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Light on the feet

From a meeting with new Audi A3 we waited for much. Having visited before at factory Ingolstadt, where the car for us have disassembled not that on shelves - on spare parts up to isolation to show what it technological and qualitative, apparently, we knew about it all. And this knowledge installed confidence that A3 will make upon all the extremely positive impression.
absolutely other I thought and of Majorca on which already was when - that. I remember, we went and all went through adust fields, and coast was not, as if it and not island at all, and boundless continent. And I reflected - paternal here so pulls to have a rest German tourists? Melancholy after all.

But not dull was the presentation new Audi - it has been removed in 3D - a format. And " volume " A3 on a parking was - only choose. However, outwardly the car was not inflated at all as it was possible to expect, and looked tightened and fresh. Even grown thin.

the Simplification of a design became for a long time Audi card. And at 3 the weight not so much body, how much the car as a whole is lowered. The motto is that: " the Necessary material in a proper place for optimum performance ". Where only have not made liposaktsiju! A cowl and wings from aluminium - down with nine kilogrammes. Use in a body of details from connection of metal with ugleplastikom - down with 18 more kg. Steel screws have replaced with rivets from heavy-duty plastic - have lost four more kgs. Advanced seats too " have dried out " on four kgs. New, more effective sound-proof material has saved 600 gramme...

upgrade of engines too was reflected in weight of the car: so, the motor 1,4 TFSI at the expense of new aluminium kartera and other processed details has lost 21 kg. Here so, scrupulously cutting off a superfluous fat which, apparently, and so was not, A3 has grown thin for 80 kg in comparison with model - the predecessor. And after all models today there is a sixteenth year of manufacture, it is a high time " to be approximated ". But is not present, third generation of a popular hatchback instead " has grown wiser ".

Well, all - I houses!
it, undoubtedly, a trend - a premium - stamps consistently and methodically equip the younger models on a maximum. Adaptive cruise - control allows even on this babe with comfort to go on far distances. On the same Majorca, for example. You are attached in a stream for the tourist on a rolling midget car, and you rely on destiny which should deduce you or to local place of interest, or on a good beach. A3 in the meantime itself brakes and it is dispersed, as if its driver too in holiday. From others " adults " options at a novelty: the assistant to evolution and the assistant to preservation of a strip, function of recognition of traffic signs, the monitoring system of weariness of the driver and at once some assistants at a parking, including the parking autopilot.

But all is things not perceived. Where the muffled sound of closing of a door, the deep landing, a convenient wheel is more clear, and it would be desirable to exhale: " Well, everything, I - houses! " though which - that has changed. There is no more a bulky bench hammer - instead of it an accurate key. Deflektory round air lines not only are executed in " jet " style, but also are regulated by simple pressing or vytjagivaniem axes that in the middle. There were new decorative panels, grey, executed " under glass " and as presentation - with 3D - effect. On a broader scale an interior who would doubt, qualities excellent. Soft plastic of the forward panel, slightly hard keys and regulators and - silence. We though had a two-litre diesel engine, the motor was not audible at all.

There is such letter!
on a broader scale, salon A3 pearl - it is doubtless, MMI Navigation plus. For model different updatings of audiosystems, but here are offered that is called, topovaja a complete set. The seven-inch monitor, 60 gigabytes of music on a hard disk, volume maps of navigation. But the most interesting - function MMI touch. Tachped here it is located directly on a washer of management by system. He quite understands Cyrillics. Though to enter symbols costs accurately - an illegible handwriting that the person that the car refuse to understand.

having lost sight of all tourists, we were independently defined with destination, having chosen cape Formentor, the most northern point of Majorca. From highway soon we have curtailed on road which the further, the became all already and is more twisting. Speak, on cape of tourists carry by buses. It is truth, and they to us met, and there was it, will tell so, unpleasantly. It was necessary to be pressed in a rocky roadside literally.

despite fears, all of us have risked to experiment with system of dynamic management. Mode Auto can be replaced on Comfort - the wheel becomes easier, and counter buses as - that come up from - for turns more suddenly. Then - Dynamic, at switching in which the wheel is poured by weight. Yes, so on a streamer obviously is quieter. As the variant is offered mode Individual where most it is possible to change engine and steering options. Well, and for a city will quite fit Efficiency, it urged to save fuel consumption, but thus in any way is not felt that the engine smother.

the same song
Having changed on a back seat to estimate, as there with space, I have decided to connect the smart phone on which after all too there are music gigabytes to an audiosystem. Having leant the elbows on the central armrest, I have connected phone to the car through Bluetooth, having entered the demanded password, and became the presents di - dzheem. But most of all I was impressed not with music, and... A pause. We have stopped at one of viewing points. Having left the car on a parking, have walked, have made pair of shots on the same smart phone and when have returned and have included ignition, has begun to sound not only the same song, but also from the same place on which the engine has been switched off!

safely having reached cape Formentor, the tremendous view of the sea and rocks whence opened, we have suddenly heard the German speech converted to us. " beautifully, truth? " - the German tourist as it was found out, living in Munich has asked us. - " ah, you from Moscow!? It is pleasant on Majorca? Easier not to tear off eyes ". But, having taken a break, he has turned away from the sea and has asked: " And it that, new 3? I Am possible at least in salon I will glance? "


the Phrase " German quality " from - for the repeated uses to a place also has not so got into, has grown dim and does not make strong impression. Having visited at Audi factory, we have seen own eyes as unperturbable Germans on millimetres, yes that there - on the 100-th shares of millimetre verify each detail, compare shades of colours, achieve absence of superfluous sounds. German quality of Audi in literal sense is perceived. Also it is extracted if not then, by blood, because with such patience and persistence, which, apparently, at Germans all - taki in blood.

AUDI A3 2. 0 TDI quattro