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There was time

the Plane has landed at the airport of Milan, and the first on an airfield passengers business - a class, certainly, have important gone down. They have embused, in which still the person twenty convulsively had time to jam " economists ". The driver has closed doors, but from a place has not got under way, because across there was a crowd of the remained passengers to the second bus. This second first also has carried passengers to an air terminal building because stood a muzzle in the necessary party. As a result passengers business - a class have appeared at the very end of turn on passport control - worked only two windows. Everyone in the language loudly was indignant and desperately gesticulated concerning such injustice. " hi, Italy! "
I stood in a queue almost that the first and grinned. Because carelessness and disorder is not that it is possible to forgive, having enslaved by local beauty. These are making beauty on - italjanski.
Sowing for a wheel, I was delighted that in the car there is a navigation - to the right of a steering wheel on torpedo the box of the navigator from firm - Fiat partner has been alienly enough attached. Probably, it was the unique subject of black colour in salon. If attentively to look, as the central console it is visible looks at model that to the integrated screen here places are not present categorically! The arrangement of all these buttons and air lines so strongly looking like krutilki and dynamics of a radio receiver of the sample 50 - h, it is so harmonious and is finished that the flat black screen here would look... Well, as the box of the conditioner which has been hung up on a palace facade, twined baroque curls. In the middle " zero " when projected the car, most likely, simply have not reflected that when - nibud the navigator becomes the habitual device in any car. Wanted to make beautifully and for ever. Meglio un uovo oggi che una gallina domain - " Egg today, than a chicken tomorrow " is better;. Remember, similar there was a history in 1997 - have constructed is more tremendous beautiful Alfa - Romeo 156, but have forgotten... A place under licence plate. " ah, at us here beauty, and you with the utility ".

Here again beauty. It seems that in salon there is no direct line. And still here there is no glove compartment - instead of it opened to sights of malefactors an ambry under torpedo. And more advice to you: do not put phone on a passenger seat. As well as it is necessary to a retro - to the car, a pillow of a seat and its back - two independent designs, between which crack. The pair of sharp accelerations, and my phone has departed on a floor before a back sofa. How now to tell pronto?

to Overtake a tractor
" Pair of sharp accelerations " is I has not joked. In the car which has got to me was only 69 l. With. Having learnt about it, I at first even have got a fright, but have then remembered that about thirty years ago it was considered as decent capacity, and went as - that people. It is ruthless marketing has arranged to us silly race of the arms, which result of a steel stosilnye midget cars which these forces, if to ponder, absolutely to what. Besides Fiat 500 - the machine so weightless that having been accustomed to a box and pressing more feasibly on gas, it is possible to feel quite comfortable.

I Admit that for five days of using the car was only two cases when I have felt that the car has not enough forces. On a straight line as an arrow to a motorway Trieste - Venice I overtook a waggon, and it has occupied the whole eternity, I have had time to collect behind myself an impressive tail. And more. Italy the country mountain. And when you one in the car in a hill on the second - and sometimes it was necessary to stick the first - still as - that it is possible to go. But when at you in salon two friends, and in a luggage carrier meal and drinks from a supermarket... I will tell only that we were overtaken by a tractor with a water butt on the trailer.

but as I rejoiced on refuelling. The tank at the car tiny, but will suffice it, that half of Italy to drive. The average expense - less than five litres. And benzina senza piombo, 95 - j on - to ours, in these edges there are 1,8 euros for litre. Here also consider that it is more important to you - to overtake a tractor or to buy a superfluous bottle of wine.

however, to Russia it will be delivered " Fiat Chinkuechento " and with the engine 1,4 developing those of 100 l. With. As well as 1,2 - the litre version, it can be completed both a mechanical box, and the robot.

differently in any way
I have written about Russia and at once as - that have become sad. I will explain. When I have seen on Fiat 500 parking, got to me on the test hardly the suitcase has not dropped. White top. And a bottom... Colours of the sky over northern Adriatic Sea, proveins in gorgonzola cheese or T-shirts squadra azzurra. And, nevertheless, in Italy by such car such here a colouring I felt absolutely comfortably. And if in Moscow? I think that is not present. Because any passer-by - the traveller absolutely precisely would draw wrong conclusions about my mental health or sexual orientation.

but all piece that Fiat 500 is just obliged to be such - amusing, bright to a kitsch. Look at these chromeplated " moustaches " between headlights - greetings from 50 - h, from Fiat 500 of that time. Or on the chromeplated handle of the back door too created on motives of an overlay of a lamp of illumination of a registration sign first " CHinkuechento " and reminding a bicycle saddle. And the decorative panel in the salon, painted in colour of a body! It that, black should be? As though not so!

Because for this here elegance, for sensation of a feast the car can forgive all. That on a back seat will be comfortable unless to the child. That a luggage carrier tiny, and even after ordinary visitation of a supermarket it is necessary to put a back of a back sofa. That the panel of devices is very ascetic, but thus here why - that was a place for the button operating rigidity of work of the electroamplifier of a steering.

developers of model all is perfect it felt, and consequently for Fiat 500 such extensive program kastomizatsii is thought up. Here to you both a two-coloured body, and the chromeplated cases of external mirrors, and stickers every possible - from colours of the Italian flag to an autosports section...

the first love
And more about our country. Fiat 500 - model nostalgic. As representatives of the company, when - that the forbear present " speak; five-hundred parts " became a part of the life of huge number of Italians. " the best part characterised by carelessness and ease. Model 500 associates with their memoirs on the strong friendship, the first love, with other memoirs on the good past which many would like to worry again ".

Us all it, alas, does not concern. Unless to us to remember the Italian films which in our childhood parents looked. Well, there where Klaudia the Cardinal with dark glasses in teeth, in a kerchief and astride a moped.

FIAT 500


When in 2007, in semicentenial anniversary of an exit of first Fiat 500, the Italian company has presented new Fiat 500, it was not simply nostalgic remark on a subject. For the company it is event as though marked a new era. The declaration of that role which Fiat has aimed to realise in the future not only in the automobile market, but also in a society as a whole. " stimulus for new model is conscious consumption. It is the carrier of experience of the company in the manufacture of cars focused on quality and an emotionality, on the uniqueness allocating with Fiat 500 against mass products in which simplicity " is as the corner-stone put;.