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" They easy said at breakfast that movement " Ours " it is closed "

At a forum " Seliger - 2012 " large scandal has inflamed. From camp of participants the journalist " has been expelled; the Moscow news " Alina Garbuznjak. Organizers of a forum assert that the correspondent has written a material containing lie about activity of movement " Ours ". Alina Garbuznjak and the head a press - scout camp services " Seliger " Anna Birjukova have told about the conflict in interview of leader Xenia Turkovoj.
To. T: Tell, whenever possible, short, what has happened? When?

And. G: All has occurred at breakfast and after it. At breakfast I talked to girls who were presented as members orggrupp. One of them - Maria Abdullaev me there accompanied also all showed. It a press - the secretary, but all of them name themselves members orggruppy. And other girl - Belief, I it saw only at breakfast. Here they easy sat and said that movement " Ours " it is closed, and to my surprised questions responded in Vasily Jakemenko`s style. When I interviewed it, he has approximately in the same way responded me: " Want, I to you will open the big secret? - Here so, ironically, - movement " Ours " it is closed ".

to. T: They spoke about it as about something already known and come true, without doing from this secret, yes?

And. G: In that is continually. And I have thought, if active workers easy at breakfast speak about it …

To. T: Also what after that has occurred?

And. G: I after that have called in edition and have asked, really it so is already known, what about it speak so simply? Have told that no news existing. Therefore we have put this news.

To. T: After that as all developed?

And. G:Γδε - that to o`clock in the afternoon to me have come Anna Birjukova together with Maria Abdullaevoj and, removing on iPhone, began to say that I have passed a lie that I am all have denied, and they will expose me.

To. T: you have refused to deny?

And. G: I have called in edition and have told that here object to that we have written. And, as far as I understand, edition has put their comments that a press - secretaries do not agree.

to. T: And that means " you have expelled "? It as - that occurred in the violent image?

And. G: Birjukova Abdullaevoj has told to spend me to the bus and that I sat there until it will not depart. It was the second part of day, and the bus with us should depart in four. They there should lock me.

To. T:: I Give thanks to you. Alina, remain, please, on a line, the head will now be connected to us a press - scout camp services " Seliger " Anna Birjukova which just was one their participants of this all conflict. Anna, and your version what? What occurred?

And. B.: you very correctly do, thanks you big that ask opinion of two parties. I will tell, how it looked from our party. Means, there has arrived the press with journalists. There is Alina who just said, and the first that she asks: " At you that here, " the House - 2 "? The spirit of the person was clear. Naturally, we spend a press - tour, we tell about actions " Seliger ". Alina asks exclusively about, a leah people in sex in tent where condoms and other are on sale are engaged. Also writes corresponding article which at all in change subjects, does not correspond to anything. Takes the citation which has been pulled out from air, she where - that has heard it behind a table at breakfast, puts its direct speech from the employee a press - Maria Abdullaevoj`s services. Masha of it did not speak. That it to confirm, we removed really on video because at Alina diktofonnyh the records, no acknowledgement of the citation are present. We, at least, have an acknowledgement that it was told not by Masha, and Masha only nodded on conversation of any girl.

To. T: Alina, a leah truth, what now Anna speaks?

And. G: No, a lie. Masha actively participated in conversation …

And. B.: Kivaniem heads, you confirm it on video. Give I will tell that was further. We have approached to Alina, have asked an official refutation because it was a lie, citations such was not neither from representatives a press - services, nor from someone from representatives of organizers of a forum as she confirms in heading of article. She has told that the refutation will not be. Has called in edition. Accordingly, by rules of a forum we have asked, time is not present an official refutation, you have finished a material, we will ask you to wait in the bus of the colleagues. On what Alina has told: " I should sit in the bus? " we have told: " No, you can walk, eat, of course, Nilov`s perfect monastery of wilderness, you can take a walk on it, for example ". But Alina has preferred to take a taxi and to leave.

To. T: Alina, your version?

And. G: To me did not suggest to walk anywhere, to me have told that from me take away a badge and I cannot go on territory …

To. T: Wait, a leah in the bus that have closed you, Alina?

And. G: Me wanted to close in the bus, but I have preferred to leave camp territory simply. I cannot sit two and a half an hour in " avtozake ".

And. B.: Alina, you want to tell, what we did not suggest you to walk on wilderness Nilovoj?

And. G: I do not know, where you to me suggested to go where - that for territory, to church, otmolit sins.

And. B.: Correctly, correctly … On territory of camp without a badge you could not go. As, naturally, we spent you for territory by the rights of a forum you could not come. I to you have suggested to descend to take a walk in Nilov of wilderness while you expect the colleagues.

To. T:: Anna, Alina, what now what will be the further your actions? Movement " Ours " waits for a certain refutation from the edition " the Moscow news ". That in turn are going to do " the Moscow news "?

And. B.: That " the Moscow news " will do in this case, I do not know. I saw that they have given, thank God, at least, that we did not speak it, our version have put. It is very good. Certainly, it has ugly turned out with movement " Ours " which to the given change have no relation why - that they have appeared are got mixed up in it, I before them very strongly apologise.

it is natural, we a press - service did not give any similar comments. If Alina where - that it has heard from outside, and it went behind it why - that on change innovatorov, I do not understand, it, of course, its problems. I consider that to the editor-in-chief of the newspaper " the Moscow news " it is necessary to arrive on our change " Information journalism " and to find to itself the new journalists more competent and more truthful.

To. T: And, here so even. But you do not know, movement " Ours " does not gather in a judicial order as - that it to solve?

And. B.: Probably, it is better to ask at a press - the secretary of movement " Ours " Anastasii Fedorenchik, it will more competently answer this question. Alina tells the non-credible facts which cannot be checked up. I speak too unchecked because video records are not present, but, nevertheless, Maria Abdullaev when saw off Alina, have said goodbye to it. And Alina to it has told: " Well everything, I have executed the task ".

to. T: Anna, I give thanks to you. On direct communication with studio " FM " there was a head a press - scout camp services " Seliger " Anna Birjukova. Alinas, you that be going to do? And the edition, in particular?

And. G: In - the first, that she has told in the end - it`s not true, I did not tell such Maria Abdullaevoj. I have simply said goodbye to it and have told: " I Hope that it is not necessary to me to go here " any more;. And what to do? There was my version as I have heard, and I have heard that I have heard. There was their refutation after they obviously were frightened of these rash words of the a press - the secretary. And what to do? How to deny?