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The Korean with European prishchurom

on July, 1st in Russia started Kia Cee sales ` d new generation. From South Korea in model remained only shildik: the novelty is thought up by the European designer, gathers in Europe and is on sale in Europe. Cost now too quite European — from 600 thousand rbl. to 1 million rbl.

appeal Laws
Never would think that it is possible to draw female attention by means of the Korean car. Nevertheless two girls have approached to new Kia Cee ` d and, with comfort having taken place on spacious enough back seat, have asked to take them to the underground, as has been executed. In a case with Cee ` d last generation such scenario hardly would be realised: the model, in my opinion, was boring, faceless, with muffled target audience (interest versatile person Cee ` d SW represented only). I never would buy such car, and girls in it never would sit down.

the New command of the European designers of Kia has cardinally altered external appearance of model. All modern Kias are beautiful enough, but are similar against each other, reminding cheerful " transformers ": angular forms, headlights as eyes at a pangolin, dynamical lines of a body. New Kia Cee ` d another it is similar more to a drop. Headlights as if are blinked such impression that Cee ` d smiles to you. Fast and aggressive avtomobilchik, drawing attention. Besides it is as much as possible Europeanized, even gathers in Slovakia. From South Korea here only shildik.

with Access to salon without a key already you will surprise nobody this option is on many budgetary foreign cars. But the effect all the same pleases: you come nearer to the car lunar illumination in the handle of a door and under mirrors lights up. You press the button of a door mirrors are automatically displayed. A smell in salon pleasant Certainly, not Mercedes, but already and not VAZ - 2106. Quality of furnish at height anyway, if to judge on the most expensive complete set Premium which has got to us on the test. At doors an insert from the beige skin, stitched by white threads in the manner of jeans. Plastic very soft to the touch though the invoice is rude reminds an armour of a turtle, but it is faster already than a cavil. Metal inserts on pedals hint at sports character of the car that in general - that has under itself the bases.

by quantity of every possible buttons on the panel and Kia Cee wheel ` d can compete to a cabin " the Boeing ". I would not tell that it is very healthy: search of the necessary elements of management is complicated. Happens, it is necessary to find urgently any important button, and you guess, where it, you stumble about loudness of a radio tape recorder or illumination priborki.

Landing in Cee ` d sports, rigid, but convenient. Armchairs with good lateral support. On contrast with a large quantity of any options (there is even a heating of a wheel) it seemed to me strange that in the car in cost almost one million roubles adjustment of seats mechanical, button click, the electric drive, changes only level lumbar podpora. Despite small dimensions Cee ` d, on the second number of a place more than it is enough to knees it is free, three persons of medium height there can quite take place, and it will not be too close.

navigation system, it is traditional for Kia, high quality: the detailed maps, the big monitor, convenient management. However, the screen not always from the first reacts to pressing of buttons. Probably, it is feature of the test car.

a luggage compartment in Cee ` d small, but anybody also does not wait from hetchbeka for spaces, as in full-size jeeps. But the luggage carrier is competently equipped: There are hooks for bags (conveniently if you go with products from shop, nothing is scattered), the socket - prikurivatel to which it is possible to connect the vacuum cleaner. Under a trunk floor a compartment for tools and any trifle, and already under it zapaska - dokatka. I do not know, this decision is how much successful: taking into account the Russian road conditions it would be better to put high-grade zapasku, let and having refused branch for small things.

but the strongest impression has made the hatch. My friends, having got to Kia Cee salon ` d, observed of its work, having opened a mouth. A show bewitching. At first, as a curtain, ceiling parts are moved apart, then the part of a panoramic roof almost silently drives off. Thus in a forward part of a roof rises special setochka protection against small stones and garbage flying from street.

active hetch
Kia Cee ` d without a key Is got, the motor hums silently enough. First can seem that the car is insufficiently quick for 130 - strong hetchbeka such impression develops, yet will not translate AKPP in a manual mode. Amusing feature: when you move the selector to the right, external appearance of a speedometer and #150 changes; figures bend in the manner of a font italic.

