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the Head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu has declared that the help to Afghanistan has ceased to have extreme character

the auctions by actions " Renew; YUKOS " on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange

the auctions by actions " Renew; YUKOS " on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange

the auctions by actions " Renew; YUKOS " on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange

Rupture between Yushchenko and Yanukovych makes hardly more than 10 %

Gennady Seleznev will take part in meeting of representatives of a legislature of the power of Privolzhsky federal district

In Petersburg the Baltic conference of cargo owners

At an exhibition in the Hermitage two masterpieces of well-known Italian artist Lorentso Lotto

Anatoly Chubays who has Arrived to Khabarovsk has declared that power supply systems of Russia and China is planned to reform by an identical technique

the Israeli tanks have entered in Tulkarm

US president George Bush has private means at the rate from 9 B4 19 million dollars

Sea ferry " Sakhalin - 6 " it is sold to the government of Moscow - it will ply on a line " Russia - Crimea "

the Smoker has urged the plane to make a crash landing

the Early Russian opera " Americans " later 200 years the Presentation of a disk of an early Russian comic opera " is returned the investigator

Azerbaijan expects to sign W Russia the agreement across Caspian sea, similar Russian - Kazakhstan

Relatives of victims onboard the Russian plane They are 154, brought down by the Ukrainian rocket, Relatives of victims onboard the Russian plane They ask Vladimir Putin to discuss a problem of payment of indemnifications at a MTG with Leonid Kuchma in Sochi

Rechniki of Yenisei have begun " northern delivery " the goods in settlements Evenkii

China greets Russian - the American arrangement on radical reduction of strategic nuclear arms

On Kamchatka the hungry bears who have woken up after hibernation - males attack females even sleeping in dens

the Nearest tests of system NPRO of sea basing are planned by the Pentagon for June of this year, land - on the end of July

Lora Bush considers that a number of the Texas businessmen could give financial support of restoration of statues of the Buddha who have been blown up by Talibs

China and Taiwan Two state companies from China and Taiwan enter into the agreement on joint working out of oil deposits in the Taiwan gulf

Security of carrying out of presidential election in Colombia will provide 60 tys military men and 100 tys policemen

the Former mayor of New York Rudolf Dzhuliani intends to return to a policy

Private means of the vice-president of the USA Richard Chejni the Vice-president of the USA Richard Chejni and his wife makes from 23 B4 70 million dollars

Mayors almost 80 cities of Siberia and the Far East discuss in Krasnoyarsk problems of financial security of local governments

Richard Chejni has called critics of the White house " to be more careful " W charges that was known to the president ABT preparing blows of suicide bombers across New York and Washington

Muslim radical movement HAMAS has declared the termination of acts of terrorism against Israel

On " Pokrovsk mine " in the Amur region building zolotoizvlekajushchej factories

the Past over Khabarovsk territory rains have helped to bring down quantity of forest fires B4 55, however by this time by fire is captured nearby 32 tys wood hectares

the Ministry of Trade of the USA has declared that seven countries, including Russia, deliver building steel beams on the American market at the dumping prices

the Russian metallurgy and world market calls

Yasser Arafat has made the decision that elections of head PNA will take place during the nearest 4 - 6 MTH

In Vladivostok the exhibition CTR of the best goods of the Chinese province Heilongjiang

Coming of musicals to Russia

In Great Britain seriously discuss the bill on the rights of pets

Michael Kasyanov has directed to the State Duma 31 bill 4 acceptance till the end of spring session of 2002

US State Secretary Kolin Powell will publish in Washington the new report of State department on global terrorism

George Bush will visit St.-Petersburg, that " to take pleasure in beauty of Russia "

In the Lebanese capital opens 38 - j the world congress of the International association on advertising

In Washington expect that the Moscow summit of presidents of Russia and the USA will CFM with leaving " cold war " in the past

the Israeli tanks in the second time within days have made spot-check in the Palestinian city of Tulkarm

the Favourite of the presidential pre-election company in Colombia on all polls is independent candidate Alvaro Uribe

In Ekaterinburg the first stage of a World Cup on rock-climbing

campaign for elections of the governor of Krasnoyarsk region

George Bush has published " the Initiative for new Cuba " developed by its administration

" Movement of the Lebanese nationalists " has incurred responsibility for murder of the field commander " the Popular front of clearing of Palestin - the General command " Jihad of Dzhibrilja

In Krasnoyarsk the murderer of the local doctor - the gynecologist is detained and its three-year son

Pakistan has placed on border W India ballistic missiles " SHahin " W radius of action B4 750 km

the Son of the king of Cambodia has based new political party