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the Market of qualitative warehouse real estate of the Perm region for the last years has not undergone essential changes. Almost any large-scale project of that has been announced, is not realised, therefore now logistical objects of a class And occupy less than 10 % from all volume of the market. Local developers do not aspire to increase cardinally this indicator, despite active ward to region federal ritejlerov. Svetlana Bykova understood a situation correspondent BG.
at all " And " Today, according to the estimated company " R - Consulting " on a share of qualitative warehouse real estate of a class And in Perm and adjoining territories it is necessary only 8 % (less than 40 thousand sq.) from all volume of this market. Still an order of 18 % occupy category warehouse In (an order of 80 thousand sq.). The basic share of the market, according to Olga Kozyrevoj from " R - Consulting " " Make objects so-called " Soviet " the period, partially reconstructed, however not having all necessary communications. Besides not a rarity when in the market for use as warehouses basements, garages, industrial constructions (bases, shops and etc. are offered) Which do not meet certain requirements and norms ". These objects make group of warehouse of a class With and D and in aggregate occupy almost three quarters of the market.

" unfortunately, the warehouse fund in region in the basic part is presented not by the modern logistical centres, and the reorientated objects, type of hangars, the former shops and etc. As a matter of fact, these are the premises representing walls, the ceiling, a floor not always is, gate, sometimes a ramp " - the director of consulting agency Research and Decisions tells Regina Davletshina.

Meanwhile in the next Ekaterinburg as general director UK marks Open Company " Megaservice " (operates logistical complex Plus park in Krasnokamsk) Taras Ryzhuk, reaches the market of qualitative warehouse real estate of an order of 1 million in sq. m. To objects of a class And in Perm and adjoining territories concern a warehouse of address storage by capacity of 10,5 thousand pallet in the logistics and trade GIGANT centre, a logistical complex on 3 thousand palleto - places as a part of warehouse object " the Line 7 " the first stage of the logistical centre " the Navigator " (a total area of warehouse and office premises of 9,5 thousand sq.), the automated complex of the company " Henkel " (12,5 thousand in sq. m, storage capacity - to 25 thousand palleto - places). The Total amount of the areas of warehouse of a class In makes about 80 thousand

sq. m. In number of these objects warm warehouses the area of 12 thousand in sq. m and a warehouse - the refrigerator the area of 10 thousand in sq. m in the logistics and trade GIGANT centre, company terminals " enter; Logistik 7 " capacity of 2,5 thousand palleto - places, a warehouse complex of a class In (In-) GK " the Magnate " the area of 3,5 thousand in sq. m (2,1 thousand palleto - places), warehouse in industrial park " PLUS " (16 thousand sq.) and a number of others.

HAS not developed Experts unanimously notice that requirement for qualitative warehouse real estate for Perm above, than the available offer. By different estimations, market capacity of the logistical centres of a class And makes from 100 to 500 thousand in sq. m. to meet available lack the logistical complexes which building has been announced even before crisis could. However the most part of projects and remained at a stage of declarations.

the large warehouse complex concerns such projects on a platform BUT Star (38 km from Perm in a direction of Ekaterinburg), for example. In the rented territory in 50 hectares in 2008 of Open Society " Trust Uraltrasspetsstroj " (Ekaterinburg) was going to construct a complex a total area of 170 thousand in sq. m, including 155 thousand in sq. m warehouse and 15 thousand in sq. m of administrative premises. The volume of investments into the project was estimated in 2,6 mlrd rbl. However for the last years real steps on project realisation it has not been undertaken.

It was supposed that 100 more hectares in the same BUT Star will be occupied with a platform under industrial park where also will take place is industrial - warehouse. Both these platforms are in holding management " the Emperor ". According to the director of holding Alexey Balashova, projects in Star, in particular a logistical complex on a platform of 50 hectares, " it is not necessary to dismiss ". " In the near future the project can be defrozen " - interlocutor BG has informed.

Star could replenish and the third project of qualitative warehouse real estate. In the same 2008 the company " RusPromDevelopment " has chosen here a site (50 hectares) under realisation of the project of a logistical complex of a class of A.Obshchaja ploshchad of object should make an order of 240 thousand in sq. m. However, as the director for development of business of company Damir Ismagilov has declared BG, the project has been postponed from - for crisis and while to realise its company does not intend.

Same maloosvoennym there was also other direction popular in developers of warehouse real estate, - from Krasnokamsk. So, GK " RK. Logistics " planned to construct the logistical centre in Krasnokamsk, on 200 thousand in sq. m warehouse (dry warehouses, warehouses - refrigerators, buildings under placing of manufactures and etc.) And 20 thousand in sq. m of office premises. The company has begun realisation of the agricultural project on potato manufacture - " Potato edge ". However later group of the enterprises " Potato edge " has returned to idea of the project industrially - a logistical complex " Red ". Realisation has begun last year. It is planned that the total area of premises of park will make 201,4 thousand in sq. m (on a site of 47 hectares). The complex is located in 12 km from river port Perm, in 20 km from the airport Big Savino. Prospective cost - $157 million In 2012 the developer intends to construct a logistical complex with warehouses of a class And the area of 41,5 thousand in sq. m and 18,3 thousand in sq. m under eating processing, a container platform (2,5 hectares), objects of a transport infrastructure (two deadlock branch lines and transit parking place for supersize cars).

