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The Crimean war of millionaires

On country screens leave " Soldiers of good luck " — the American insurgent who has been removed in Crimea by Russian director Maxim Korostyshevsky.

According to an official filmography, it is the third film Korostyshevsky, its two previous works, " Game in a modernist style " 2003 and " the Silly woman " 2005 - go, in any way did not suggest that it undertakes film manufacture in a genre action. From the Russian film industry in the project also have taken part the operator Maria Soloveva (" the Man`s season " " Luster ") Both artists Nikolay Ryabtsev and Natalia Sokolova. Well and shootings have passed in the former Russian territory in Crimea, near Sevastopol and in area Balaklavy. All the rest in statement quite to itself American, in particular group of producers.

the actor`s structure has turned out not such homogeneous: on a heap of Americans there at least two Englishmen and one Irish. But as a whole all were very much impressed with selection of participants, in particular for a film about blase millionaires who have decided to participate in military operation as tourists, but have turned to targets (an original plot, isn`t that so?). Among " the Soldier of good luck " the habitue action - statements Sean Bin; the same fan of insurgents Christian Slejter, which for last year pochtil the presence at once four projects in this genre; Dominik Monahen (a serial " to Survive " the trilogy " Lord Kolets ") Ving Rheims (" Pulp fiction " " the Dawn of dead persons "), James Kromvell (" Green mile " " the Actor ") . Considering that the budget " the Soldier of good luck " all $8 million, experts in a casting have done quite good work. However the first spectators of a film (while he has had time to start only in Kuwait that has not prevented it to flow away on piracy torrent - trekery) unanimously notice that between actors " there is no chemistry " and the ensemble does not develop of the invited stars. Caustic foreign kinoblogery assume that the matter is that the absurd scenario, also ask a question, really any of actors has not understood that acts in film in " very much - very nasty film ". To rolling destiny of such picture in the USA you will not envy (therefore it and leaves in the limited hire). However if to consider statement as intended first of all for the Russian market it becomes clear that it can quite make certain cash success on district and to hold on to full self-support at the expense of sales on DVD and in systems Video - on - Demand (VOD).

However, to the most recognised actors among " the Soldier of good luck " to Sean Bin and Christian Slejteru not to get used to participate and in failure statements, and that expenses on own manufacture hardly pay back. Especially Slejter who in second half 90 - h practically only in such films and acted in film has succeeded in it. (In comparison with the enclosed means) one film with Christian Slejterom and #150 has achieved considerable profits actually only; in it, by the way, it has executed one of roles of the second plan, though also considerable: " Robin the Buzzing, the prince of thieves ". In $48 million statement in cost has collected in the world of $390,4 million And it without considering profit on underground sessions in early Russian video salons. The factor of cash success (KKU) 8,13 has allowed " to the Prince of thieves " to enter into the five of the most profitable projects with Christian Slejtera`s participation and, separately, Sean Bin and to get in it on the second place.

but other four places are undividedly occupied by projects in which Bin was noted. This native of the industrial centre of southern Jorkshira Sheffield on a broader scale there was as a whole more successfully and more successfully Slejtera to whom for the reason early and brightly begun career first foretold very star future. And all it is fine clear that the main superiority of the Englishman consists that have called him to act in film in " the Lord of rings " and anybody never at all did not consider a nominee of Slejtera. From - for it in Sean Bin`s filmography (and at the same time and in a top - 5) there is a unique and unsurpassed leader on profit " a ring Brotherhood " The first film of the trilogy which removed for $93 million and have earned $871,5 million (KKU 9,3). The third film where Boromir (Sean Bin) appears in memoirs of heroes, with a view of preservation of relative honesty of competition is better not to include in a rating.

two more positions in it are occupied by statements where Sean Bin has acted in highly specialised though also important role of the main villain in action - films. Long enough Bin received exclusively similar roles, acted in film with obvious pleasure and quite often got to projects on - to the present profitable. We will tell, on the third place the top - 5 has settled down " the Gold eye " 17 - I a Bondiana part, there Sean Bin has played Alec Treveljana, the former friend and James Bond`s partner who has decided to be engaged in criminal business in planetary scales. As well as it is necessary to the main villain, Treveljan - Bin finishes the life intricately enough: on it the multiton satellite plate falls. Statement has managed in $58 million (the impressive sum for 1995), in world hire has collected $352,2 million, having shown KKU 6,07.

the Fifth place of a rating is kept by the insurgent " Games of patriots " where (Sean Bin) confronts with malicious Irish terrorist Sean Miller good guy Jack Rajan (Harrison Ford). Miller - Bin has time to do a lot of bad, but as a result unreasonably enters fight with Rajanom - Ford on a burning high-speed boat which rushes on the sea, fight loses and perishes at explosion. The budget of the film which has been removed under the novel of Toma Klensi, has kept within $40 million, and hire has brought $178 million (KKU 4,45).

And only on the fourth place in a rating Sean Bin is presented more or less positive character, Markusom Richem, the main pilot of the passenger plane, in konspirologicheskom a thriller " flight Illusion ". It is necessary to notice that first it, probably, on a habit strives to confront with the main heroine performed by Dzhodi Foster, and only in the end it becomes clear that it good. Manufacture of a film has demanded $50 million, spectators have estimated it highly enough, having brought in $223,3 million cash desks that has allowed " flight Illusions " to show KKU 4,46 and thus to bypass " Games of patriots ".