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The Crimean vacation

There is no saying, what can reconcile the Russian person with loss of the Crimean peninsula? Unless other example unprecedented and silly, apparently, the generosity allowing with ease to wave of a half-kingdom for a horse. Well or at least possibility to wave on half of kingdom for exclusive worthiness a game. Only also needed to be calmed in it the correspondent " the Autopilot " during travel across Crimea on Rolls-Royce Phantom II.
" Should be, it in Livadii favourite by Alexanders, Nikolay and other Romanovs... Or in Alupke, in a palace that remembers both count Vorontsova, and prime minister Churchill... And can in adored by last secretary general Forose... " I have not had time to look at the program the test - a drive and consequently on a question of the friend on an abiding place for two fantastic days named the addresses of residences most suitable, in my opinion, in which has stuck to stop to the owner of Rolls-Royce. It was difficult to me to escape from a circle vikipedijnyh stereotypes. Meanwhile, life, diverse in the commercial and social display, easily moves apart a narrow circle of these stereotypes, showing the world all new both new palaces and the private residences growing on Southern coast of Crimea as under a fertile rain during sunshine. During any moment it seemed to me that they have at all forced out where - that in non-existence abyss awful, indecently poor boarding houses and sanatoria.

this error, an optical aberration is called, possibly, by special characteristics of a windshield and is observed already after the first hours of movement per a limousine, not without reason called " the Phantom ".

Pleasures of autocracy
" And here I will tell such amusing story, - declares suddenly the manager of Rolls-Royce Frank Tiemann in the heat of ours with it discussions target audience RR on the way to Bakhchisarai. - The lady comes into branch of one of banks on Manhattan and asks to write out the credit for 5000 dollars necessary for it for a fortnight trip on affairs to Europe. The employee of bank asks pledge. The lady with ease gives to the clerk keys and documents from Rolls-Royce parked before an input. The car drive away in underground garage and give out to the unexpected client the demanded sum. In two weeks the lady comes back itself and returns 5000 thousand together with percent - 20 with small dollars. " madam, excuse my immodesty, - the employee is converted to the lady, - But we have enquired and have learnt that you are a multimillionaire. What for to you was to take such ridiculously small credit? " - " the credit, of course, is not necessary to me. But where I would find in the centre of New York a parking for the car on two weeks, yes all - that for twenty dollars ".

which managers RR have saved up the Joke though and with a beard, but has had very opportunely as the application to supervision and the statistics, during the last years. Old-fashioned, lordly habits to go on RR as if in the carriage in which trusts to operate to exclusively checked up and schooled driver, that is the personal driver in white gloves as - that imperceptibly have left in the past. Present owners RR, and not only " small-sized " Ghost, but also monumental Phantom, like to take reins, that is porulit. In the company of Rolls-Royce to such draught of clients to " to autocracy " only are glad and completely not glad to the journalists representing Phantom as the car only for smart departures.

my heart has stopped
Meanwhile language will not turn to tell that this model is focused on the driver and in it last trends are considered. Personally for myself I and have not solved, it is good or it is bad, but in Phantom II there is no majority of electronic auxiliary systems which already put even in average hands the car. Active cruise - control or a projector on a windshield, system of reading of traffic signs or the prevention of departure from a strip, other fashionable features of type of the display with a separate picture... As the exception - adaptive, by the way, completely the light-emitting diode headlights, which light dissipates on speeds to 50 km / ch that allows to see better pedestrians, on speeds to 120 km / ch is displaced towards a roadside, and over 120 km / ch - starts to beat more brightly and further.

On the other hand, a smart marketing principle " if at us something is not present, it and is not necessary for you " in this case it is quite justified. Any electronics anyhow forces to fuss, distracts from the main thing, prevents to take pleasure. And then a course impressive, it is simple - taki monolithic " The phantom " with which movement of any other civil car, so assured will not be compared that ridiculous the thought as if any electronic chip is capable to prevent or help this course seems.

about capacity of engines RR usually say that always it is enough of it, but it has seemed to me absolutely boundless. Three quarters of horsepowers beznadduvnogo 6,75 - litre V12 are put already on a mark to one thousand turns. " are put " instead of tear at once straight away. Probably, therefore their pressure goes all time on increasing and it seems unbounded. Each time, looking at the gauge of a stock of capacity - a beautiful and teasing idea of engineers and designers of the company, - I tore to finish Phantom to a starvation. But on starts from a place in a hill, during long spurt on a line in the Gold beam where it was possible to forget at all almost about high-speed restrictions, the car has not given such chance. Ability already flying " the Phantom " on an additional impulse, and almost each of eight transfers, representatives RR name them the thought up term waftability which can be translated so: " acceleration of flight with simultaneous delay of palpitation ".

you go
" More silently; For the speed of 100 km / ch the loudest sound in Rolls-Royce proceeds from the electric clock " - such bright motto was thought up in 1958 by the known expert in advertising David Ogilvi and very much of it was proud. Funny, but when it has shown a slogan to the chief engineer of the company, that with humour inherent in British has noticed: " Yes, it is time to do something with these devil`s sonorous hours ".

Extraneous sounds do not reach interior Phantom, being reflected, as a sea wave about Ajudag, from its massive case. About tikane hours too it is possible to forget: It is dissolved where - that pleated dense sheep wool of which rugs underfoot, seams of a leather upholstery with five, instead of three, as earlier, grooves, in teak layers are made. One button click - and hours at all disappear from eyes down with, and on their place appears updated navigating 8,8 - the inch display, it screen TV, it the monitor with the information on work of various systems of the car. Here pictures from all chambers Phantom are deduced. Two of them are located on corners of the forward bumper, two under each of lateral mirrors, and one more in a luggage carrier cover. Having pressed the button on the central console, it is possible to look separately at that is on both parties from the car.

it very much was useful to me on densely forced small streets conducting to the main quay of Yalta, where each centimetre each and all. The Soviet submarines in narrow also there is absolutely confidential bay of Balaklavy which is entirely filled now by yachts of a different class and different cost, should be, had much more favorable waterway. Any awkward movement threatened with loss shchegolskogo outflow on plastic, shine on cast disks and the chromeplated emblems. To extend a neck, trying to glance for a cowl, it is unpresentable and it is useless, chambers show all accurately and without distortions.

parking maneuver was, perhaps, is unique a fussy episode of all my Crimean voyage. Further all has begun to flow smoothly and slowly as in Chekhov`s story, whose heroine all as walks the doggie on quay where that ancient ship in which gun all as is possible " besides rises; to jostle the bull-calfe ". And still to drink excellent Crimean or new secular brjuta, to eat like as forbidden to vylovu, but taki submitted the most gentle Black Sea kalkana, to listen to a rustle of waves and a ring of cicadas to think about something pleasant. For example, how it is healthy to be beautiful and rich.