On a broader scale, on Cee ` d it is possible to go very quickly, especially if to use gear change petals under a wheel, but thus it is necessary to hold turns above 4 - 5 thousand does not call Management of questions. The effort to a wheel is regulated by the button modes " are accessible; Norms " " Comfort " " Sports ". The suspension bracket as a whole is balanced for comfortable and dynamical movement on a city obstacles in the form of lying policemen and holes are overcome softly, but lists in turns are minimum. Unique not too pleasant nuance The back suspension bracket mjagkovata so the car periodically starts to be shaken on wavy roughnesses of road (similar illness was at Hyundai Solaris). It is possible to engage in hooliganism, having disconnected stabilisation system, but this function works only on speeds to 60 km / ch.

the General concentration of a suspension bracket provokes the driver to fast driving, from - for what fuel consumption grows: at me 13 l have turned out on one hundred almost at averages of 6,8 l under the passport a difference decent. Noise from wheels can tyre. It is swept up on speeds from 80 km / ch, and on 130 km / ch turns to a persuasive rumble. Perhaps, the matter is that rubber on ours Cee ` d was not so qualitative, moreover and nizkoprofilnaja (225 / 45 R17) besides.

the Engine tjagovityj (130 " horses " for volume of 1,6 l it is a lot of even for the modern motor), but it needs to be twisted constantly almost to otsechki. It is better to do it in manual mode AKPP, in automatic the box is switched more slowly, than it would be desirable, especially in a mode kick - down (for example when it is necessary to overtake urgently someone on a line). At the two-litre motor draught is distributed more uniform, but with it Cee ` d to Russia why - that do not deliver.

the separate description the superoption and #150 is worthy; an automatic parking without participation of the driver. Still more recently, it is remembered, I watched on the Internet commercials with dorogushchim Lexus, able independently to find an empty seat. And here unprecedented business the option is accessible in the Korean car which the average driver can buy. To tell the truth, to test it in actual practice Moscow was strashnovato (though we Kia Cee ` d and has been insured on kasko).

the system as follows Works. You approach on a number of cars where want to leave Cee ` d, and press the special button at selector AKPP. On a speedometer board the indicator and #150 lights up; the device scanning parking spaces, is activated. After you have driven a suitable empty place, automatics orders: to include a reverse gear. If to you it is not terrible, obey release a wheel and pedals. Further the computer independently turns a wheel, and Cee ` d is entered by a backing in an aperture between cars, and does it on unexpected a great speed and, to put it mildly, not too precisely. During my attempts to trust in automatics, Cee ` d jumped on a border, and tried to stop for pair centimetres to a bumper standing behind the car. I all it observed in a rear-view camera. I admit, washing nervous system did not maintain, and I pressed on a brake, interrupting automatics work.

on whom this car is calculated? Cee ` d it hetchbek a golf - a class, occupying in modelling hierarchy of Kia a step between budgetary Rio and a sedan business - class Optima. Target audience Rio to me is clear they are young men, students or the recent students who have earned on the first foreign car. Optima the car for those who goes with the driver, or at whom the big family. On idea Cee ` d in present execution should be claimed managers of an average link. They not bad earn, conduct an active way of life (as an option for Kia Cee ` d fastenings for a bicycle are provided), but yet have not got a family, children and a lot of time spend on trips on a city.

an individual question who from these people will really want Kia Cee ` d to get. In that complete set that was at us on the test, the car costs to 960 thousand rbl. (for comparison: topovaja the complete set of model of the previous generation was cheaper on 200 thousand rbl.). With such sum it is possible to get, say, VW Golf R - Line (895 thousand rbl.) or even Audi A3 Sportback (926 thousand rbl.) And not in the poorest complete set. And practically for the same money models of other class and #150 are offered; for example, Toyota RAV4 or Nissan Teana. If to speak about variants is easier, for 600 thousand rbl. you can buy Kia Cee ` d with 100 - strong 1,4 - the litre engine on " to the mechanic " with the conditioner and an electropackage.

the possession price
Kia Cee ` d last generation model absolutely new, therefore it is difficult to tell, how strongly it involves car thieves. Nevertheless in the companies establishing anticreeping systems, say that in last years the Korean cars began to use the raised demand at this group of citizens. In particular, often enough steal fresh model of Hyundai Solaris. And on the Korean crossovers insurers already demand to put satellite systems of tracking. Therefore for new Kia Cee ` d all - taki is required the insurance kasko. Depending on the price of the car and a complete set the policy will manage to you approximately in 10 % of cost of the car: from 60 thousand to 100 thousand rbl.

As to the transport tax for 130 - the strong (1,6) car you pay 3,9 thousand rbl., for 100 - strong (1,4) 700 rbl. interesting that in the previous version of Kia Cee ` d had absolutely same 1,4 - the litre motor, but under the passport at it was on nine forces more so was both the tax and #150 more; almost five times! Tyres on disks R17 are expensive enough 40 - 45 thousand rbl. for the complete set, summer or winter.

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