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Competition on impassability

During a road season of 2012 the regional authorities have planned record volume of road building - not less than 300 km of lines. Officials have decided to leave from the former scheme of dot repairs and to perform works on all extent of highways. Large road podrjady for the milliard sums are played in a busy schedule.
since this year in Perm has begun work road fund of the Perm edge. Volume of its financing - 6,898 million rbl. of 15 % from this sum it is directed on repair of municipal highways. Sources of formation of regional road fund are the transport tax and an excise component in gasoline cost. 18 % of regional road fund will go on designing and building of highways in municipalities of the Perm edge, among them 3 % - means for a city of Perm. The next three years Perm will receive from fund on these purposes of 694 million rbl.

In 2012 regional mintrans has planned repair of highways of 300 km. It is necessary to notice that the regional authorities last year declared intention to leave from dot repairs and to perform works on all extent of lines. For 2012 reduction in a standard status several road objects has been planned at once. Among the largest projects have been announced: repair of 60 km on road Kukushtan - Tchaikovsky; 20 km of a line the Wasp - Chernushka; 40 km of road from village Karagaj to border of the Kirov region. Also in a standard status should result highways Kudymkar - Gajny and Solikamsk - Krasnovishersk.

the Big building It is planned this year and building of new objects. Selection of contractors started in the beginning of this year and passes in conditions of a rigid competition. Open competition for choice the contractor for building of an overpass with approaches as a part of II turn of East detour of Perm in the winter has taken place. The site from a top on settlement New Ljady to new road Startseva - the Willow - East detour should become four-strip with a dividing barrier in the middle. The initial price of the contract made almost

1,677 mlrd rbl. In struggle for successively three companies participated: Open Society " Permdorstroj " Open Society " Hunts - Mansijskdorstroj " and Joint-Stock Company " ABZ - Dorstroj ". As a result the contract has got to the nonresident company - Open Society " Hunts - Mansijskdorstroj ". A difference between the winner and Perm " Permdorstroem " taken the second place, has made only 0,36 points. " Permdorstroj " has considered that competition has been spent with infringements, converted into Office of Public Prosecutor and has directed to arbitration court of the Perm edge the claim to regional mintransu and KGBU " Management of highways and transport of the Perm edge ". While there are trials, Open Society " Hunts - Mansijskdorstroj " already left on object. The termination of works is planned for April, 2013.

also in a serious competition has passed competition on reconstruction of the second starting complex of a highway Perm - Ekaterinburg on a site with 13 on 33 km in the Perm edge. Reconstruction of the first site of a federal line Perm - Ekaterinburg (detour of Lobanovo) has begun in the end of 2010. It is expected that reconstruction of this site will be already finished this year. The contractor of the first site had been chose the company " Permdorstroj ". Cost of reconstruction of this site 2,38 mlrd rbl. the Total cost of realisation of the project is estimated at 25-30 mlrd rbl.

the Second starting complex is a site in the extent of 6,8 km from under construction detour of Lobanovo to village Kojanovo. Building assumes expansion proezzhej parts from existing two strips to six with a dividing strip in the middle. This road will be I - And the categories, completely all line will be shined together with a traffic intersection around congress on settlement the South. Two bridges - through the rivers Ryzh and Muljanka will be constructed. For safety of pedestrians in the locations of bus stops of villages near Kasimovo and Kojanovo the project provides the device of elevated pedestrian crossings. The initial price of the contract made 3,8 mlrd rbl.

For this successively at the competition which has taken place in May, four applicants struggled: Open Society " Permdorstroj " Joint-Stock Company " Uralmostostroj " (Chelyabinsk, has branch in Perm), Open Society " Trust Uraltransspetsstroj " (Ekaterinburg) and Joint-Stock Company " the SOU 1 " (Moscow, founders of the company are two Joint-Stock Companies from Tyumen " the OMEGA " and " Delta ") . The winner recognises the Moscow company - Joint-Stock Company " the SOU 1 ". It is necessary to notice that this competition the Ekaterinburg company of Open Company " also has tried to challenge; TSentrstrojmontazh " which has made the complaint en face, having considered that conditions of the competitive documentation limit a circle of potential participants.

It is expected that this year repeated competition on repair of a highway Perm - Ust - Rolling will be held. It is necessary to notice that auction on repair of this object was already spent by summer of last year. Then has been exposed on the auctions with the initial price more than 576 million rbl. KGBU " successively; Management of highways and transport " (" Upravtodor ") The Perm edge recognised as winner KT " Perm DPMK ". However auction results have been challenged. One of participants of auction - Open Company " Sirius - DV " it was converted with the complaint in UFAS. Antimonopoly department following the results of complaint consideration has established that the customer has committed errors at drawing up of the auction documentation and has written out the writ about necessity to cancel the auctions. But " Upravtodor " the writ has refused to execute and has concluded the contract on performance of works with " Perm DPMK ". UFAS it was converted into arbitration court of the Perm edge. In May of this year the judgement in favour of antimonopoly department has entered validity. The regional authorities had to cancel results of auction and to declare new. It is interesting that during judicial lawsuits " Perm DPMK " has started to work on object, and the companies even were listed means for performance of works.

it is necessary to notice that the volume of repair work on regional lines increases every year. Since 2008, extent of repaired regional highways has increased twice: if in 2008 112,4 km of roads in 2011 this indicator has made 250 km have been repaired. Thus the general extent of highways in the Perm edge makes 27,9 thousand in km, including federal lines - 416 km. In 2008 it was noticed that about 80 % of roads to Prikamye is in not standard status. To leave on " normal " road condition level it was planned by 2013.