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The trainer of the higher natsenochnoj categories

Russian national team on football in that, as to sports results, stars from the sky, frankly speaking, does not suffice and can brag unless of stable reputation serednjaka. However which in what our national team strongly advances all competitors: speech about salaries of its head coaches. The next, tenth trainer under the bill in the history of &mdash command; well-known Fabio Kapello — in Russia will receive so much, how much to trainers even the best national teams of the world and did not dream.

the lucky Dutch
In the middle of 1990 - h when the trainer of Russian national team had been appointed Boris Ignatyev, the trainer`s rate in the Russian football union (RFS) provided the icon setting already in $500 a month plus bonus (on all command, including not only players and trainers, but also masseurs, managers, a press - secretaries and other it was allocated no more than $1 million). And here Ignatyev`s national team became Russia first in contemporary history a national team, not managed to get on the World championship (1998, France). After Ignatyev from a national team the Russian trainers have had time to work some more: Anatoly Byshovets, Oleg Romantsev (twice), Valery Gazzayev, George Jartsev, Yury Semin. More decent sums registered in their contracts, but all the same not amazing imagination already. We will tell, Jartsev, for ears involved a national team on the European championship - 2004, received about $25 thousand a month. Valery Gazzayev earned in a national team and it is less than that that, however, was not for it a problem as he took the basic income from work in CSKA. The same it is possible to tell about Oleg Romantseve who on a world championship of 2002 has gone, combining three posts: it was not only the head coach of a national team, but also the trainer " Spartaka " and at the same time and the president of this club.

At last after Russian national team has not got on the World championship of 2006, suitable Russian trainers as have counted in RFS, have come to an end. Also there has come the Dutch era. Russian national team was headed by Guus Hiddink.

the fact of the consent of the eminent trainer to work with a Russian team in 2006 - the m was regarded as something adjoining on miracle. Actually, and Hiddink was taken aback that its purpose became suddenly a subject number one in Russia. It is remembered, the Dutch, being on the first a press - conference in the status of the trainer of Russian national team on which it was simple not to force the way, has fairly declared that such attention to the person did not see never. Even at the time of work in South Korea where it after has deduced a national team of this country in a World championship semi-final - 2002, has been showered by money and honours in other-wordly scale (to mister Hiddink even for a taxi in Korea since then it is not necessary to pay).

to Hiddink RFS, to be exact, the National academy of football under control to Roman Abramovich, paid very generously. Under the data published by fund in 2007, since the summer 2006 - go till December 2007 - go (all expenditure were considered, including payment of work of assistants to the Dutch, its residing, flights and even telephone negotiations) Hiddink has managed in 212 867 900 rbl. $8,68 million at a course of that time.

with Guus Hiddink so left it is connected most while nice page in Russian national team contemporary history. It is a question of a gain the command of bronze of the European championship - 2008. And from this success in RFS there was some dizziness and obvious revaluation of abilities of certainly high quality trainer, though, of course, and not the wizard. It is not surprising that during a selection cycle of a world championship - Hiddink`s 2010 salary made already 6 million, and taking into account charges of its staff, and also payment of other services, left time in three more. But if to look soberly it will be found out that for all time of abiding Hiddink by and large has won against a wheel of a national team that is called, one and a half standing match. About it spoke eks - president RFS Vyacheslav Koloskov who, despite ambiguity of its figure, remains the most authoritative football functionary in the history of Russia. And so, mister Koloskov has declared that Hiddink`s success for Euro - 2008 has not done without an element of chance. And on a broader scale the Dutch, as a matter of fact, has ruined two selection campaigns. One to the World championship - 2010 officially, another to Euro - 2008 de - fakto. After all on the European superiority of Russians Croats who what for - that in nothing a match meaning for them took have involved and have beaten Englishmen in the field of Englishmen. Though could after all arrange a sad drawn game and by that " to unhook " Russia from a train. And more: for that time that over a national team Hiddink supervised, it has spent only two good matches against England in Moscow in selection to Euro - 2008 and already in the championship where in a quarterfinal has beaten Dutches. All.

