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From - for acts of nature on Kuban it will be grown up on 500 tons of less grapes

to 250 enterprises of the Novgorod region supply of electricity

" the Big water " in two places has destroyed tunnels of the Prague underground

the President of Germany Johannes Rau will act W a broadcast appeal in connection with flooding

In administration of Novorossisk have declared that the epidemiological situation in a city is under control

In Poland the second case of disease of cattle " is revealed; the cow furiousness "

Rubens Barrichello has won qualification " Gran - At Hungary "

Turkmenistan is ready to deliver Russia natural gas on 44 - 45 dollars for 1 tys a m cube

In Iraq sharp growth of death rate of the population

Problems ethnic, religious, social and political conflicts in Russia were discussed by participants of the congress " Tolerance and a nonviolence in a modern civilisation "

Vladimir Putin has signed the decree ABT rewarding by Pocheta Muslima Magomayev`s order

the Critical situation has developed in the Hungarian city of Vishegrad, " the big water " on Danube the Critical situation threatens to break through protective dams

Actor Leonid Mozgovoj is assured that in Russia it is not necessary to do " the American cinema "

Director Valery Todorovsky considers that in the Russian cinema there should come the Renaissance

In Germany in struggle against flooding are involved 10 tys military men of the Bundeswehr

the Pilot " Ferrari " Brazilian Rubens Barikello intends to win 13 - j a World championship stage on an auto racing in a class " the Formula - 1 " - " Gran - At Hungary "

To Moscow W private visit under the invitation of the president of Russia there has arrived the king of Spain Juan Carlos I

On draw of the Cup of Russia on sports acrobatics in Great Novgorod winners in the first kind of the program

In Kabul the Russian military delegation studying possibility of deliveries of spare parts works and equipment 4 the Afghani army

Four persons were lost and 5 Four persons are wounded as a result of flooding in Vietnam

Water in Danube in city line of Budapest has risen B4 835 centimetres, experts " have transferred " a critical situation since Sunday on Monday

the Safety force of India has stopped penetration attempt on territory of the country from Pakistan Islamic separatists

Three police officers were undermined on a land mine

Prior to the beginning in Berlin " protivopavodkovogo the summit " the chairman of Eurocommission Romano Prodi intends to visit region of act of nature on Elba

the participant diversionno - an act of terrorism

In Achhoj - Martanovsky area the hiding place W the weapon and ammunition

In the Green drawing room of the Big Kremlin palace there passes Vladimir Putin`s conversation with the king of Spain Juan Carlos The First

the Socialist party of Serbia has gone against the offer of the chairman of Slobadan Milosevic and has not supported a nominee of Voislava Sheshelja as the opposition candidate

In the Green drawing room of the Big Kremlin palace there passes Vladimir Putin`s conversation with the king of Spain Juan Carlos The First

the Huge asteroid has flown by on Sunday near to the Earth, having given to astronomers rare possibility attentively to study this space body

In Germany from - for unknown flooding on Elba zoos of cities of Saxony and Saxony - Angalt have seriously suffered - a considerable quantity of animals

Vladimir Putin in Juan Carlos The First the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the king of Spain Juan Carlos The First have made walk on territory of the Kremlin

Paul Borodin considers that the president of Russia " more particularly, more rigidly also it is perspicacious has placed dates and priorities " Union State buildings

Brought by the government of Russia pledge in 5 million Swiss francs for clearing of Paul of Borodino during its finding under guards in Switzerland completely is returned

the German city of Torgau on Elba asks the urgent help - it is threatened with break of the dams protecting a city from flooding

To Zimbabwe there are arrests of the white farmers, doing not wish to leave the economy

In Germany Elba at a city of Dessau threatens to deluge a high-speed automobile line/ avtoban/ Berlin - Munich - in area Wittenberg is evacuated 40 tys the person

In Petersburg the board to Michael Manevichu

On resorts of Belgium it is had a rest easy, short of some activization of thieves - guest performers

Alexey Kudrin considers that 300 - letie Petersburg should be a feast 4 all country

the City council of Prague has made decision tightly to close two disctricts of the city - Karlin and Goleshovitse from - for collapses of apartment houses after catastrophic flooding

- it is quite enough real man

Military physicians of Belgium marched W plastic pugachami on the state parade

In the Hungarian city of Pech for the summer period there was only one " free " the stomatologist

Waters of Elba have broken through a dam at the German city of Torgau

22 persons were lost and 37 have got wounds as a result dorozhno - transport incident in Chuvashiya

the Sunday kaleidoscope

Silt - 76 Ministries of Emergency Measures of Russia W two cars - amphibians has onboard taken off for Germany

on August, 20th to a substitute " men of the sixties " to writer Vasily Aksenovu 70 years

the Plane of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia W two cars - amphibians onboard will arrive to Germany, predictably, in 20. 15 Moscow time