Till now frozen there is one more logistical project - from the airport Big Savino (d. Kichanovo). Capital investitsionno - the building company " the Arsenal " on a site the area of 30 hectares planned to construct multimodal trading - the logistical centre of a class In the area of 140 thousand in sq. m. Prospective volume of investments into object was estimated in 40 million rbl. " Now there is a site and the developed concept which is adhered to the airport Big Savino, but the airport does not develop yet, therefore the project waits for the best times, and also an exit from new crisis. We also think of attraction possibility soinvestora " - have explained BG in the company.

the first stage of a warehouse complex " became one of few logistical projects declared still before crisis and partially finished; the Navigator " (Industrial, 107). The developer of the project - the company " Ayr - City " Planned to place it in operation in second half of 2009, however originally declared terms have moved. The first stage (9,5 thousand sq.) has been handed over in the end of 2010. Now, according to the general director " Ayr - City " Dmitry Sherstobitova, on 30 % the second turn is constructed. Its area will make an order of 6 thousand in sq. m. to Finish building is planned next year and two are already chosen soinvestora for realisation of this stage. The third and fourth turn " the Navigator " (25 thousand sq.) will be finished in 2014. " now we will have a new federal tenant who should come completely on this object in the summer. A circle of clients by which we are guided in other turns, are distributors, ritejlery, transport logistics, logistical operators - both local, and federal. Already there are offers from them " - mister Sherstobitov adds.

Earlier the company " Ayr - City " Was going to construct for 9 hectares of Two-Rechensky settlement a retail - park. Open Company with the same name " has been for this purpose created; the Retail - park ". The concept has been developed, but in October of last year of Open Company has submitted the claim about self-bankruptcy. In November, 2011 the company has been recognised by the bankrupt, now the ground area in the Two-Rechensky settlement, burdened with Savings Bank pledge, is exposed on the auctions.

the WAREHOUSE KEEP TO THE POINT " While the logistical centres are under construction directly under needs of the concrete company for its money. They are not leased, and used by the company. It both industrial, and the retail organisations " - marks Regina Davletshina. So the manufacturer of household chemical goods concern " has arrived; Henkel ". Earlier the company rented the areas in the first stage " the Navigator ". And in May of this year it has finished building in territory of factory of own complex of a class And with the automated system of warehousing and finished goods shipment. Building has begun in July of last year, the volume of investments into the project has made 567 million rbl.

On own objects dare and ritejlery as the companies of this sphere actively come into the Perm region. For example, Petersburg " the Tape " has already got a site under a hypermarket and is going to buy two more, 5 intend to open in Prikamye more than 30 shops " Pjaterochka " the Krasnodar Joint-Stock Company " Tander " developing a network " the Magnet " has got two sites in Zakamske under the hypermarkets, to come into Prikamye intend international ritejler " Ashan ". However an essential gain of qualitative warehouse real estate in edge for the last years and has not occurred. And if " Pjaterochka " Rents the areas under the distribution centre in Krasnokamsk " Plus park " other players intend to construct own objects.

so, Joint-Stock Company " Tander " already chooses a platform under a distribution centre which will work not only on the Perm region, but also on slightly next. According to source BG in the regional government, Krasnodar ritejler considers sites on the Nestjukovsky path, but he is confused with the sizes sanitary - a protective zone and the requirement SanPiN. Earlier the company planned to choose a platform under raspredtsentr in Krasnokamsk area, but these intentions have not been realised. This logistical complex " Tander " plans to use and for the shops in Kirov, Udmurtiya and Republic Komi.

actively expanding the network local ritejlery also have gone by the way of building of own logistical objects. A group of companies " NormaN - Vivat " Has got a site in Zaostrovke. In this territory she intends to construct till the end of 2013 a warehouse complex for own needs the area of an order of 20 thousand in sq. m. Also on this site own eating manufacture and all office premises of the company (including that are now located on highway of Cosmonauts) will take place. " To 80 % of the goods from new raspredtsentra will arrive on network supply. A separate warehouse we plan to construct for one more direction of our business - distributions of alcoholic production. Its area will make an order of 10 thousand in sq. m " - owner GK " declares; NormaN - Vivat " Vadim Jusupov. " Now it is the all-Russian tendency - the majority of the centres are under construction under the international manufacturers or trading networks. The warehouse areas which already are available, even a class And, do not approach, because at us specific requirements, and premises should be adapted for these requirements strongly. These are various temperature modes, individual storage for separate categories of the goods and other. Is more economic to construct " - he adds. Originally ritejler planned to place the raspredtsentr in territory of the former factory " Velta " but later has sold this platform. " on transport availability and set of other factors the new site approaches us more " - mister Jusupov has explained.

the network reflects On necessity of similar object " also; the Family ". Now the company rents the warehouse areas (an order of 2,5 thousand sq.) in the street Heroes of Hasana. " We conducted search of better objects and bolshej the areas to change approaches to storage and to increase a turn of deliveries. Also there was an idea of creation of the distribution centre " - the general director of Open Company UK " makes comments; eks " Elena Zhdanova. " But a recoupment at such projects very serious, therefore we will think of it only together with serious expansion of a network. While the decision is not accepted " - interlocutor BG adds.

" Local developers are not ready to build warehouse real estate to lease to its federal players, because profitableness of such objects more low, than at office or trading real estate. The paradox as a result turns out: warehouses are necessary, but to build them wants nobody. Therefore some ritejlery build objects. Federal retail networks have money for development, it gives the chance to them to extend, build own distribution centres " - marks Taras Ryzhuk.

Olga Kozyreva says that the level of development of warehouse real estate does not hold out to indicators of trading objects. " It is considered that for normal development of trade in region on one square metre of floor spaces one square metre of the warehouse should have. The given factor is equal in Perm 0,3. Ritejlery - both local, and federal test a severe shortage in the qualitative warehouse areas. Acknowledgement to it is absence of vacant premises in rent in the logistical centres of Perm " - she confirms.

among the reasons on which developers do not aspire in a segment of warehouse real estate, experts name complexities with a choice of the ground area meeting modern requirements. " high cost of the earth and connection of communications essentially extend times of recovery of outlay of logistical projects " - concludes Taras Ryzhuk.