treasury of Germany if German tennis player Boris Bekker Known in the past wants to avoid long suit

Participants of meeting in the Kremlin consider a situation in the south of Russia in connection with act of nature

the City policy Ostrava on severo - the east of Czechia makes investigation on the case of drawing of a damage by lawn-mowers to the owner of a car market

Participants of meeting in the Kremlin consider a situation in the south of Russia in connection with act of nature

In the south of capital there was an overturning of the car, victims are not present

At meeting in the Kremlin Boris Gryzlov has underlined that W the beginning of act of nature in Krasnodar the emergency response centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

the Czech beer cook now from import hop

the Head of Ministry of Health has underlined that all health services " have operatively reacted " on act of nature in the south of Russia

At the airport of Sydney the air liner of the British airline W 270 passengers onboard

Participants of meeting in the Kremlin consider a situation in the south of Russia in connection with act of nature

In Germany there passes a fashion on tattoos, and earnings of surgeons, as consequence, grow - cosmeticians

Experts consider that licensing of activity public relations - the companies at the state level is impossible

the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany Joshku Fisher have thrown tomatoes and bags W a liquid paint during pre-election meeting in the city of Goettingen

the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation considers what to solve a problem of terrorists in the Pankissky gorge in Georgia it is possible only power methods

the Russian embassy in Georgia declares that the decision of Tbilisi court concerning officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia " does not bring the contribution to restoration of mutual trust "

the World and stability on Caspian sea and in Russia can be provided when Russia will have modern Armed forces

In St.-Petersburg has passed the next stage of the all-Russian festival " Advancement - 2002 "

Almost hundred persons were lost in the fights proceeding on severo - the east of Democratic republic Congo

the Socialist party of Serbia has begun petition 4 promotion of a nominee of Slobadan Milosevic on fast of the president of Serbia

800 namibijskih refugees prepare for returning home from Botswana

the American aeronaut Steve Fossettu did not manage to establish a new world record on flight height on a glider

From Obedinennyh of Arab Emirates ekstradirovan the Kazakhstan citizen accused of plunder of the state money resources

As a result of act of nature in Krasnodar territory 44 persons

Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India has passed Afghanistan the first of three passenger planes given to Kabul as the humanitarian help

the Tourist group of St.-Petersburg in which structure there were 19 teenagers, is evacuated by employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures from area Abrau - Djurso to Novorossisk

the President of Kazakhstan has presented condolences to the family of people of victims in Roshtkalinsky area of Tajikistan as a result of act of nature

In situated near Moscow Ramensky passes festival fate - music " Invasion "

the Pakistan authorities promise to protect local christians

Minister of Defence Sergey Ivans has started to work in parts of Severo - the Caucasian military district

In the north of Gaza Strip there passes fierce firing between the Israeli military men and Palestinians

On suburb of Stavropol at examination of the car militiamen have found out and have withdrawn 275 grammes of heroin

the Minister of Defence of Israel has declared that the country is completely prepared for possible rocket attack from Iraq

the Austrian weather forecasters on Sunday predict rains W thunder-storms and increase of level of the rivers in many areas of federal lands the Bottom and the Top Austria, and also in Vienna

In Kuala - Lumpur there were collisions between police and collisions between police and supporters were vitse - a premiere of Malaysia Anvar Ibragima have occurred supporters were vitse - a premiere of Malaysia

the Authorities of Crimea inform on restoration of the basic objects destroyed this week by storm rains and tornadoes

In frameworks military - sea doctrines on Caspian sea the episode " has been fulfilled; Salvage operations at an attack of terrorists on transport grazhdaniskie vessels "

In Germany from - for water level increases in Elba under the threat of deluging there was a historical CTR of Dresden

On the average about half of passenger trains from Adler goes under the SKED

New eurodenominations on quality have appeared " physically unstable currency "

In Turkmenia Day of a melon

the AVG salary in Kuzbas in June has made 4345 roubles

the Considerable loss is put by elements to vineyards of Abrau - to Djurso

On Ramensky has come " Invasion "

the New underground organisation has incurred responsibility for explosion at a gendarmerie building in the city of Solenzara on Corsica

In Turkmenia in December it will be amnestied more than 16 tys the person

Weather conditions in Germany remain difficult, however threat of deluging of the historical CTR of Dresden, seemingly, passed

In Germany on liquidation of consequences of flooding the rescuer

On roads of Romania are established " a superradar " penalties

From - for droughts in the central provinces of Vietnam the fresh water acute shortage

In not recognised Nagorno - the Karabakh republic presidential election