the impracticable contract
Even despite a failure " the lucky Dutch " in selection to the World championship - 2010, in RFS beliefs in the Dutch trainers have not lost. Instead of Hiddink, gone to train the Turk (by the way, all for $3,5 million a year), Russian national team has headed Dik the Lawyer, the old acquaintance of president RFS of Sergey Fursenko on teamwork in " Zenith ". The lawyer, by the way, have actually stolen at modular Belgium which trainer it was (for such unsportsmanlike behaviour even it was necessary to pay indemnification in 1 million). Well and in RFS to it have appointed the salary from which, clearly, it was impossible to refuse 7 million a year.

also that Russia has received for the sum equal to the two-year icon setting of the head coach of Italian national team of Chezare Prandelli and four and a half to annual icon settings of Visente del Boske, the trainer of double champions of Europe and world champions Spanish national team? On the one hand, for the first time for many years our command without nerves has passed selection and was qualified on large tournament Euro - 2012 from the first place in group. On the other hand, already in the championship happens to fiasco: The lost match against Greeks in which Russians accepted even a drawn game (by the way, Jartsev in 2004 - m has beaten those Greeks who have become as a result by champions of Europe, let this match already did not give anything to its command), suddenly has transformed the Lawyer into the most unloved to Russia the trainer.

however, it has taught management RFS to nothing. It has appeared that else on a course of the European superiority Sergey Fursenko has had time to sign the four-year contract with the trainer " Manchester of City " Roberto Manchini (the Lawyer to the European championship declared that will leave the team). And any absolutely enslaving for RFS: except the salary in 7,3 million a year, in the contract made a reservation that in case RFS will decide not to employ the trainer, that needs indemnification in three annual salaries. And if it will dismiss after the introduction into a post will pay the half-received salary.

however, Roberto Manchini has preferred to remain in Manchester. And we can guess only, on what conditions it was possible to agree with it about contract cancellation.

last business of Kapello
From the moment of leaving from modular Dika of the Lawyer and the resignation which have followed soon of Sergey Fursenko has passed very few time, and history repeats itself. Now Fabio Kapello goes to Russia on earnings. The Italian, certainly, the guru of trainer`s shop, the trainer who almost always led the commands to titles. And among them such clubs, as " Milan " " Juventus " " Rum " " Real ". However, its unique experience in a national team has appeared not such successful. He trained English national team, but has left it with scandal, having been indignant with intervention of a management of Association of football of England in command affairs. It was a question of John Terri`s deprivation of a captain`s bandage.

Fabio Kapello, just accepting English national team, asserted that it will be its last contract after which expiration he will retire. But offer RFS, the organisations which debts, by the way, exceed 800 million rbl., has encouraged the Italian. In RFS hesitate to name the sum which Kapello will pay, being limited to type formulations " essentially it is less, than to the Lawyer ". Hearings have filtered Into the press about 5 million under the two-year contract. It all the same more than at any of trainers of the national teams entering into the list of grandees of world football.

national teams after all absolutely not that place where follow money. The big contracts they in clubs. Especially in any Near-Eastern or Chinese. Here it is possible to remember the well-known Marcello Lippi, the trainer of Italian national team, in 2006 - m won the World championship which on earnings has gone to China where to it for two and a half a year will pay 30 million National team It is a way to earn reputation which then can be sold to rich club.

however, Fabio Kapello does not need image improvement. And if to believe the British mass-media in Russia it will receive at all 5 million a year, and £ 7,8 million (almost 10 million). For the inquiry: Englishmen paid in Kapello £ 6 million a year also considered this sum excessive. Thus there are no guarantees that Russian national team under the direction of Kapello is not waited by the next failure: with its ward better players in a national team will not appear they simply are not present in the country. But it will be possible to be proud of that on the size of the salary of the trainer of a national team the Russian football ahead of a planet of all. And if and at Fabio Kapello it will not turn out, it is possible to invite, say, Pepa Gvardolu, millions for twenty, or Jose Mourinho. Will enough make its the proposal which he cannot simply refuse.

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